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Guides and Player Help / Xfers
Does some one know what determines when you get three ticks for xfer instead of two?

Last night heard that there are many heavy style players with lower magic than me getting three ticks while I only get two. Is this because of potency penalties to magic? And if so how many can I have before I loose the extra tick?
Trade / WTB race change token
What title says. Pm me on forums or ingame Viil Taja.

Trade / WTB safe
Topic says it. Post offer here or Pm or Ingame Viil Taja
Questions and Answers / About titles
Can't really see define explanation what actually these potency terms in titles do?

So can some one clarify for me what exactly -  for example - in great sword title the overall potency means?  Does it mean swing speed +damage? Or is it just 6%more damage per swing? Or something else?
Bugs & Feedbacks / Stuck in queue
Never have had this issue before. Is server down or did I get this problem with the latest patch?
Bugs & Feedbacks / No meditation points from indev
I had saved that 100k med from indev but when I logged in there was none left of it :S

Bugs & Feedbacks / Server down?
Is server down? Or is it my end that I'm stuck in queue? I don't see any posts about server being down anyways.

Never mind was in queue for 5 mins but immediately I made this threat I got in game :S Go figure ;) But servers are clearly up and running B)
Bugs & Feedbacks / Stuck in queue
So i just bought the 19.99€ package and when i try to log in i'm just stuck in queue. Are servers down? or is there something wrong now with my account?
Suggestions / Leveling character
So i've now been leveling my character for 11 days and there is one HUGE problem i see with this system. I don't think it's in anyway reasonable to make people hit 10k times with same skill spell archery for mobs tens of hours to get something leveled so they can move on for something more interesting in game.

I think that even how flawed game DFUW was it had better system for leveling. (feats in it self were just not too well thought out) I'd much rather had experience points from doing quests which i then could put on what ever skill i want so i could just enjoy gaming doing quests exploring the game and still level up archery melee etc. Now it's notoriously boring job that i really can't blame people already bugging mobs in BETA to hit them for 10 hours with autoclick while others healing the mob since this system is completely flawed.

I suppose the solution could already be the thing i've seen suggested on forums that you get better gains while hitting harder mobs, but problem in this is that you already need stronger character to be able to hit melee for example on these harder mobs and you need to get alot better armor so need to think away you can get to those in reasonable time. Personally i'd like to see DFUW like system develop just further so i can do questing killing some mobs related to those quests and at the same time level up melee and archery skills and all the rest nicely.

Experience points from quests could be then counted to match current leveling speed. Like if doing the quest takes roughly 20 mins it was equal current leveling with mobs 20 mins. I think current leveling speed is good for launch - slow for beta - and with this kinda system where you are not forced to hit same mobs tens of hours just to get some skill up it would remove the grind feeling from the leveling and make building up character actually a fun job.

And no meditation points from quests ain't the same thing. Meditation is alot slower process and is done offline so it doesn't cut it.  And you need to meditate stats etc. already anyways so it would be great if one could level up things in game doing more exciting stuff than hitting same mobs for hours.