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General Discussion / Small Scale PVP?
There's nothing really on the roadmap anywhere about "small scale" PVP.

Right now the vast majority of villages are either you getting zerged by double/triple your numbers, or no one shows up at all - there's usually no middle ground

Can we ever expect any content in New Dawn for solo or small scale groups? Examples from Albion Online are timed relic chests, 2v2 full loot hellgates, lots of different 5v5 content, rare wilderness nodes, resource wilderness hotspots, dungeons meant specifically for small scale (no spawn scaling), and the list goes on

TLDR: Getting zerged all day is boring, and a PVP game should cater to all sized groups. not just large groups. How about making certain villages stop providing scale rewards after a certain number count? Make different villages benefit different group sizes?
General Discussion / More frequent villages?
Probably been mentioned before but wouldn't it make more sense if village timers AND rewards were reduced by 1/3rd? Over time it would be the same reward payout, just split up into 3, and 3 times the overall activity, all while bringing people out into the world 3x as much.
Guides and Player Help / Mahirim Racials
- Do you automatically have the strafe speed racial on a fresh character? I can't find it anywhere in my skills

- The HP racial you get at 40 vit. Do you then have to skill it up by doing things that increase vit?

Thanks to anyone who can answer!
Bugs & Feedbacks / Binds broken, unbindable
I cannot bind other actions/hotbar slots to "default" keys like R and T because they are by default RESERVED to Weapon Sheathe (R) and Toggle Swing (T)... i would assume the same goes for many other in-game actions that are "default". This is terrible for me as I always do a custom layout for my binds in game. I would like to put completely different binds/hotbar slots in keys like Q/E/R/T, etc. Is there any work around here? Editing an ini file or something maybe?

Thanks for any help!
A friend just gave me the chance to try New Dawn, as a returning DF1 player I had some questions as to how things are now

1. When taking Archery/Melee titles is it possible to still use utilities like debuffs, self buffs, buff others, and leeches like stamina/mana? Or are they too nerfed to have any real effect with full archer/melee titles? Are these now only for strictly mages?

2. I read buff others only last a short period now, is it same with debuffs? Are cooldowns increased? I ask because trying to figure out what to grind

3. Is confusion still used by everyone? Is unburden still used by non-mages? Are they viable with archery/melee titles even with reduced potency?

Thanks for looking/answering!
I'm on Windows 10: ever since the last patch I believe (it worked before), whenever I press 'Clans', nothing shows up, and it does nothing but load forever with the blue circular windows loading icon, and tanks my fps and lags me.

The journal works fine, once I enabled SFbrowser to get through my norton anti virus. It's just 'clans' which is broken.

I tried reinstalling and it still does not work.