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1h axe shield giant bone, air magic in every build, Arcane practically mandatory
The only one i've seen with that spec in 5 months is unknown mantra and maybe 1-2 others.
I've seen tons of pure mages (on this, yes air is mandatory sadly), tons of pure melee and very very few hybrid build (actually, look at the forum...there has been a ton of threads about hybrids being underpowered until now and, all of a sudden the hybrid build is the only one working and is even OP?)
"It isn't fair, my GS has always been the best weapon overall against every single character out there and now if someone puts a slashing protection on a shredder all of a sudden my GS is not the best anymore even against them, please nerf it!! I don't want to need to adapt to other players specs, because GS has to remain the only effective weapon with the best DPS against everyone, no matter what".
This is what this whining thread just look like.

You know, there are blunts and piercing weapons out there too. You want to have the advantage of the best weapon in the game against everyone but a shredder/slash protection user? Good...but then don't cry when you face someone that has specced exactly to counter you.
Go with a greatclub. You will lose some dps compared to GS, but you will destroy those 1h+shield users now. Or go daggers...since the 1h reduced range is such a non issue in your opinion, i am sure you won't say now that the reduced range/arc on daggers make them harder to play, won't you?
What? you are saying that, now, though that other 90% of the population consisting of GS users will have a better DPS than you because greatclubs are not as good if not facing someone with high slashing protections? Oh damn...mind you.....there are positive and negatives to the different weapons based on who you are fighting against? What a bad game design... /Joke off

The game has finally some kind of specs in it and some specs are more suited to play against some others, which is how a damn RPG should be. Stop crying because your weapon is not the best 100% of the time or you have to damn adapt sometimes.
Ps i spent 5 hours going to 4 villages and got 3 fights, games alive
Should try to use the forward key instead of the backward one then if it took you 5 hours to go to 4 villages :-D
P.s: oh, also don't crouch, you move faster :)
Currently VCPS gives the most med points and if you want a normal sleeping and working schedule you cant really try to capture 2 VCPS per day and that is if you actually win versus other players at that VCP. I want tons more med points options for all players, more choices and ways to play in a sandbox will get you more paying subs not limited choices, there are ton load of other MMOs out there for players to pick from with better options.

New Dawn cant go wrong with putting alot more choices and options for the casual new players, the most important change and feature for veterans is more casual players at this moment in development.
As i said, i play just at night max 2-3 hours per day, and not every day (nor everyday i go to villages/win them) and had no problem at all to keep my meditation up since the beginning. Since chaos chest patch, i don't even actively farm meditation, it just comes by with champions, keys and chaos chests.
If i really need some more med i can do the daily quests or the hunt quest to get some more.
I think there are already quite a bunch of ways for a casual to get meditation without even worrying about VCPs and with the bindstone quests that will be even more true.

P.s: your point that it takes 40k med to raise something from 95-100 is quite moot since you are claiming to be asking for ways for casual/new player to get meds....and raising something 95-100 is not actually what i would consider a new player..
I don't know....honestly i found meditation actually too easy to come by since the patch where they improved chaos chest rewards. Then they also put in champions which are a good soure of meditation too.
Between chaos chest, champions and the occasional key i find myself with a lot of spare meditation actually....i even stopped doing the daily quest and i haven't even prayed back the alignement that i lost 2 weeks ago.
It's true i also go to villages so maybe that's why i have no problems.
What i know for sure is that, before the chaos chest changes and the champions i had problems with med too (and when i lost alignement once, it was a pain in the ass to keep up) and i was doing villages back then too.

On the TTK being too low, though, i agree. I would like to see the TTK increased a bit by lowering overall dmg output from all sources
1.  I get ripped to pieces if I am in melee, so looking at my spell choices I see a spell called "Begone" that seems like the spell I would want in order to keep an enemy off me for a few more seconds.  Problem is either I don't understand the spell or it's broken.  I cast the spell on the enemy and it pulled the little bastard towards me.  So I figure maybe it gets better as it raises in skill level, but it doesn't raise in skill level.  Can anyone explain this spell and does it actually increase in effectiveness?
Mmmm that seem strange since that's exactly how you have to begone an enemy. Try to hit him directly and not by shooting at the ground near him for the best results.
If you try to begone yourself away from your enemy, by casting it before you and "running on it" (the famous bunnyhopping) then, yes, if he is close enough, he will be transported by that begone behind you. So use it that way only when your enemy is not close to you

2.  I have the Spellchanting Title and have unlocked "Healing Blast".  I've used the spell quite a bit when I'm in a group and noticed that it too has not increased in level/effectiveness.  The description of the spell says "Linked to Quicken Spells Spell Chanting".  I don't see Quicken Spells anywhere.  There is a "Hasten Spells" in Cantrips, but that doesn't appear to increase in levels either.  Anyone have info on this?
The Quicken Spells is one of the 4 subskills you get while leveling up a magic school. You unlock:
-Durable Spells at school lv25
-Mana efficency at school lv50
-Quicken Spells at school lv75
-Intensify at school lv100

So you have to raise up Spellchanting in order to unlock it. Sadly to say, spellchanting is fucking impossible to level up unless you meditate it because the skill gains by normal usage are really awful. So my suggestion is just to meditate it (and the related subskills).
Don't expect huge gains too on spell effects; for unknown reasons buff/debuff/heals are not that affected by skill levels as other spells, so you will gain something, yes, but it won't be a huge increase in potency
General Discussion / Re: rare pic of..
apparently in france "next few days" == before the end of the year :(
Why do you enjoy squashing the hopes people have for a game they like?  It's pathetic and I look down on you for it.
Because he is mad he has to play a 2001 isometric game to find the "cool pvp" he is looking for :-D
He is so butt-hurted that both DnD and RoA are not exactly how he wanted them to be that he feels the need to trash them and everyone liking them...what a sad life, isn't it?
Strange, it's almost like Darkfall has a lot of problems with the game, and the removal of fast travel definitely isn't the solution. Huh, who woulda thunk...
But...but......weren't all the problems with DnD due to local banking/travelfall? And weren't the solution being reintroducing portal chambers, runestones, recalls and global banking? Wasn't RoA so much better than DnD exactly because "devs are not as stupid as Ub3r with their vishun"? Wasn't it nearly perfect with the global markets, the global banks, the fast teleporting allowing people to pew pew all day long? the not existing grind eliminating the gap between noobs and veterans?
Ooh, i was nearly forgetting their "so much better roadmap" and their changes to the combat that would have been much better than those made here (yeah, i see they are working sooo much better there :D)

How is it that, just 1 month later you have left that too and are playing a shit 2001 game instead?? In the end you lasted more on DnD than on by the looks of it, it seems that removing the grind, making everyone being able to teleport everywhere and having everything global wasn't the solution either, who would have thought that?

How's your vishun going? Still clinging onto your delusions, or have you decided to seek aid? I hear time-gated titles could save Darkfall, as well as local banking, you guys should look into it.
Still having fun 6 months later, yes, sorry to delude you ;)
At least i don't need to force myself to play a 2001 isometric shit game to have fun...but hey, i see you are trying to recruit people to play there too everyone his own, it seems :D
Huh, who woulda thunk...

It is the way it is.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
How it it going on Runescape since your belowed "this is so much better, teleports, runes, fast travel, much better devs, etc etc etc" RoA honeymoon has ended? :D

Looks like fast travel wasn't the solution to all problems, strange, isn't it? ;)
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
Poor guy thinks the inDev was only populated by pvpers when the armor patch brought many playstyles back because there was demand for lol of it.
You talk about "proof" yet you're always spouting off about your 3v5, 6v8, 2v4s etc like Ivar used to do and even if you're not lying about those numbers, they're still not even close to the fights we had during inDev because we had the ability for people to conveniently plan their days around siege windows and simply rune into the fight or where ever they were needed.
The difference here is that at least i have proofs of most of those fights since lately i have been starting recording them for us to try to learn from our just saying words and demanding everyone believe you just because you said so
Are you now starting to say that those fights were same numbers or bigger than the one i am having now BECAUSE you could fast travel everywhere? So the population was not THAT big, wasn't it?

Sorry fanboy but inDev was a better product by sheer removal of tedium and titles than the client swapping travel simulator you're shilling out for.
As usual,no arguments to put on the table? just throw in some "fanboy", "i know better", "stay deluded" or things like that. Just like Seronys was doing, before starting to tell us that RoA was so much better compared to DnD and we were idiots.
And now, know what? his honey moon has ended and he is playing runescape throwing shit on RoA too :D
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
If you can finally answer my question that you deliberately seem to avoid anytime I bring it up, I'll stop calling you a fanboy.
Why has the only significant population increase happen during the most dead part of inDev after the armor patch and before local banking/removal of runes?
1-i have never skipper answering that part since, as you said, i already gave you my opinion on why it happened (which you are ditching as me just i assume that, unless i tell you you are right, anything else goes in the "arguing basket" while if i told you you are right, now i am finally seeing the light?

2-even if i wanted to argue with you, having not played the InDev (since i didn't need to remind how flawed was the original game), i have no data to back my speculations up and i don't like being involved in opinion wars with no one having any kind of data to back his theory up

3-you keep on saying that the indev population back them was expanding and much better than what we have now, yet you have NO proof to demnostrate that, apart for your personal opinion (which, sorry to tell you, is just as valuable as mine). Show me proofs that it was better than it is now and it was expanding, then i can even start thinking it really happened

4-the presence of runes allowed people to move faster than they can now, which is probably why you had the perception that there were more people playing, since everyone could move more or less everywhere....but that doesn't necessarily mean there was a bigger population than what we have now. Neither me nor you have data to back up our theories, so mine is just as valid as yours.

Do you ever think that maybe Ub3r was actually onto a version of the game that was more middle ground than what we have now and what was the past? I'm also not saying the game was a finished product back then but I don't have the fanboy syndrome so it allows me to look at the game objectively and see where it's dont it's best and where it's actually seemed to hurt itself.
Based on the fact that they always said they wanted to get rid of teleports, make local bankings, attract more Pve/crafting minded players, give PvP a purpose apart from random killing each others and wanting to make the game more local, no, i don't think they wanted a middle ground in that department.

They are trying to cather to a much bigger audience than just pure PvPers and, to achieve that, they need to give them a place to be able to live in, somehow protected by the constant slaughtering (hopefully racial warfront will give pvpers the 24/7 arena they are looking for, leaving space for those who want to pve/gather/craft to breathe and get good at the game), which is also the reason why they are dedicating so much time lately to improve the PvE part of the game, first with the champions and now with the bindstone quests
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
We get it dariobrun, you get the right amount of action to suit your needs. We also get that you don't understand the things fundamentally broken with the game because your fanboyism won't allow you to.
Liking the game =/= being a fanboy
But it seems you can't get this point. If someone doesn't agree with your vision that the game is bad/boring/flawed/dead/whatever, you consider them fanboys.
I get you don't like the game in the current state, you would prefer it another way and think there are flaws in the game. It is perfectly fine not agreeing on everything, everyone has his tastes....but telling people that are likeing the game that they are wrong having fun because the game is clearly flawed is just plain wrong.

I've never said that the game is perfect. I know that there is a LOT of stuff they need to implement still of the planned roadmap and the game need more content to attract more people. What i disagree with is that the needed content is just more pvp 24/7 and that's it.
RoA tried going the full PvP way by reducing the grind, making teleport easily available everywhere and basically putting all effort in trying to make PvP happen more easily....and what was the end result? it is in a worst shape than DnD.

No matter how much you like PvP but a MMORPG focused only on PvP will never succeed.
Like it or not, most people playing MMORPGs like to PvE, do raids, farm, grind and, whenever they feel like, also PvP. What you want is a 24/7 arena stylegame where you just do PvP all day long (possibly slaughtering everyone else out there trying to grind/pve/farm, so that you don't need to do it and can just get what other people have worked for).

Obviously this kind of gameplay is fun for the hunter because he can focus only on killing other people and reaping the rewards they have been working for, but it is not fun at all for the prey.
How many times can someone be killed every single time he moves out of town and have everything stolen before giving up and going somewhere else? not many....and that's why the population has always dropped that fast in every Df iteration.

Most people are NOT elite pvpers that can kill people left and right and recover from their losses. Most people are, just like me, average/bad at pvp and also like to do something else while logging in a MMORPG. If they keep being slaughtered everytime they log in, they will stop logging in and move to another game where they TOO can enjoy the game, and not only you that kill them.
If i look for just PvP, i don't play a mmorpg, i play a FPS arena game. If i play a MMORPG is because i want to also be able to do something else and for the persistance of the world.

the fact you need to travel for hours, depend on other people for literally everything, cant even smelt on your own, and need to put up with shitty droprates on anything good is irrelevant because were playing an MMORPG
You know...Massive MULTIPLAYER online ROLEPLAYING game? Multiplayer doesn't simply mean "hey you are in the same room with other people" but it means that you SHOULD (actually HAVE) to interact with other people, aside from you killing them.
The problem is that too many people today want to play an online game just like if it was a single player game, so they think they should be able to do everything alone without ever needing to interact with other people, unless it is just because they want to kill them.
That's not how a RPG is supposed to be. In every single RPG out there you have to choose a ROLE and give up on something else that someone else has better skill at doing it. You want to eliminate the ROLE part from the game so that you can be totally independant and not have to make any choice.
We have already seen how it ended going the "you can do everything alone" way with the original died. So why should they even try doing that again?

got it, you used the mycke ''youre an entitled/troll little kid i have the morale high ground'' tactic, you win, keep the game like it is and enjoy 10v10 sieges
I would like to (and will like to, when it will happen) have bigger sieges and a higher population, i am not saying that the game is perfect.
The difference is that i can have fun even with this population since i don't just play for pvping....but you can't, it seems.

The fact is that the game will never have a population when it is based on a few elitist pvper clans slaughtering everyone else all day long 5-10-15 times a day. That will only make those people being killed giving up on the game.
But it seems to be too hard of a concept for you to understand.
I've seen it happening so many times in Df: as soon as you find someone below your skill level (here is the main don't seek for people at or above your skill level, obviously, because that would mean you'll lose sometimes or even more than you win, no, you want people that are worst than you, so you can slaughter them all day long) you start harrassing them 5-10 times a day, raiding their town every 1-2 hours and killing them repeatedly for days or weeks.
And then you wonder why they stopped playing too? Do you think they are having fun being imposed to not do anything but pvp (and dying) all day long just because YOU find it fun? No, they are not. And when they have had enough they either move to another place (where, soon enough, some other "elite pvper" fill find them again and they cycle will repeat) or they simply stop playing.

If you gave your prey some room to breath and some time to recover from the losses or do something else they might stick with the game and, sooner or later, start to make up a fight....but you don't allow that. You attack them all day long until they stop playing and then come to the forums crying that the game is dead and wondering why it can't attract new players
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
But none of that matters to you because you could come across one random person in a chaos city and have a 3v5, 2v3, 4v4 and a 1v2 within 4 hours of gameplay yet you'll leave the part out where you spent 3 hours going from one point to the next so there's no point arguing with you because "game's always poppin yo"
Considering i play for like 2-3 hours a day apart for the week-end, yeah sure, you're right it took me 3 hours to go from one point to the others..... /sarcasm off
It takes like 30 mins to go from dwarflands to human or 3 hours running around you can probably run the whole map, but who cares, we just need to throw random number out of our asses to prove our points isn't it?
Surely you know much better than people playing the game how dead it is; from the depth of your uncanny superior intellect you can know how many people are online much better than those playing, even if you don't play anymore

you forgot to add that every fight he died and had to farm for an hour for a gearbag, wait 5 for a crafter to login, spend 30 minutes going to crafter getting stuff crafted and going back to his city
I actually farm for the mats i need for my sets whenever i have time and want to do it, then ask my guildmate to make me 9-10 sets which usually last for a few weeks since, as said above, i don't play 20 hours a day but 2-3 and have usually 1-2 pvp per sessions (and we don't always lose, you know ;)).
Sure, if all you want to do in a MMORPG is log in, pvp, pvp again, pvp some more and then log out, without needing to farm for mats, travel, buy stuff, grind your skills/stats, you won't like it but hey, that's battlefield you're looking for, not a MMORPG
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
That's because it's supposed to be an MMORPG, not a 5v5 game.
That doesn't make those fights less fun, though

Just run to sanguine and see if you can spot another person.
No need to do that for 3 reasons:
1- i don't want to waste 30 mins of my time to prove anything to a troll whose only purpose in life seem to be spamming these forum saying "game is dead"
2- i meet more than 1 person around my city every day, so i don't need to go to sanguine to find someone
3- even if i did that and meet X person you would just come here and say "lol you met X persons on a 30 min trip and you say the game is not dead? you deluded idiot!" (X doesn't really matter, it could be 1-4-10-20, the reply would be the same), back to square 1, i am not going to feed a troll even more than i already am doing replying