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We've already addressed the concern before launch, but for those who missed that discussion:
We get that some players feel like they need alts, and that is something we intend to act upon.
As we've often said, a perception is stronger than a fact for players.

However, the reason we keep reminding players that alt proportion is negligible is to explain why it isn't high priority.
Launch did not increase the proportion of potential alts from InDev, so it is not something that worries us.
There are bugs and issues that are frustrating for the entire playerbase that are more urgent.

As for solutions regarding scaling:
- Items that allow to scale a spawn without an alt are planned,
- The efforts needed to remain engaged will be increased.
- Scaling will increase life regen, meaning that damage will need to be constantly applied for loot,
- but that will have to come with the the capping of xp per individual monsters.
- Downtime needs to be reviewed across the board.

We'd like to incorporate rewards for killing quickly, but we're very cautious about it.
A scaling per character allows diminishing returns and a controllable flow per individual in the economy.
Yes it is impacted by alts currently, but that can be fixed. A scaling based on efficiency cannot. It has increased returns and snowballs.
Though, there is something fun in being kept in a state of 'flow", so it is something we want to provide one way or another.

As a side note:
One of the reasons the monsters never descale is because we didn't want a legit group to be punished if they partially wipe at 90% and get a fraction of the loot they earned as a result.
Wouldn't you guys feel frustrated if that would occur? Or are the concerns regarding scaling high enough to accept that risk?

"As for solutions regarding scaling:
- Items that allow to scale a spawn without an alt are planned,"

General Discussion / Re: Load-lag: do you feel it?
I feel load lag on my SSD, most times even solo players. Not always.

Pretty disappointed since in inDev my load lags were smaller or mostly not there for solo players.

Knowing that other can feel it too makes sense why I often encounter load lag at a PvE spawns while roaming, but no player sometimes a few graves left.....

The other bad thing is when doing gathering or PvE myself, every small stutter feels like load lag and instantly brings the paranoia.

There are people who also enjoy people's salt it seems.  :'(  :'(
Told ya!

You raap what you sow!

General Discussion / Re: Fire title
Fire Magic:
- Magma Storm: will be placed outside the r90 shared cooldown. Will lose damage but have faster casting speed.
- Inferno: will lose its knockup effect. Will gain slightly more damage.


Guides and Player Help / Re: .
trolling or got trolled?

"Sorry the game was just too easy =) // Lillis Slowfoot"

Off-Topic Discussions / Re: DF:UW Returns
Well, trolls are so funny nowadays...hue hue ... is not automatically redirected to the fucking fake site as well, with a quick short message which says:

"Sorry the game was just too easy =) // Lillis Slowfoot"

I bet the people still think that DFUW is coming back LOL
Suggestions / Re: Hold F to revive. Hold alt+f to gank.

Radial wheel menus!!!1

*duck and run*

'untitled document'

absolutely no indication of what or who or anything else other than a blue text....wonder that the font was not comic sans

clearly very professional and legit
General Discussion / Re: Sanguine Market
Didn't read anything else from this ignored person but the opening post.

Hint, look at the first page instead of x2/116 on the market

Possible that it's empty obviously.

Filtering won't throw you automatically onto the 1st page sadly, should be fixed.
General Discussion / Re: For Celiah
The lower your HP the more attention you get.....  what a genius!
Uneducated people confusing free speech and censorship with moderation and keeping an environment clean to allow discussions and where you actually can voice opinions. Not surprised :)

Try this in RL, go to any discussion, meeting, debate..whatever, where people discuss and voice opinions.
Scream there, be loud, insult people, run around yelling at everyone. What will happen you wannabe punks?
Clearly pro moderation, it is pretty pathetic that an official game forums allows this level of constant trolling and pissing off people. Every single forums or community would have banned those people already (including RoA which banned tons of people who were obviously trolls from here)
The same problem persists in both Darkfalls. Why bother to play either game and go through all the tedium that includes when the games are going to be (or are) dead. At least RoA has adapted the philosophy that it realizes they are going to have a low population and looks for ways to make it fun for the remaining people. While New Dawn, has yet to realize that and continues with their failed vision.
I agree with your whole text and yet I wanted to hear something similar from our "WE NEED PEOPLE! THIS FIXES DND!" smarties. @vanvaldenburg still waiting :)

My point is: game is not good enough or ready to attract and HOLD new players, just as RoA was not.

Priority should always be:
Quality to a level where it can pleases more than die hard fans. Then not only mouth to mouth advertising will help but also everything else, every player who will say "oh finally a good DF!" and this won't happen until the basic features are more fleshed out or completed:
Alignment, racial passives and race wars and right after that the race change, Trade, travel and market system with better functionalities, title system and magic revamp and so on

Those are BASIC needs which right now are not done and feel like a hastly implementation even for veteran players.
New players will just laugh about "oh it's not in, your race might change, your clan structure will change with racial wars, the spells you just grinded up will be moved to another school, the titles you using now will be changed..".

Thist has nothing to do with "a mmo is never complete" but with features MISSING to complete the game and features about to change which might have played a big role for you and your clan. This has been said by many players before release.

I personally like the game and trust in the long-term goal but I also saw how strange and bad it feels to explain to complete new players about all the stuff that will change very soon™....
General Discussion / Re: Courrier/Contract system

"aint got time for this".

Tell me, since when do we assume that they "aint" got time for their own game now ?

Maybe it's on their mind but they have a current roadmap to stick with first.

SO yea, "they aint got time for this", all said with utmost certainty....

They don't have time to be in a hurry!

Right because signature spells and whirlwind/seize are not major factors in a fight. You people are clueless, and it pains me to read your ridiculously stupid posts.

What a joke
Holy autism

Honestly, are you retarded?
I need an oncologist to deal with your posts.
I have a feeling that you don't know what great loot and gains actually means.
Just kidding. Servers down.

And that is just some posts from your first page of posts. You know, being constructive does not work if you behave like a fucking pathetic manchild and like you are the only one understanding something. No explanation, no argumentative discussions, no sign of tolerating different opinions or even understanding them etc

YOU are the lost cause, try again.