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Title: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Xipos on February 24, 2018, 08:11:37 am

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGf2dQKqiS0&feature=youtu.be (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGf2dQKqiS0&feature=youtu.be)

Immortals are recruiting all players! all play styles!

Check our website at: http://www.immortals-online.co.uk/
And apply at: http://www.immortals-online.co.uk/recruitment

(The application process consists in a 1 or 2 week trial, where you are accepted as a recruit and evaluated during that time to see if you fit well with the clan (and for yourself to see if you like the clan or not)).

The Immortals Community began in 2009 in Darkfall Online. However we did not start as the Immortals.

We began as a 2 man clan... called Azure empire which over a short time turned into a 150 man clan composed of both Americans and Europeans...after a big disaster with the developers of Darkfall we decided to take a break from games but later on we came back and named our self's 'Wanted' a European Clan but we were not too happy with the name so we were reborn as the immortals community which hosts many players from EU to NA and even our cousins from AUS.

We are a PVP focused clan with the goal to own territories and leave a mark in the game as we have done before, but accept everyone such as people who focus on PVE/Crafting; all are welcome to join Immortals. We are mainly a community of friends who take pride in being organized and mature, with plenty of room for banter.

Also we want to help everyone who wants to join us, such as if you are not so good at PVP, we have members who will help you to be the very best of your ability and will not give up on you if you do not give up on us. We have been together for over 7 years and the strong bonds that keep us going rest solely on solidarity and friendship.


Our clan has several rules which you must follow if you wish to play with us. As an organized clan, we have experimented and established what code of conduit works for us, also taking into account the benefits for new guys.

I* Always be on Discord when playing, even if you are playing solo at that moment. It adds to the feeling of an active clan, as well as ensures quick communication and alerting should enemies be nearby and a hasty defence has to be assembled. You MUST have a functioning microphone, and be able to listen and speak effectively on discord.

We're also a bunch of goofballs that joke around all the time on Discord, and have a lot of fun just hanging. On the Immortals' discord you'll always find good banter.

II* Follow your leaders' orders in combat - Keep your head cool, and don't scream over the leaders' combat calls. Don't fall back unless the call is made to do so. We go balls deep, and we stand our ground.

III* Don't be a dramaqueen - The game gets tense at times, and losing a gear bag you spent hours creating at the hand of clanmates' mistakes can be frustrating, but we condemn blaming, crying and moaning, b*tching, and finger-pointing. This train of negative thought is the outlet for a weak mind to seek self-pity, but in the end it only creates a toxic environment without yielding any positive gains at all. If you go down in combat, take it on the chin like a man - and move on.

IV* Teamplay above all - We're not recruiting to become a big zerg such as other clans might do at the moment; we select sparingly, according to personality, motivation, humor and dedication. To survive, we rely on each other, and the times we spend together for the good of the clan, be it farming sessions or similar, is done for the benefit of all. In combat, leave no man behind.

V* Balls deep, or go home - Immortals are famed for fighting the opponent, no matter the odds. Our gain is not the potential victory and pixelated loot, it's the sheer fun of rushing in, the sense of comradery, and the potential glory of winning. We don't care if we live or die (see point III. again for how this is done). We care about getting a good fight for our precious in-game time.

VI* Have a will to learn, grow and take positive criticism

VII* Be friendly towards clanmates, as well as other players from other clans. Respect your enemies. Don't trashtalk unless they're really asking for it. In that case, we usually just send in the cavalry anyways and make quick business out of them.

VIII* Have fun - it's just a game after all. Why you have to be mad?

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you within our ranks soon!

Extra note: All applicants to Immortals must pass our trial period in Mortals clan. The ones proven themselves worthy of the title "Immortal" in PvP and are constantly working on peaking their performances, will be moved to Immortals.
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: TheLegendPick on February 24, 2018, 11:45:54 am
I havn't seen you guys around lately. You all still playing?
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Kalliades on February 24, 2018, 12:13:53 pm
I havn't seen you guys around lately. You all still playing?

Yep, we had a restructure, and live in aradoth/dwarflands area. Having alot of crazy fights with The Horde, Epoch etc. Been alot of fun.
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Kapcha on February 24, 2018, 03:03:03 pm
Cheers Xipos.

We are fully active and I am sure you will see more of us!
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Kael on February 24, 2018, 05:06:23 pm
Did you guys ally up Steel Bones ?
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Darkwulf on February 25, 2018, 09:35:53 am
Did you guys ally up Steel Bones ?

oh that's a touchy subject I bet.
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Kalliades on February 25, 2018, 11:11:42 am
Did you guys ally up Steel Bones ?

oh that's a touchy subject I bet.

Not really.

We bought aradoth off of steel bones when Lodrig was still a part of the leadership council. Part of that deal was an alliance with Steel Bones, who told us they were getting outnumbered at every village by other enemy clans(something we had a problem with too as we bled some players after launch)
The next morning we wake up, and see the drama post on the forums,and thats pretty much that. We still went through on our alliance, because we like the idea of dwarves working together( alot of steel bones were in or allied to my original dwarf only clan at indev launch) and we dont really get involved in other clans internal politics. The End.

On topic though.

Any veteran Dwarves looking for a place to go home in a tight knit environment or a new player with the drive to improve feel free to put an application on our forums.
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Xipos on February 26, 2018, 06:52:56 pm
updated OP
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: TheLegendPick on February 28, 2018, 04:15:56 pm
Good to hear/see you guys still around...how do I report a member of Immortals that should be moved to Mortals until he proves himself?
Title: Re: Immortals (+Mortals) - [DWARVES ONLY]
Post by: Big Abbo on February 28, 2018, 04:36:18 pm
best dwarf experience in DND, recommend.