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Media Highlights / Re: Shargal Mercs
crazy how sieges happen and i dont know it because local.

or because you have no friends
Damn that was a grandmaster-level comment.
That was a good orc gank, too bad I got caught in melee with my archer gear :D

P.S. Lootz were sweet.
This is a very good forum thread, respect.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: A breath of fresh air
I have these unstable trolls on ignore since the start.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Furgum Seige
It's time for Alfars to stop the civil war and embrace the mastership of Humans, the masterrace.
Trade / Re: WTB House deed
Placed house is ok too.
One day I will rebuild my clan and claim a JUICY hamlet for us to live.
What's wrong about going to random areas, finding random ppl and having random pvp fights? Why does everyone consider himself a pvp pro who needs some special environment built around him to make him happy personally?
General Discussion / Re: Racial Wars
This is the first time I see someone complaining about "team damage" in DF.
The problem is many of so called "DF vets" are actually sociopathic no-life reatards who have nothing to do but to grind skills 24/7 and try to pvp anyone less geared because "it's fun". After some time, when it becomes clear not everyone is happy with their approach to the game, they start comlaining about "game is dead". We had that in DFO, UW, RoA and now have it in DND.
Not liking the game and still playing it? Pathetic. Or maybe a result of brain damage.
General Discussion / Re: RMT Busted
750$ for some virtual stuff? OMG get real life pplz.
At least the bank was lit.
You are not going to do everything solo.
I will, I promise!
That's what I call a cool story.