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Suggestions / upkeep / city costs
@Ub3rgames Upkeep should require gold. It was meant to be like this but you changed it to clan meditation points. A mistake. Almost everything that gives mp gives gold too. People acquire gold "on the side" while getting mp for clan. Look what you did to economy. People do not want to sell for gold any more. No one needs it.

Also living out of NPC city should require some form of "upkeep". Solid prices for crafting station usage (the more advanced the craft the more the payment), solid prices for 10km bind location and maybe even for bank space. Chaos banks could be free. Chaos cities - up for debate.

You look for ways to give holdings value - here you have it. You can give value to player holdings by making living out of NPC cities more costly  (and even more costly for advanced players). At the same time this change introduces gold sinks we need. And it simply makes sense to pay upkeep in gold. And to pay for services in NPC holdings.

As a bonus we get this interesting dynamic of large clans that own holdings looking for gold while offering high end crafted items and resources, while smaller clans (one holding, or even no holdings) looking to buy these items with gold they do not spend on upkeep or NPC crafting stations.
Suggestions / global announcements
Global announcements should go to global channel. Not to system queue where they are hard to find. Nothing important, but would be nice to have them in global chat where time stamps are easy to see and are not immediately moved zillion lines by system spam .

I'm talking about server announcements about restarts. monsters, etc.
General Discussion / alliances
@Ub3rgames alliances are the core of political game. Why aren't they taken care of from the game mechanics perspective?

1. Village capture.
VCP capture reward should be shared between participating alliances, just like chaos chests are if you are picking one up while with a group.

2. War declarations / siege mechanic.
Wars should be declared between alliances, not between single clans that are in alliances.

3. Alignment (ally with ARAC or racial enemy).
If your ally is a racial enemy or ARAC - all alliance should be gray. As it's ARAC ally.

4. Some form of political map, or at least list of alliances would be welcome.

5. Also there should be long term consequences (or solid cost maybe?) of allying/de-allying. So you can't just exploit the mechanic and ally/de-ally on the fly when it suits you.

This is basic stuff. Still not implemented. Will this be implemented? And if so when are you planning to do this?
Bugs & Feedbacks / champion disappears
if champion mob disappears to teleport to different location (because it's outside of spawn, or underwater or whatever other reason) it reappears as a normal mob.
@Ub3rgames I thought timers were not supposed to be impacted by patches or server going down.
- In order to let players adapt to the change, the perma-rogue status will not impact alliances or the track record of players for now.
@Ub3rgames any ETA on perma-rogue status impacting alliances?
General Discussion / race wars
Race Wars actually are beginning to work.

Good job @Ub3rgames on removing majority of lawless areas and finally introducing ARAC penalties. When I meet a blue player on a spawn I actually feel safer. The chance he attacks me is really low. If I die he reses me, as looting is also alignment related. If we get attacked we fight together.

Somehow game settings slowly build racial bond and this is refreshing after years of mindless FFA killing. A success that might save darkfall.

You have to realize though, that there is a serious flaw in the whole concept. That everything described above you achieved is being undermined by villages in current form. Lawless areas are the biggest Race Wars enemy. Current village concept is faulty. It works against main game goals, against fundamental game concept. @Ub3rgames You should look at this, and remove this incoherence. I guess it's not an easy task, and I don't have an answer/fix to this but the flaw is apparent. It's also not an easy task, as it's important for villages to somehow remain pvp content. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions I will gladly participate in the discussion.
Suggestions / city nodes or populated world

Once again, I have just crossed mahirim lands, tens if not hundreds of iron nodes, even more trees and stone. Noone. Why would you place nodes in player cities? It makes zero sense. We need people in the world. We need their presence to be visible, we need to hear them mining, see them riding. looking for the next node. Why are you so stubborn with city nodes?

Instead of moving them right outside of city walls, just remove them. You have great distance based gathering system - one of your best additions to the game actually. Completely unused. Such potential wasted. Make open world populated again FFS. Remove city nodes.

People in the world create snowball effect - they attract more people. Motivate people to actually roam, not only move from fixed to fixed locations of hot spots.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Suggestions / rework seize
Seize is cancer. OP skill (full damage with strong utility) that removed distance awareness game from combat. And skill from melee.

Back in the day tracking of opponent and movement prediction were qualities that made players good or bad at melee. Now it does not even matter any more.

Also all the distance awareness meta and all the tricks related to it are gone. ub3rgames felt mages are OP so they overdid it as always. Melee/archery is very strong now. Seize is no longer needed in current OP form.

Remove damage from knock back and seize (not completely, just make it 5dmg or something). Even you said that there should always be a trade off between utility and damage. These are utilities - yet they deal full damage. @Ub3rgames

About next point I'm not sure but I think whirlwind should deal less damage too. It's an AoE ffs, on a short cooldown. But this is separate topic. So maybe let's focus on pure utilities.
Suggestions / replace all the water with acid
Just remove water. Easy fix.
That's actually not a bad idea. And replace it with acid. I'm not even joking. Many problems solved with one move - no stupid bow shooting under that water - so no imbalance between classes, no escaping in the water and no transportation without rafts/ships, no players faster than ships (at least in the long run). And it fits darkfall setting overall, including forums/community. Love it!

Also bridges would become choke points, terrain would matter more.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Off-Topic Discussions / true darkfall
Look at this and tell me ub3rgames has not butchered darkfall combat to the ground.

BTW - what a beast this guy,
Suggestions / patching on weekend primetime
just stop it
Suggestions / important change to war declarations

I suggested it before, but while before it was just an elegant solution, now, with local banking and markets, it becomes very important.

Declaring war (on race allies) should turn declaring clan gray for the war duration. Without this, clan that got wardecked will be completely cut off from markets and NPC city banks. Because NPC cities will become an open war zone. Why would you punish in such harsh way clan, that has not initiated the war? It should be the other way around - clan that declares war on racial allies should be punished by race war oriented game setting.

Clan that initiates a war can buy needed supplies before wardeck, can move goods from npc cicties before wardeck. Because attacker wardecks when he's ready. Attacked clan has not such luxury.

Marking attacking clan gray is also easy to understand (intuitive) while your (ub3rgames) wardec cost calculations are not. These mechanics does not need to exclude themselves though, so if you insist on leaving this war deck cost based on discrepancy between number of members, keep it. It will not change the fact that it's a stupid mechanic. But please add attacking clan becoming gray for whole war duration on top of it.

If you think this will turn NPC cities into safe zones - you are mistaken. There is a lot of room between "a safe zone" and "a war zone". People won't be invulnerable in npc cities, just like they aren't now.