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Suggestions / Re: Day 3 thoughts
Another thing that might be helpful would be for mobs in early quests to drop a bit more r10 gear, especially armour. By the time you get to Akathars they are dropping r20 daggers, which is great. But few of the quest mobs to this point have dropped any useful armour.
Speeding up mounts on roads would help a great deal as well.
Clan Recruitment / Old Timer's Guild recruiting
Hey want a casual no stress clan? App up!
Suggestions / Day 3 thoughts
Still having lots of fun-alignment is working well, thanks for those who have grouped up with me to do quests.

A few thoughts:

Gear is very difficult to get if you are not part of a clan. Doing quests leaves you with a bunch of broken gear by the time you are at day 3, with no easy way to replace it,

Suggest speeding up grinding to 50 wep and armour skill, that is R20, I spent hours farming ore and am at 12 web- the r0 reps I am crafting are worth shit.

And all my armour is busted.

None of this is an issue if you are part of a big clan, but for the rest of us it is game breaking. It is all part of generating a positive economic cycle for newer players.

Keep up the good work.
Suggestions / Carry over
Have been thinking about this a bit the last few days while trying to get started with my toon. While I understand the wish to make beta 'meaningful' I think some further thought needs to go in to what might carry over. I think that holdings and houses should be wiped: unless the goal is to make beta the 'launch' I think you want a fresh server at 'real' launch.

Meditation points are a reasonable thing to consider: maybe some free play time or some other perk that does not give too much of an advantage?

Just thinking out loud.

Having some r10 gear that never breaks might help the new player experience. Or perhaps the early quests could give out a little more gear. I got killed last eve due to a glitch in the game, and my gear was gone by the time I got back- was that you Dreading lol? I have a •little• extra gear and 200 gold, but I think I may have to go back to farming goblins for a bit before I can take on my next quest. I'm good with that: many new players might rage quit as they try to figure out how to get into a positive spiral at the start of the game, especially if they do not belong to an experienced clan.

Having lots of fun tho- and the alignment stuff seems to be helping in the started city areas.
I think it is worth trying, especially for after the start of the game when folks have spread out a bit away from the starter cities. Population density will make the difference, I think.

Given the size of the map, what may happen is that folks who want PVP and conquest will hang in cities near the starter cities, and those who want to farm/craft in peace may hang out in more distant cities. I remember before portal chambers in DFO what a big deal it was to sail across the map to farm some special item.. made it more worthwhile and meaningful.

Ganking one of your party members to send him home only takes care of him.. someone still has to pack his gear up and run it back. Suicide teleports may result in many fewer chaos banks!

Glad to see the thoughtful discussion about this, please do keep moderating these forums!
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Short freeze on gui toggle
Had a similar problem last eve, would lock when I was trying to shoot or swing a sword, eventually a movement key would unlock me- I could see the bow out and nocked for example, but the arrow would not release.

There were four of us at a bandit spawn in Elflands, and I had maybe 6 or 7 chat windows open- was recruiting!
General Discussion / First impressions
First, great job guys! I'm really impressed with all the work you have done.

I think progression is about right, but you need something other that a dawn blade!

Please do something about the gamma, if I am playing during the day I cannot see anything at night in game, even with the gamma turned up full.

Weapon switching/unsheathing feels a bit clunky.

The modifications to the GUI are great. My only problem is that if I do almost anything my hotbar moves from 1 to something else, and I have to manually re-set it to 1 to use all the abilities that I have assigned to column 1- anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks again
Suggestions / City nodes at start-up
I like the DFUW system on this, where they start empty and fill gradually over time. I can't see why certain geographic groups should be advantaged to have full nodes on start-up!
I very much liked the weather system in DFUW, especially in the north. I also liked the re-drawing of the sea zones.

I know that many folks just hated DFUW, which is fine, but there were some nice ideas in it!