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Wardens is Recruiting Elves, Dwarvs and Humans!
Wardens are a small band of tight nit friends looking to grow in number.
Our main goal is to have fun and laughs together.
We are teamwork oriented and function together on clan goals.
We always strive to get better in all that we do and play to enjoy all aspects of the game.

Our reputation is solid and we play racially pure (elves, dwarves, humans) and stay blue. We support the longevity of this game.

What we are looking for in a member:

    Team oriented player
    Log in to be part of the clan, not just serve yourself
    Be in comms (Discord), willingness to get to know us
    Willingness to learn and willingness to teach
    Not just login to do pvp then logout. The game is much more than that
    Be mature and have self control. We play to relax and blow off RL steam; not deal with difficult personalities

Darkmoore is our home, a city located on the west side of Agon.
Our play times are primarily NA but we have a few EU members who are dedicated Wardens members.

Send a tell here or in game to Biash Aldanari or Hildegard VonBish for an interview. Type in "/tell Biash Aldanari" in game.
Biash Aldanari - Wardens