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Sauce Recruiting All Races!
So to do this right, this game sucks in its current form. The population is terribly low and there isn't much words from the Framers. Gm's respond pretty quick and they are adamant about solving the legal issues if you dig through the 30 pages of BS on the forums to read about it. I don't know why they will not make an official announcement about it. So they say they are doing some paperwork and working on an update that could be out in the next month or two. Well past due by their timeline.

I am starting a New Clan with the help of my former clan. They were a bunch of socialist pussies. This is an American Clan even though as of now seems only a handful of American Players joining.

I need 5 people to be Generals in the clan to help get things started and set the rules for the peons.

This clan will be a bit of a dictatorship when it gets going. Darkfall was and always will be the most fucked up game out there. Lets embrace this as we move forward. I think we all miss the days of this game actually having a population.

Stay Trashy

Re: Sauce Recruiting All Races!
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All races Red and Blue. I know the downfall to having these issues. Lower meditation points etc. If you need med pts that bad you shouldn't be in the clan. Play the fucking game or go play something else. I expect everyone to get a power hour in everyday and excessive absence will be removed.