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Trade / WTB Property in Xirdak or Large Villa Deed
As title says.

WTB Property in Xirdak or Large Villa Deed
Trade / WTB Large Villa Deed
PM on forums or ingame a price. Can be gold or mixed mats if I have them to spare.

IGN: Rigan Peer
Played Tuesday Night, no issues.

Logged in Wed for an hour, logged off then couldn't log back in all evening.

Couldn't play at all Thursday.

Played last night (Saturday), fine, no issues.

Come to login again now, and I can't get passed the login server.

"Lost Connection to server (2)"

Tried running in Admin, makes no different. Please halp.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Dag Siege!
So lets talk about how AMD/Garbage men need to call in their HUMANS to defend vs a force of 15 people!

Nutcupping scum shall have to pay!

Nomads looking at 15vs AT LEAST 30 enemies.

GG. Dead game.
Good fun all.

Didn't think we would win it after the first two fights.

Curious as to what happened to the Epoch mercs at that last push we made? didn't notice them there or?

Darkfall New Dawn PVP Nomads  shargal War Part 13:
I recently decided to ask some of the people who played the game with us, and have since quit/stopped logging in no where near as much as they used to, the reasons why they quit. I think it's pretty important getting constructive feedback here, even more so, when I think about all the people that have joined our clan, and quit, they are actually ALL the new players to Darkfall. We didn't manage to hold onto a single new to Darkfall player, despite our busy schedule and group ups and participating in everything there is to offer. Everyone active and playing in my clan now, are all old DFO vets.

I figured I'd use a simple 4 question system, although it doesn't go into detail, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. So if you know someone who has quit/stopped logging in or maybe that person is you, ask them/yourself these questions and I shall update the OP. To compile the feedback in hopes of highlighting key issues.

The questions

1. What was the main reason you quit/stopped logging in as much to Darkfall?

2. Was there anything lacking that you think may have kept you playing longer?

3. What would it take for your return to Darkfall as your primary game?

4. Do you see yourself playing Darkfall again in the near future?

Response 1
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Response 2
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Response 3
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Suggestions / QOL and reducing timesinks/downtime
Please find below a list of changes/additions that I think would drastically reduce our player/group downtimes, and in retrospect, get us all out into the wild and busy doing more fun things, FAR faster.

- Autosplit
    The ability to click a bag, prompt asks "how many stacks" enter quantity and it auto splits the loot bag to that many stacks.
                  Loot splitting between groups is such a chore right now, it's not fun in the slightest, anything to help alleviate the time it takes to do this is a great thing.

- Processing iron/timber
The ability to enter goods into the crafting stations, and let the craft station do the rest of the work. Obviously make it lootable, so you would still need to be in the area to defend your goods, but at least you can do something other than alt tab and read forums/watch Netflix. Standing at a station to process 10k raw materials IS NOT FUN and a huge time sink, always has been.

- Ready bag template
Add a UI interface for a ready bag template, works like a paperdolls, you drag what your usual gear is onto it, then if your bank has all the items and you are naked, will auto transfer all those items into your backpack. Allowing you to get back into the fight far quicker without needing to spend hours on making ready bags. Again this is a time sink, and not exactly the most fun thing in the game, yet it's something we all have to do regardless.

- Reagent/Arrow/potion Autofill from bank.
Again similar to the above, if we cannot have a ready bag template, set some options to "autofill" our reagents up, according to the amounts we preset.

- "Auto skin on loot" Toggle.

I'd like an option that allows your character to skin while you are looting. Make it toggle able in options. Doing the same action twice on a tombstone, is again a timesink. There is no need for it. It would be highly convenient to get two birds in one stone, especially for a solo player.

- Auto join Clan party button
Add a button near the minimap "Join clan party", system searches if any clan member has a party up, then autoadds you to it. I think this above all things is something EVERYONE does daily, people Xing up in clan chat, people need to invite by TYPING FFS, this is 2018!

Parties for sure need a lot of love and changes, but even so, a simple auto join clan party would go above and beyond all I need for parties to function better for me and my group.

I have played since shortly after launch, the only things I have sold, is shit low tier stuff and that was purely to populate the Bel Melek Marketplace. I hoard everything. Why should I sell in the first place?

I am sure I'm not the only one who plays like this. But gold is no incentive to me whatsoever. I seem to accumulate gold more and more, albeit somewhat slowly. But no one else sells anything meaningful to me, so there's nothing for me to buy either and thus my gold stockpile keeps going up and up and up.

There are so many sinks that were removed from DFO. And nothing was ever put in it's place, gold is really struggling to hold value in this game. Truly it really is.

DFO Gold sinks;

- ALL Spells/Skills/Schools HAD to be purchased from an NPC in order to be accessed. How much gold you think we all spent in the end on pure unlocks? well over 100k I would say.

- Meditation points. Used to be able to pump gold to get meditation points for your character.

- Regeants. All regs now drop abundantly in PVE, disgustingly so. I think I have easily over 10k of all regs, and I'm a pure mage spending over a 1k each day easily, yet still I accumulate regs and thus don't need to buy any really.
                  - Tying in to regs. Warriors and archers now barely use ANY at all, so they have massive stockpiles and thus don't need  to buy either.

- Runestones/Portal chamber fast travel - Were a commodity EVERYONE needed. Now it seems people barely need to trade in anything other than rare ingots and the odd enchanting mat for those who are crazy enough to sell them.

I'm sure there are many other sinks that have since been removed in New Dawn. We desperatly need new ones, if gold is to ever recuperate it's value.

Maybe it's just me, what do the rest of you think?

Do you sell your assets at all? if so which ones do you mainly sell?
Do you see a NEED for gold in your bank?
What do you mainly spend your gold on?

I will also point out that I am Alfar. Since it's very possible that this also ties into being a racial issue, and the fact alfars have no allies what so ever and thus naturally, our population is drastically smaller than the other races.
What the title says. Does Alteration Master + Spell Duration effect DOT's at all?

As in should you gain an extra Dot of damage or no?
Bugs & Feedbacks / Lets talk about Elemental cloth
Seriously. Is this how the game is going to remain? Elemental cloth is absolutely tedious to get. So much so, that we are all running around in Extrav robes still. When melee/archer roles are pumping out infernal/full plate EN-MASSE.

I highly request, on the verge of demand! ( :D ), that we either see a reduction in the recipe cost for the cloth. OR increased skin yield.

The main issue ASIDE from the horrible skin rate, is the cloth is actually ONLY useful to mages. Wheres as a mage I will happily go kill crogs for the giant bone (bone sets), and also the rare golems (metal head piece/staffs). Making this group activity of farming cloth, a useless endevour for non-mages.

Please please, change this.
As title says.

- "Trader" NPC placed in General store of all player holdings - allows remote view of marketplaces available to you and your clan. At least this allows people to make long distance purchases BEFORE needing to travel to even view whats on the marketplaces to begin with. This will encourage even more people to travel back to racial areas and use the marketplaces.
Media Highlights / Server first! Ship of the Line!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
I honestly see mediation as too appealing a feature, especially for people in groups that are not actively doing something all the time. I understand the gain rate is low compared to active play, but when you reach level 75 in a spell or skill it's honestly a chore to grind it further than that (I understand it's not essential to do so with front loading, but still, people do it anyway.)

When you factor in,
- group decision (what you are going to do)
- where you are going to do it
- gearing up/prep work for the activity
- travel time
- loot/skinning time
- possibility of death in PVP
- travel back home
- split loot
- bank loot

A lot of time passes during all that where you are not even getting gains at all. People see this as a reason to simply logoff and meditate.

I'm honestly thinking active play needs a boost in gains, especially for solo play. I just stood whacking mobs with a 1h, from level 66 to level 67, it took me around 35 minutes. I had the mob scaled to level 2 and was next to no downtime.

Meditating that would have taken me about 5 hours. But the issue comes when I get that skill to level 80 onwards. Active play is just not rewarded enough for gains. I'd rather see a boost in active play which sets up the mentality even more, that active play is ALWAYS better than not. Which just doesn't seem the case.

I haven't even mentioned magic, I'm personally having a hard time levelling up infliction as most the mobs we group PVE on are bloody immune to it...meditating is my only option when it comes to that, same for a lot of other skills/spells.

Discuss, constructively if possible..
General Discussion / Patch Friday - Discussion
"Tomorrow, Friday 30th March, there will be a patch that will scramble the VCPs.
Beware and stay tuned for the server down/up estimates in order to unsure/prepare for the continuation of your ongoing rewards.
Ideally, we will be patching in our morning, baring any issues during final QA."

Tomorrow there will be a patch with:
- All spells are in their final schools.
- Completed Infliction magic and raw magic, at the exception of missile fury.
- Preliminary spellchanting changes, heals are done but hymns still need to be altered.
- The grounded state: This is a modification of the physics engine to flag a character as "grounded", where no displacement effects can impact them.
- VCP chain breaking tweaks as outlined in the discussion on alts, with a reduction of rewards to be perceived closer in value/effort to dungeon dailies.
- VCPs will also go on fixed timers of 25h, no longer based on capture time. They will slide through time zones and no longer stagnate in off hours.
- There will of course be a new randomization of the VCPs as we deliver the patch.

In the next couple weeks:
- More magical changes, delivered as they get completed.
- Contextual gray: The first use being a radius during sieges allowing attackers and defenders to kill any interfering parties without being free targets themselves. Mutual allies will be allowed to kill mutual allies as well.
- Declaring war on ARAC/Evil/Racial enemy clans changed to a low flat price.
- Tweaks of the siege rules to make them more engaging and understandable.
- Remote view/purchase from a marketplace to other marketplaces. You will still have to move to get the item.
- Remote withdraw of gold for an extra fee.

We realize that on this last point there are a lot of concerns.
There is a real risk of increasing the global price homogeneity, and this is why we've been reticent to implement it.
However, it reduces the barrier of entry which should hopefully increase traffic of localized resources.

Being worked on:
- Moving of nodes out of holdings is completed. We're now improving/adding walls and reviewing node regen.
- Solo friendly skinning: We're redoing skinning tables to be quantity based and to never fail skinning. Less RNG and less frustration.
- Downtime equalization: Most spawns will have more monsters by default with shorter respawn rates, but respawn rate will become slower proportionally to size and difficulty increase. There should be less downtime differences between scaled or non scaled.
- ARAC clan and alliances being perma-grey.
- Making holdings more valuable and tied to the racial wars. Most of the framework is already done for this.

To be started next:
- Once remote views are implemented, we'll go straight into implementing buy orders, later followed by a transport contract system.
- Once magic and balancing changes are out, we'll focus these resources towards crafting, most notably enchanting.
- Once racial war changes are done, we'll start implementation of the watchtowers.
- Once holdings related world building is done, we'll either start on adding more quests or adding more overworld objectives

First and foremost, let's talk about the elephant in the room and pretend that holdings were worth the time and effort in every situation. So pretend along while considering the follow-up.

Are you guys happy with simply paying meditation to maintain a holding? Upkeep was a great addition for Darkfall, however personally I find it lacking and not immersive at all, to simply automatically pay an upkeep which is piss easy to get. And that's that, nothing else to do.

When I say maintain, I mean the lack of needing Anything else to keep the place running and to keep your guys in the area with  a list of things they could/need to do. When I say that, I have no desire to make it a chore, but deffinatly more immersive with some optional activities.

Please find below some age old suggestions with some I'll add in too.

- towers require ammo to function, towers without ammo either don't function at all or have their damage reduced by 50-75%.

- new cooking recipe added. "Food supply" - requires X and X to make, the cooking equivalent to building modules. Food supply is placed in the house/bindstone and permits 10 friendly respawns. This can be either or. a holding without any food supply cannot allow any respawns. Or, food supply boosts the spawning distance rule of your holding.

- feed the crafting stations (ala Albion online). It's a great addition for the consumables economy. Either crafting stations without food don't operate at all, or they work at half the speed OR if with food they are even faster to craft on.

- new small building added. Stables. Requires wheat from farms to operate and is near the banks in all holding and will heal all injured nearby mounts.

- add doors that can be opened and closed on clan houses, same as how player housing doors work. Door would have mega high hp but takes all damage forms.

- fuel the furnaces! Gather X amount of timber nearby to gain a boost in crafting speed on stations.

- increase meditation upkeep cost of all holdings, but, allow the option to pay the difference (from the amount now), in timber and stone.

- the more people in a holding within a 24 hour period, will increase dynamically the size of the system logs radius for the owners, the following day, to simulate having more eyes around you. System log radius remains the same for attackers.

This list contains mandatory or optional paths for each suggestion. But all would add to "living out of" a holding in Darkfall. What do you guys think about holdings' upkeep? Or lack thereof.