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Media Highlights / More Vcp fights
Lots of nice fights recently! Glad to see ttd finaly showing up at villages in force :P
Gfs everyone!

Some smaller fights and one larger at the end.
Suggestions / low level gear and non mastery crafting
Lets be honest here. The moment a new guy joins a half decent clan, he will never ever wear something below studded/plate/bone/extra level again. Having low level gear might make sense in your average game with a normal level system and specific areas bound to a set level range but in darkfall? Doesnt make much sense in my eyes.

So heres my suggestion! Equalize all non mastery armors and weapons! Make it possible to craft most of them at level 25 and increase non mastery armor and weapon crafts skillgain dramatically.
Some obvious beginners gear (current level 0 crafts) could be increased to have r20/30 stats. Everything above 25 would be r40 level. Of course crafting costs have to be adjusted accordingly.

That would make aquiring decent gear for your average newbie or solo player more easily and would give people a lot more options to customize their characters early on with mixes of different armors (yay fashionfall!).
General Discussion / Still best game on the MMO market
Contrary to the constant negativity that this forum represents, DND is still by far the best MMO out there in terms of combat and uniqueness.
Even with the current snail pace of development, its worth playing.

Just a few of the reasons why i am still as active after all this time:
- completly open world (and the world is huuuuge!)
- fast paced fps combat (true aiming, no ridiculous large hitboxes or aiming assistence like your normal ''action combat game'')
- player owned and build hamlets and cities (clan warfare)
- actual player collision (players, mounts, monsters are actual objects in the world!) !!!!!!
- full loot! (makes everything more interesting :P)
- interesting character specialisation and leveling (no braindead exp grinding for levels and hard locked classes, you can decide what you wanna play and how you gonna develop your character)
- better pve than most games (thats just my personal opinion of me playing literally every triple A mmo out there and i gotta say i enjoy dnd pve more than i did normal mmo's endgame dungeon and raid grinding, those things always got boring very fast while i still enjoy dnd pve after more than 2 years of playing indev and the launched game)

Even with the tons of flaws dnd still has and the small and slow dev team, there is just nothing that comes even close to the current version of this game. Either you play and enjoy it or you will have to deal with the mediocrity of all those copy pasted games out there.
So, i checked the ingame statistics a bit and noticed that there are TWO types of chickens. The white and orange ones are actually different species!!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Citizens of AGON!! Tell me, which one is your favorite chicken?
Media Highlights / A few siege fights
Suggestions / Fan's amazing counter siege idea
When a clan drops a siege on someone they should automaticly be vulnerable to counter sieges even if their clan primetime is set outside of their siege drop.
General Discussion / Post your banks!
I always liked seeing screens of other peoples characters in gw but since there is no fashionwars in darkfall i figured we could compare the beauty of our bank systems :P And this forum is kinda missing some light hearted threads about actualy ingame stuff!!

So here they are!
My main bank in marithain.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Two smaller banks in other corners of the world:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Yes i have a ton of cobras hehe
Suggestions / Airship routes
Would be awesome to have airship stations connecting chaos cities with timers on the map when it will arrive in a chaos city.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Healing Chant
So, comparing sasa's and my video from the last siege i noticed something. Healing chant only has a visible ground animation in shader 3... anyone playing in shader 1 has no way of noticing that i was actually casting that spell. And thats basicly everyone besides water mages who are froced to play in shader 3 due to self blind...