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Media Highlights / Re: LEAVE AL'HALI ALONE
what s the healer ig name ?
Media Highlights / Re: EU Runners... Lol.
your begone makes me cum
Media Highlights / Re: Bring Back Safe Zone!
Im confused? Are you complaining that they hugged the tower when you engaged them just outside tower range?

Xd not really complaining, just mocking them, running under tower while 5v3 ...

How can you be that bad with 2 ping?

I got 200 ... it's obvious i got delay, gg top comment

top notch aim, 1/30 hit rate with cursed bolt


No excuses, I got terrible aim hehe, still having fun playing and recording :)
Nice Video what are your titles? that hybrid style looks fun

air necro combo GS and the last is the resistance shit

I had cast speed but melee is too much affect with three mage titles... I am still thinking of getting rid of necro cause 1 magic 1 melee will be better for bonuses but I am waiting to see if life leech is good or not. I might stay that way

Yeah really fun playstyle, "In and out" with movement and blinds ability. Still not sure Uber will allow me to melee and magic

gear choice is hard ...
Media Highlights / Bring Back Safe Zone!
"Tower tower, gimme a sweet and soft hug"

UW all over again

It s fun to stream snipe
One of the craziest/funniest fight of All my Darkfall experience

At least best of DND

Movie maker is ... for rendering sorry, longest video for me so far but worth it

Media Highlights / Re: Just a Vid
nice vid!
Media Highlights / Re: Just a Vid
the guy was like:" yeahhh this is great let s make a video from it!" ...

kill yourself

Hahaha, did i hurt your feelings ?

You have a big delay on spells, from the moment you cast to the spell to travel, 300+ ping?

between 170 and 250
Media Highlights / Just a Vid
Shit gear, shit bind, shit ping

Still a lot of fun

Hope you enjoy

(no music, I like ig sound +coms)
Media Highlights / Re: Filthy Humans
the guy was like:" yeahhh this is great let s make a video from it!" ...

kill yourself
Where is adventures number 2 ? i want Moar

Good job, keep it coming

"Get sticky bitch"

and do you even sleep ?
much better, popopo that last kill really nice
signed: your lover forever