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Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / dead
server dead, only relaunch after roadmap can save this server, RIP
scaling killed economy(all guys have full bank)
no sieges ( useless holdings) no seatowers... only villages just for med points( 90% of server using 1 village then log out)
no pve content ( just farm with alts)
pvp so funny.... but not perfect.
cya after roadmap, need soft wipe for all items and relaunch
Media Highlights / Aer Tithil siege
we was not regroup when they pushed us at first us , then we pushed them ( lost siege , but win fight)
GF everyone
Trade / wts hamlets
WTS Kharhendak and Skaranibben cheap
Media Highlights / tournament 1x1 (my fights)
at last fight with kal venom my shadowplay was broken...only 1 round was frapsed.
GF everyone, thx simiran for that tournament. hope GM will teleport all players next time :)
Media Highlights / xirdak
one of last fights before server dead
Media Highlights / Sorgom siege
later they did naked/scale suicide with battlespike ... it's going on about 1 year from beta... i hope admins like this system ( siege hamlet)
do x2x3 for small stone or 2 small stones/ 1 large.
Suggestions / about world size
So large world for so small online. Close islands and rework loot at middle or game will dead soon.
Fix plz price for war ( 1kkk+) so crazy price
or another suggestion do weekly farm for example week with x3 drop at yassam then cairn ruby,,, for hot spots.
we need seatowers sieges and another villages system ( mass naked twinks at villages so boring)
agon is dead now
90% server farming power hour then gather mine/groove/farm or log out for meditation. spots are empty.