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Topics - Natris

-increase xp from mobs by 10%, halve the bonus from scaling. Grouping is also means to be safer, no need to over reward.

-add mutually exclusive self buffs: Mob stealthy (0 scaling), Mob aggressive (2 scaling), Mob taunt (3 scaling) to be able to tune spawn to group strength. This will make the PvE more rewarding and fun for advanced characters while allowing even newer characters to experience whole plethora of mobs (although with smaller gain)

-lower speed of meditation by 30%; allow meditating even while logged in (med taken and effect added upon relog)

All these changes should be simple to implement and would help smaller groups. It would also be an incentive for bitter vets to play :)
Suggestions / Bone armor?
Can you please explain the logic behind price of bone armor? It is the lowest tier heavy mage armor that does not require "rare" mats, and it costs like 60+ kobold bone. Solo farming, it takes 1.5 hour to get these, and kobolds are awful - they are low tier, even with our crap chars and on somwehat decent spawns you have ton of downtime, and scaled up they shoot bow like crazy. How does this compare with leather, robes or metal armor which is much easier to obtain? Is this intentional? Why to offer two lines of mage armor when one is simply unsustainable? The amount of kobold bones should go to like 30% or so IMO. Or increase skins from kobolds. Of course with added higher requirement on base mats.
Suggestions / Shield blocking and ranged attacks
I have seen the current dynamics of mage vs shield meleer in action and imo it is ridiculous. Meleer just runs straight, waiting for the mage to jump, then reactively blocks(not very skill based in this case, imo).  Result - mage loses 2x more stats than warrior, and all he can do is to run until oom or caught and minced.

Imo perfect blocking of ranged attacks should only block the base part (50%) but could be rewardrd by single +6 or so stamina insteadon first ranged hit landing in perfect block window. That would make the block free of charge and it would still be worth it to do it, but the fights would no longer be such ridiculous charges. Current state looks as no fun, rock paper scissory one dimensional ridiculousness. And what about archery specialized oponent? He, without mages utility, has it even worse imo.
Suggestions / Binding improvements
-add "use first available" option for combo slot; where available is skill without cooldown/with lowest cooldown. Please note that when mounted available are only 1hers
-add skills "attack left" and "attack right" instead of lean binds. When you lean you want to attack anyway.

This will aside from many more advantages specified elsewhere allow us to use lean attacks via eg. q and e while mounted while using these binds for something useful otherwise. Currently you basically have to use some kind of autohotkey scripts for this...
How to reproduce:
1)start at Mir Belith and do all quests in a chain until they send you to get zombie corpseflesh (and also stop at "The guardian of Leafheim")
2)go to any of the two other starter cities and start the chain; the Councillor won't give you "A Doomed Army" (kill 7 goblins in an hour) quest, while the parallel line (the one leading to 20 hits of goblin with bow) works fine
3)come next day (eg. 14.1.2018 10:00); the Doomed Army will be available on both Councillors

I believe this has happened to me twice with two characters. Please note that first time I have done part of 1) in several sessions (started it a few months ago), second time I have done it within a single day (13.1.2018).

I have no idea if this happens with different cities/races. I assume you want new players to be able to finish the starter quest chains in all 3 starter cities, this prevents them to do it in one day (and to get the 100k med points :) )

This is not really critical for launch I guess, it is just confusing and annoying.
Questions and Answers / Graphic settings
Hi, I have installed the game again. While the graphics are pretty bad, the actual landscape still looks quite nice. But then I have found out that there is no way how to play with the initial graphic settings: the starter goblins and their bow shot animations are simply not visible. And with how z strafing and stuff is necessary for efficient combat, I have yet again turned shadows and vegetation off. And I guess this has to be an input from all the new players.

I have not been stalking this forums so I may be out of picture, but is there something devs are planning do with this? TBH unless shadows are highly toned down and/or some kind of outlines are done around character models (NAMEPLATES!!), we will yet again have to play a butt ugly game...
Questions and Answers / How much skill?
If Darkfall is to be successful, it needs to appeal to a wide range of players. We for sure want player skill/twitch skill to be important. However the game is still a full loot open world game and if the player skill impact is too high, it will just make less skilled people quit after a while.

DF1 was a full hybrid game, with R90s and AoEs being easy to hit, rays and magma being harder, r50s even harder/situational. Melee was not so hard, but skill difference was still noticable, and good ping and fast reflexes were the difference between stickybacking and not. 1h/shield and daggers were used only in WoF.

Before R90/R50 nerf magic was too easy to hit, after that it got significantly harder, but it was still easier than archery. And when using the easiest playstyle (magic/melee), two average players were able to defeat/get to standstill one very good player.

D:ND will for sure have worse ping for significant portion of the player base due to single server. Also there were posts by devs which wanted increase player skill requirements even further, eg. melee to be more reactive (read: even more ping reliant and punishing to worse players).

My question is: are you (devs) considering this as an issue to be solved? Are you incorporating this into your rebalances of skills/weapons/schools? Are you planning to make some playstyles easier and some harder while all being balanced for the best players? Do you also eg. think about designing some weapon types/magic schools to be easier to land hits with while doing less damage?