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Breadcrumbs extension is not available. But you can easy add a page to a category, and you will sorta get an overview at the bottom of the pages. I think I did that for Geography pages, you can check that that out to see how its done.

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I took the liberty of adding an entry "Major Changes since Darkfall Online for returning Veterans".  We had just spent the past day explaining most of these items to a recent recruit who had returned to Agon.

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Corrected the wrong info on bonus exp in Progression section, based on this:
The formula looks something like this if all factors were maxed out:
(baseXP + 50% from scaling + 50% from magnitude) x 2 from monster tier x 2 from power hour
There is a maximum cap of XP per action that can be reached, but that cap grows as your level in the skill grows.

Note that with the latest tweaks to scaling, we have changed:
- The impact of tiers to be double what it used to be. It was up to x1.5 and is now x2.
- Changed the scaling from 5% up to 10 to 2.5% up to 20 players.

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Re: Community Wiki
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while at you could update this page and link your efforts also

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The wiki is coming along slowly but surely. 118 pages and 33 images.
Especially due to Fore Core and Rimamok but also a couple of anonymous users.

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