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Should Uber shut down the forum ?

  • yes
    5 (35.7%)
  • no
    9 (64.3%)

Total Members Voted: 14

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Majority polled wanted moderation - clearly Uber lacks the resource or desire to moderate the forum so shut it down.

Replace it with weekly dev-blog type update and be done with it.  If Uber doesn't want to engage in a two way conversation, then we don't need a forum.

Re: Forum
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These forums are a major turn off for new potential customers. It will be a major waste of time for Ub3rgames to go on marketing offense and have these forums do the opposite.

Re: Forum
Reply #2
Pls leave forum up even after game servers are closed. Could be rebranded as an even more autistic 4chan
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Re: Forum
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I just looked in OT, and they've moved the spam advertisement posts there. You know, the shit any sane moderator in their right mind on any forum i've ever seen just deletes and bans. Kinda scary to think they just move them.