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Bugs & Feedbacks / forum colors
My forum colors changed suddenly to shit (few minutes ago). Same applies to various forum items/indicators. It's all  black and orange now. How can I change it back?
Bugs & Feedbacks / invulnerability shield
Yesterday as a Dwarf I used runestone marked under Alfar NPC tower and I was able to move out of its range without any damage with invulnerability shield above my head.
Bugs & Feedbacks / could not stop swinging..
..with my onehander. Was able to spawn a mount, was not able to mount it. Could not switch weapon. Only parry worked but when I released it I continued to swing. Death freed me from this bug. Ub3rgames say they have never heard of this bug. Anyone else experienced this?

General Discussion / new video..
..looks very nice!
master robe for the win!
I literally mean dirt. Look at the original robes, All besides purple one were dirty brownish. I thought you will move slowly from dirty brown to dark purple at the end. With screaming yellow/red and orange/blue it feels like you went a little bit overboard.

Orange combined with blue and yellow combined with red on paper sound good, but imo it ended up being too bright/cartoonish for darkfall. They could be dirtier. They could be dark. This is DARKfall after all (never go full DAWN). So I'd rather see color progression from normal to badass dark. Not the other way around - from dirty brown to a parrot.

General Discussion / ub3r-communication
WTF? @Ub3rgames has just deleted my post. Is this because @Ub3r-Communication is now with us? Is this the job Communication Department will do? Delete posts of users?

I'm surprised.
I posted here:,6223.0.html

and as you can see not all the messages were removed. My was.

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / giants
How many times were giants sieged in indev? Genuine question.
Suggestions / Siege changes
Not sure of how much of siege mechanic are you planning to change before launch but here are four essential changes in my eyes:

1. introduce two small siegestones or one normal for hamlets (now it's one small one)
2. reduce "number of walls to destroy before bindstone is vulnerable" requirement but move it to siege phase (from usual boring off hour walls destruction - so allow walls rebuilding up until siege starts)
3. remove or cut in half first phase when only siegestones are vulnerable, sieges are simply too long and boring (sieges are constructed in a way that gives defenders all the advantage anyways - city buffs, more hp on bindstone than on siegestones, local bank full of siege resources, etc)
4. siege should start in 24h (let us drop in prime time to fight in prime time, current mechanic forces us to drop outside of prime time for siege to start in it)

Media Highlights / geometry exploits
Hello @Ub3rgames 

This is how your game still could be played. And it will be played like this if you do not take geometry exploits seriously.

All one needs to manipulate geometry is crouch key bound.
@Ub3rgames with your changes to siegestone placement rules it is much harder now to place a siegestone in a way to even partialy cover it from cannon fire (less good spots to do so). Also small siegestone has not much heatlh. This leads to super easy hamlet defenses (they look like they are easier than city defences - was this intended?) and promotes mindless tactics (do whatever just hit a siegestone few times, repeat).

Not sure if there will be changes to siege mechanics but if not, I'd suggest to reintroduce second small siegestone for hamlets.
Bugs & Feedbacks / buff icons disappear
I'll report this here too - I reported it IG few days ago but not sure if everyone is aware.

When you are self buffed and then other buffed, when other buffs wear out the buff icon is removed from your screen. So your self buff is still on but with no visual indicator of it being on. Now that could be a game changer as your mana regen is affected but on your screen it looks like you have no buff/buffs on you.
General Discussion / wildNothing is back!
I'm back and forum is active again. Just saying. In case you haven't noticed.
@Ub3rgames will you award celebrities with some sort of starting item when DND launches? Some super weapon or something?
General Discussion / Proper Localization
If you want to make it possible to conquer by economic dominance, if you want to introduce a living, dynamic game world, if you want to finally end infamous shallowness of Darkfall (pvp for sake of pvp) you have to do localization right.

If you want local banking to have a purpose, if you want local banking to add something to the game, if you want sandbox, you have to localize all. Especially first need materials! You have to localize iron, timber - hell, even reagents. We need people to transport and trade every day goods all the time for game to introduce new play styles (gatherer, trader, caravans, sea routes, trading hubs). We need Yssam to trade timber and mandrake for iron with Dwarflands, we need Ruby to trade taint and sulfur for timber with Elflands, etc. To attract different players than just pvp maniacs.

And this is what you came up with?
On what will or won't be localized:
- Basic resources will remain as they are. Found everywhere, with only some marginal variance depending on available spawn/nodes.
- First mastery resources, like thick leather, should remain spread like now, but specific monsters will be better and should be contested.
- Anything above will be highly localized.

@Ub3rgames  , this is madness. Basically you are introducing nothing but a reason to conquer certain areas for high end pvpers. But at the same time you are introducing local banking for everyone. What a fail. It's sad, as I'm afraid you will bring this iteration of Darkfall to the same end as all Darkfalls suffered. Layer after layer pvp players from the bottom of the food chain pyramid will be gone and in the end there will be handful of pvp maniacs left. As no other players but pvp oriented are attracted by the game it is just natural that they will eat themselves. Maybe DND will be gone even faster than other iterations as for sure local banking is not something you can attract pvp maniacs with.
Questions and Answers / no sound of village capture
Is it intended for capture to be silent? Also there are no visual indicators (besides a bar visible after focusing village bind stone). It not only feels wrong, but also strips game of possible action generated by sounds/visual effects noticed from the distance by players that are around. @Ub3rgames do you plan to introduce some form of visuals/sounds for village capture mechanic?
Questions and Answers / browse clan members
Long time ago there was a talk about keeping clan members tabs updated. This is important because of how war declaration costs are calculated (based on members number discrepancy). Was something done about this and people that do not log for months are getting kicked from clans now? Because it does not look like it. I'm not sure though, that's why I'm asking.