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General Discussion / dnd vs roa
damn, DND feels so much better as a game. RoA feels terrible. WTF were RoA devs doing all that time? How is it possible that DND has done so much more for the game despite devs being inactive for a year? Holy shit how unlucky we are that DND devs did not secure buissenes side of the game development deal. DND best darkfall ever.
General Discussion / Server patching?
Media Highlights / orks9
Super fun siege yesterday.
Media Highlights / orks8
2vs2 rats
2vs2 simiran twice

I've been saying it for a long time. I'm glad that people start to realize what a cancer instant travel is and has always been to Darkfall. @Ub3rgames good job at removing it from our Darkfall.

Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / 27 villages
Media Highlights / orks7
2vs2 azm
2vs2 loserkids
Andruk raid
Media Highlights / orks6
Media Highlights / orks5
for doggo

Moved to separate topic - for people to see that dnd is not as dead as they portray it on forums. Will try to post videos more often - the more threads with videos, the better.
Suggestions / city structures salvaging
Allow to salvage materials from city structures. In other words implement a mechanic to turn city structures back into materials (a percentage of it of course).

- Allowed only in owned holdings obviously.
- It has to be a time consuming process but a structure is disabled immediately. After required time, dependent on material requirements for a structure (week/weeks?) a structure disappears and materials appear in cv.
- Clan bank being the only structure you can't salvage.
- When holding changes hands salvaging resets.

IMO would work great with combination of upkeep and localization. Also would give incentive to look for and take holdings temporarily even if you don't plan to use them in the long term while at the same time you would have to work for upkeep during those weeks you salvage it and at the end you would need to transport salvaged materials. Good sandbox content. Also not very demanding on development side.
@Ub3rgames this concept of additional stamina or mana damage is flawed. There are no counters to it. Just remove this shit. It's not a coincidence that stat leaches require direct hit and have cooldowns. Damage received should cost you hp, that's it (maybe some small amount of other stat, but SMALL and SAME percentage for all damage types). Let us fight on even ground.
@Ub3rgames you must be aware that darkfall is a conquest game and with changes introduced by you there is no reason to conquest any more (outside of getting your first/base holding). I'm not saying these changes are good or bad, all I'm saying is that outcome is unfortunate (to say the least, as making endgame content pointless is kind of serious).

You have to make controlled lands give something to owner. In the past it was a bank in the area, teleportation chamber, additional city nodes. You have removed all three reasons:

1. Bank - with localization you have to go everywhere on a mount, return on a mount and guess what, mounts are portable banks now (mount inventory). So you don't need holdings to farm in remote locations any more.
2. teleportation chamber - instant travel got removed.
3. additional city nodes - you changed city nodes to no longer have one shared pool of resources - now there are as many resource pools as players gathering. So there is no reason to get more city nodes, you just place everyone and their alts at a holding you already own.

Only thing left are mines, but what if you have all three types of them (3 holdings)? The end?

@Ub3rgames what did you think would motivate players to conquer in DND? Is there any reason to conquer now?

If you guys have any ideas, let's discuss them here, if you don't mind.
General Discussion / siege area rules
@Ub3rgames there might be a problem with current siege area concept.

Most of the clans are race clans. So when there is a siege there is a big chance roamers will be a race clan too. Now here is the problem - current siege area rules force roamers (in most scenarios) to attack only one side of the siege (race enemies). Otherwise they will lose alignment. Also currently clan involved in a siege has less motivation to attack same race roamers as they can't even loot them without losing alignment. Those two rules combined naturally make race clans work together - even without any agreements.

I love race wars idea, but I think sieges are something clan related and not race wars related. With current rule set they dangerously shift towards race wars too. This could lead to further imbalances related to number representations of races. Clans from race alliances with bigger numbers have much higher chance of winning their sieges as there is bigger chance most roamers will be same race as the most populated race alliance on the server while current rule sets discourage them from killing each other.

It also makes roaming easier and safer than ever before. And I think the goal was to make it the opposite.

So - I think we need something changed/added that would make roaming less desired or at least more difficult (debuff of some sort on siege area if not officially involved?). Instead we got something that made roaming easier (current rules). Roamers destroying sieges (changing outcome of sieges) against the will of both involved parties are a well known problem of darkfall and you just made it easier for roamers to do it in DND.

I have nothing against most popular race alliances have it easier when it comes to creating clan alliances (official involvement) because of larger number of clans and players - this is fine and should be like this.

Also when we are at it - please remove empire tab. Sieges shouldn't be globally visible.
Suggestions / abandoned holdings
Abandoned holdings should slowly degrade to bind stone only. I see no reason for it to stay 3/4 built forever if no one owns it. Mechanic is already there, just don't stop the degradation process so fast.

First of all - what we have now strips everyone besides players that were present at launch of the experience of building a holding.
Second - this game needs to be more dynamic, it's stale. Make surroundings change with player decisions, we need dynamic surroundings and not static built once and forever structures.
Third - we need sinks, more sinks! For people to interact more, for trade to work.
And finally - People need to have goals in this game and not ready cities waiting for them.