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Suggestions / ARAC = rogue
All blue members of ARAC clans should have rogue status from the moment they join ARAC clan.
All members of non-ARAC clan should have rogue status if they ally ARAC clan, or non-ARAC clan but of enemy race.
Otherwise non-ARAC clans are in a disadvantage fighting ARAC clans. It should be the other way around.
Bugs & Feedbacks / can't login, stuck on queuing
is there any problem with the server? Or is it me only?
status window (health/stamina/mana info) keeps being moved after every splash screen.
I have to place it every time in the desired spot.

PS. It keeps being moved to the same spot - a little bit (1cm) higher than my placement.
Bugs & Feedbacks / no 1080p windowed mode
Can't play in 1920x1080 in a window.
I have to select full screen to play in this resolution.