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Re: Remember when
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Yep, I think the vision was good.  Marc just wasn't the guy to pull it off.  No slight intended on Marc, as real leadership is a rare commodity.
Maybe if he built it from the ground up but there was honestly no hope this vision would work in the Darkfall World. If he wanted it to work he should have redone the entire map or just got rid of the continents.
Next time you post @Otoan try and actually know what your talking about or at least try and pretend

Re: Remember when
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I think it could work with the current map.  But resources would have to be carefully placed to concentrate hotspots of various tiers.  Instead of having almost EVERY damned place on the map having sources of good loot.  No matter who you are, if you want PvP, head to the most contested spawns. 

Although Champions were fun, they actually DILUTED hotspots.  Some of the easiest spawns in the game became great farming.  And as a result, former hotspots became empty... but you couldn't tell Marc that. He was never much of a PvPer and so just didn't "get it".

Racial Warfronts would have concentrated PvP nicely if done well.
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