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Farewell to all the great guys I've played with and all the dear enemies. Darkfall gave me some unparallel experiences in gaming and an exitiment I haven't been able to find in any other game. But it's truly time to say final goodbyes and for me probably final goodbyes to Mmo genre all together. Too old to invest time for these types of games any more but very glad I did experience Darkfall from the 2009 launch till the start of New Dawn.

Goood bye to all friends and foes.

-Viiltaja Jackki
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Someone please tl:dr why this shit thread got extra 4  pages out of a sudden.

tldr:  Ivar re-read the litigation documentation, and interprets with 100% certainty that there is only one possible outcome.  Further, anyone who believes there is any grey area is fucking retarded and a fucking idiot.

Ivar, did I get all the salient details?

Very well summarized 😁👌
General Discussion / Re: Faith
It is a fair point that server cost will with all probability increases faster than money coming in from new players, thing is, we don't know what they are paying for their servers or how much (little?) money get in from new subscriptions. We don't even know if the server costs matter at all in this equation. I also think it is a good point that it would be easier for them to string us along if they patched, but like I said so many times before, I suspect that they are not very good at their jobs as programmers. I have no clue about this patch, it might come soon and it might not come before the servers are shut down.

So do I trust that they are still working on the game?
-Ye I believe they are, since they gain nothing by saying they are working on the game and not doing it since they ain't charging any money atm and only way to get subs on they need to make that patch.

My response was mainly related to this. I was just pointing out the fact that there is a lot of reasons not to tell the truth and if anyone sits and thinks a bit I'm quite sure they can come up with of a lot better reasons than the ones I managed to listed within 1 min. It took longer to do the formatting for the list.

We also don't know the bankruptcy laws in their country for their type of corporation. In my country, those server costs wouldn't mean shit and no one could actually be able to do anything in regards to the payments they have withed. This, to my knowledge, only applies to one specific type of corporate structure. This isn't my field of expertise though.

So, as always, we don't know anything since uber doesn't say anything.

I voted #1 but I'm actually not sure this is representing what I think. I feel that this game will without a doubt die if they don't change their behavior in regards to this community. I also think that even if they change, chances are that it still might die because we might be at a to late state now and because their economy might be screwed. I am how ever still here, logging on the forums now and again, waiting for these zombies to come back to life.

PPS: Here is another scary situation.
They made a decent amount of money with the pre-sales, a lot of people seemed to have bought yearly subscriptions. Seems people are still buying subscriptions.

1) There is money.
2) They choose to not pay.
3) They pay the minimal amount they can to keep creditors away while paying themselves salary.
4) They keep this product alive so that the creditors thinks that there is a chance that they can pay their money back, in essence buying time. They also do this so they have a legal way to pay themselves salary.
5) When the amount of money they have left is gone, they declare bankruptcy and take down the servers.

Like I said man, it is pointless to speculate but there is one irrefutable fact. There is a lot of reasons for them not to tell us the truth about what is happening. To put it crudely, there is a lot of reasons for them to blatantly lie and tell us "We are working, patch is coming soon".

I told you why I feel how I feel. Never claimed I know as it it's very clear from my post. You then try to put words into my mouth which I haven't said. I fully agree they can just sit around trying to prolong this for what ever reason it might be but I just don't believe that is the case. I think they are working on the game since they chose to let servers run and GMs the game. I doubt they would waste time doing it if they had completely given up on the game. Even if you are searching for buyers trying to get investors it's working on the game. When you give up on it it's when you don't do anything for it but move your focus on other things.

So again, I'm not claiming I know how things are as it's very evident from the first post. I'm saying I believe they still work on the game and agaim see very little reasons to actually GM game youve other wise completely given up on. Now they can have given up on the game and just let the server run and for some reason stays GMing it but I just don't believe that is the case and the emphasis in on words "I believe" so I can respect your view I just don't agree with it.

One scenario I could understand them to run servers and GM game is if they had out side funder that pays them salaries but even then it would seem odd if they didn't work on game other than GM and just get money and also I find it hard to believe they actually would have outside funder who would at this point still be funding them and paying their salaries. But I suppose everything is possible.
General Discussion / Re: Faith
Not entirely sure how you believe they are working on the game but can't get patch done. They seem to be conflicting statements but maybe you mean finish the patch while there is a game to save.

There is a lot of different reasons to why they would not be honest with what they are doing or whats going on. I'm not saying that is the case but think things through and decide for yourself. Most people are not good people, and even if they are good people, everyone has flaws. How could anyone possibly believe they have the same interest as you/we do, that is almost never the case. If you are lucky, your interests align. I mean what is the chance that anyone can be clueless enough not to know about a legal process in their own country, against their own company, before a forum of random people finds out? I can't remember when that process was started, but that "vacation" has always seems suspicious to me.

Here you got some examples:
  • They can't give up official because they are having legal troubles. Giving up would most likely restart the liquidation process and lead to court because then they no longer have a "valuable asset" and nothing to bargain with.
  • They might be negotiating with another company to take this over since they cant handle it, looks better while its still alive.
  • It looks better on your CV if a company dies after you leave.
  • Admitting failure is hard, far from everyone can do it.
  • Every little bit of money helps, new subs and new alts brings some amount of money.

Point is that I can keep going. Not saying any of this is true, just saying "we are working" doesn't mean shit when we don't don't see the result or any type of status update.

But hey, its all good cause there is a GM in game that says it is all good. Why would anyone in the world ever lie about anything.

Well currently they are goin all the time more in debt with servers running and costing money and if they don't have any plan to actually patch the game and get it to subscription phase there is very little sense keep the server running.

I suppose it could be they are trying to get some one to buy it or invest in it so they need to keep server running but even then I would assume they would try to get ahead with the patch too since it would be easier to get some one to buy it or invest in it if they could show some income too.

Seems pointless to keep servers running with out any work being done to get it more ready either for subs or for some one to buy it. Now it just creates more debt if there truly isn't anything being done for the game from their end. For this reason I do believe they are working on it but they probably have their hands full of things to do considering all that is going on. And they might never get to patch before server is forced to shut down.

I'm not thinking this from perspective how I feel they should be doing it - I'm just watching it from perspective why keep servers running and use time to GM game that you ain't gonna develop to phase where you can get some money for it. Would be smarter to just plug out server and stop the debt from building any bigger since with out any work done for the game it can never get any better for them.
General Discussion / Re: Faith
Didn't select any choice because there isn't any choice how I feel.

So do I trust that they are still working on the game?
-Ye I believe they are, since they gain nothing by saying they are working on the game and not doing it since they ain't charging any money atm and only way to get subs on they need to make that patch.

So do I believe they will get patch done?
-In that I've some what lost hope and it has shown in my activity In game. Currently I would need to do some not so exiting stuff in game like xfering my bank to new location, farm some mats etc. And I just can't bring myself to do it atm since I dont trust that games gonna be around much longer.

Now I do hope game survives and that they can pull them selves out of this deep hole they've got them selves into but atm I just can't get myself to play much unless I hear something new from them.
General Discussion / Re: Altfall DFO vs DND
I had one alt in DFO so I could macro spam on it nights to level up spells, haven't felt need for an alt in Dnd since I've never bothered level crafting in any of the DF versions.
General Discussion / Re: SHIELD DISCUSSION
In full leather or with just couple of pieces heavy, Ye can go with out stam eff and it won't be such a big deal, unless facing good water air mage. But the situation I was referring to was mostly heavy some leather players and for those stam eff is pretty much a must. Those that don't have lt I can almost every time fight so they stam out and can't even imagine how they could survive against water air mage. So I'm fairly sure they would not go with slashing over stam eff.

Personally I still think even in leather I'd rather go with stam eff over slashing since against water air mage it's a struggle to keep up with stam even in full leather.
General Discussion / Re: SHIELD DISCUSSION
Not many players would wear a bludgeoning enchant, myself included. Where Biggo (I take it you're testing with him) users q4 slashing enchant, because he faces 90% of the server using slashing damage.

You can't test vs his setup, unless you use the same enchanted gear for his damage, the same keen on weapon and have the same titles. Bludgeoning does more damage to heavies, that's always been the case.

Get a mage, and compare the range, arc and dps you can do!

This is dnd, they made it into a mini class game, where builds would have their + & - vs other builds.

Someone picking all melee titles is going to do more dps in melee than someone not taking all melee titles.

Rings and necklaces should be ingame from day 1, if removing the extra slot, stops all this nonsense about 1h vs 2h, then remove it.

1h would still wear a slashing enchant, but they would lose stam enchant. And no one would take bludgeoning enchant, so it won't change that much. 2h would still be the best all round weapon! Just like they're now!

No need to go that hostile with it. Removing enchant slot would change quite a bit the situation, I mean if you get around 4 less damage cause of  the enchant it's a very significant change. We were in comparable gear melee wise. In ranged I had worse gear since I didn't have piercing enchant but on melee wise we were in same gear essentially.  I would not enchant bludgeoning prot for my gear so he would always hit the same to me and in melee weps we had equal rank and enchant.

Now if you take away shield slot for enchant and then he would go slashing over stam eff I could Stat game him since he would definitely struggle with stam the longer the fight. Now that he has q4 or 3 stam eff enchant he ain't gonna stam out. And I'm not here making any ultimatum or saying game is completely imbalanced I'm just saying currently 1hander is bit too strong in melee against other melee types since you dont  have to play timed parry to make it efficient.  So with out the enchant slot it would be closer in balance I think but as said before it paper rock shiccors atm. And 1hander counters 2handers basically same as mage is a lot stronger against 1hander than 2hander.
General Discussion / Re: SHIELD DISCUSSION
@MKH that's not right. Seeing that we tested it. Having the same gear, same slashing enchant same titles, and you will see near the same damage. Making out 1h does double the damage is just retardedly funny. If Ub3games wasn't fucking useless or bankrupt, that could have added Rings and Necklace back into game by now which would make the shield enchant slot, undesirable! 

I have no plans to log on to this dead game, but I welcome vids showing the same setup where 1h does double damage?????

Have to test again tonight if I get clanies to test with. But numbers were just like that but it could be cause they were using clubs. But then again I doubt it since I didn't have slahinh enchant on my gear. They enchants were piercing encumbrance and slahsing on shield. And damage were what I wrote but as said they were wearing more heavy pieces than me. But anyways in any fight I could not go into melee at all since they hit 10 more per swing.

And gear were shredder with mostly FP some thickleather on them. And q4 slashing enchant.
General Discussion / Re: SHIELD DISCUSSION
I consider myself a true Leftclick Hero, but if I see a guy using a 1h+shield I will not engage in 1v1 with that person until I get him lower on health via archery, as my Greatsword will lose that fight, hard.

You might be able to beat a 1h/shield with a Greataxe if you land the Power Attack, but Greatclubs, Greatswords, and Polearms, are too shit in the ND meta and and can rarely stand on their own without archery to soften up the target first.

Plenty of room for balancing here, and it'd help if the formerly mentioned 2h weapons had a Power Attack worth a damn. Maybe they'll do it in the patch early next week.

Then you simply dont master the dance, why not capitalize on your reach advantage? Its many 2h users that manage to trade hit for hit and a hit for hit trade the 1h lose. If you stand spinning into their hitbox, the 1h stand a chance due to speed.
Nothing to dance if the 1h/shield guy can be almost stationary and attack and block via animation cancelling.

The step-in-step-out only works against people who literally never move and don't know to hold their attacks to improve their sync.

The range difference is not as big as you claim. It's only about 0.25 meters.

Then that is a timed parrying issue and not the passive protections. The reach difference is significant and very noticeable and carried by the arc. The point is with proper movement, the 1h cant utilize the advantage of higer swing speed, cause you will move out of reach loading up ur next swing

Less reach, less arc, lower damage what is the benefits of going 1h?
You know the DPS is only similar to 2h GS due to swing speed and the help of the shields passives, people seems to forget that.

I really liked to know where have you done your testings? Damage is similar you say? I fight our clans 1 hander users (which by the way all starting to switch clubs) and they hit me in thickkleather Fp head boots gloves combo for around 25-29 damage depending on what level wep and enchant they have. Now on the same time I'm hitting them in mostly FPset with some thickleather for 15 damage with JB Q4 enchant. For me to win them relies sololy on the fact that I avoid melee completely and try to get hit in every now and then but mostly just using ranged. And against good 1handers when they time block I make 2 damage when they hit 25 to 29 damage.

Personally I think 1handers would be fine if they removed the enchant slot but with good enchant it's just way too absorbing. Focus should be more on timed blocking and not just rewarding mindless swinging with such a high damage absorbing.

But as you can see, every one saying everything is fine or even asking for boost with 1handers are the ones using them and those that say it's not are 2handers since it's basically counter build to them. Mages don't care since they don't melee and clearly it's easier to avoid melee against one handers and mage damage is unchanged wetter it's 1hander or two hander they are facing since both try to block some of the spells and range fights with bows.

But as a two hander you make just the same damage ranged but you are almost completely refuted to go for melee and you just have to try to kite. Only good thing is there still very few that utilized timed blocking well with 1hander.
General Discussion / Re: is eyerot still useful?
Hi there Fucking Retard. What happened now?

asking if its worth to have necro on physbuild

u sound like another 50 year old NA shitter who gets triggered over words on internet

Definitely not, wouldn't even take it in magic build but certainly not worth it for physical build.
Repetitive and boring third attempt of a raging cheater at trying to look cool.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Raap never truly has cheated but only abused existing bugs in game? If this is the case I think it's bit much to call guy a cheater over it since I'd bet at least 50%of current population (probably even more) has abused some type of bug at some time of their darkfall career. Water log, into the terrain traveling, into the terrain going for macroing etc.

Now I'm not saying it isn't wrong to abuse bugs but if that's all Raap has done its bit much to call him a cheater as it gives you the impression that he has used some third party program to manipulate the game. Bug abuser would be then more fitting.

Don't really know Raap other than from forums so no idea of this raging part.
Looking for a small knit group? Something new? Want to win?  Put in an application for Center Map.  We will be a small knit clan looking for active Pvper's.  We already have a maxed crafter supporting our cause.  Like fair fights?  Fighting outnumbered? Not zerging?  This just may be the clan for you! Think you have potential and want to learn more on the PVP side, you are more than welcome into Center Map with a couple test duels. 

We will be taking 2 hamlets with a Sele/Veil mine and a Leenspar/Neithal mine.  Our main focus will be showing up to villages for some good fights and good times.  For anyone not playing, this is the time to jump back in just before this bindstone quest patch.  Let's get out there and have some fun, win some fights. Villages are still active with some good PVP.  I have been fighting 3v1's and 4v1's at villages. 

Calling  old friends, active Pvper's who want to go to that next tier, and player who want to log in and have fun.  I plan on hosting a 1v1 tournament. 

In Closing, send me a message on the forums, or message me in game @ Fck Boy if you are interested.  Take care and be safe!

Didn't you quit the game? I remember seeing some entire topic created by you about it. The content even being something a long the lines that they are stupid who keep on playing this 🤔


everyone who knows me knows for a fact I won't come back to grind a character :P Who would?
In all seriousness this pve part of not being able to do as efficiently is bit of stretch. Most guys mix things so that they get disadvantages and advantages. And like many pvp builds end up like 2% potency and maybe 4% bonus damage. So 6% more damage per hit and unnoticeable performance difference. Now if you are a pure crafter you get 0% on all. So it's basically 6% less damage while farming. Now if you take 4 crafting and 4% damage buff you are essentially same as pvp guy at pve. And don't kid yourself that you need anything else than bolt for pve. If I dont have to level spells I already only pve with bolt since it's the best dps and fastest way to do it.

I agree you hinder yourself in pvp with many crafting titles but please don't try to say you have any real disadvantage with pve. And also with one crafting you loose almost nothing. Like most mages have potent mage as one title and if you skip that for crafting it's only 4% less damage per hit. It's 1.2 damage more in 30 damage hits which is close to what you do in equal gear good weps leveled char with front hit. I can tell you for almost certainty that you loose maybe one fight out 20 cause of that if even that it's so little difference in a fight. Roughly twenty five hits equals 30 more damage to enemy which is like one xfer more.

Now crafting would need complete over haul to make it interesting and get people playing this game as pure crafters but to make it more like old df is just like healing tumor with burana. You may help little with symptoms but you ain't curing the real problem. For this reason I wouldnt want game to take that direction, I can see it helping with low population like we have now but It also would not help in any way trying to promote new playstyles to enjoy darkfall, so things need to be done for sure for crafting but not these bandage fixes that won't help in the long run anyways.
Reason why it's more fun is cause the possibility to go deep into enemy and still pull out with movement spells. Like what Don Kamillo did. Now if I could use that efficiently movement with leather set I would agree both styles are as fun but currently if you want to solo fool around mage style is the only way to go.
Not true.
You can move efficiently with leather set, just like Kamilo did in the video as a mage. Even with full physical build. Figure it out. It's not rocket science.

What, slow staves? Yes begones are stronger but casting time will get you killed.
No, as i said before, if you want full mobility as physical build you need to sacrifice protections/dps a little bit. It's enough to wear leather set with feather and 3 bone parts to be at 0 magic encu and be able to use all mobility immediately (without the need of unburden) even with fast staff.

But against mages you really cant afford to loose any dps - it's already a struggle to try and fight good mages but if you loose your speed and damage there is little chance of victory against them. Mage doesnt have to give up any of his damage for his mobility. But any how im switching to mage for this reason anyways but if this ever gets changed ill probably go back physical style. I also love being melee guy in siege but I do also enjoy solo roaming and as a mage you can be so much for efficient with it.

Have to test thou how much dps one looses and speed if switching those bone parts before switching to mage.