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Re: Azmoodeus PVP #3
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This game is better for esports than for mmo rpg. Instanced fair fight, no fps drop, a bit more balance needed, has more chance to work out as  a success.
One of the roa devs tried this already. Was called lightrise.

That is different. This is a tool to teach pvp without the infrastructure of a clan and have some sink on dura, gold. When gold is needed to participate, people will sell their shit, and I know people will participate if the system is good enough. It's optional ofc. A lot more people would play this game if they have some option to take the fun only, once they accumulated enough wealth or do good to win 2 times more than loose.
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However, you have to take into account why we are introducing local banking.
In New Dawn, its main purpose is to be a convenience feature.
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Re: Azmoodeus PVP #3
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why u record sound if ur gonna ruin it with some dogshit music

just another purplerobe retard abusing broken meta, nothing to see here

Re: Azmoodeus PVP #3
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that begone to save radec! that s the darkfall spirit that allows to win
shit wof debate, before all could stormblast out of it(dfo, roa style), now you re fuck ... this df lacks option