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Sounds really great @Ub3rgames

I'd also like to see ...

- Daily crafting quests, which give Skill Progression Scroll. For instance get a quest from the Blacksmith to craft 20x 1H Sword. Upon delivery you get Gold reward and a Scroll which increases Weaponsmithing +5. Or get a quest from the Fighter to craft and deliver 20x Studded Cuirass or so and get a Scroll reward which increases Tailoring +5.

- Increase chance of mobs dropping Basic Weapon / Armor Resources like Iron Ingot and Wood to give even more incentives to PvE and alternatives to AFK mining / chopping. PvE should be more rewarding.

What do you think?
General Discussion / Re: territory control and conquest
Last post by Helwyr -
We understand your point of view, and we have the same debates internally.
Essentially, the choice is between working on the core game loop or on the meta objectives.
Note that we've been accused of being too focused on the meta, not enough on the day to day.

If you already liked Darkfall's day to day activities, you will not feel the need for our changes.
However, our current logic is that conquest is the end game, but you have 90% of the game time that is other activities.
While the destination can be fun, with sieges already being there in the game, the path that leads to them has to be fun too.

Having an enjoyable time means that the game matters to a player, which makes the territory matter for personal reasons rather than simply "on principle".
This is true for any reward mechanic too. If you don't care about your character, you won't care about specific incentives.
That's why our development since release is mostly NPE and a build up to enable conquest to matter to players that do not have a leadership position.

tl;dr: Indirectly, we have been working towards getting the conquest meta going. The devil is in the details.
As said in the progress update, we need to complete our work on PvE before going back onto actual PvP/conquest objectives.

Your priorities are wrong and here's why...

Why do most people do PvE in a game like Darkfall? They do it to develop their character to then participate in the "conquest meta". For some that can just be straight up PvP, for others myself included it's PvP with a more contextual background (racial alliance wars etc).  Although they do exist very few do PvE for the sole sake of PvE in a game like Darkfall.

Right now you are missing the very elements that drive people to log on and do PvE.

Firstly character development is frustrating and no fun when the game you're playing is still in an early beta phase in terms of providing the building blocks of character development. You haven't even finished the basic Titles, and really for the game to shine in this area, you need way more than your existing Titles. If a new player asked me what are some good combat Titles to take and which are the bad ones, I could certainly tell them what's good now, but months from now? no. We don't even know how schools like Necromancy will work yet, many signature spells are missing, and weapons abilities are still to be changed.

Then there's the "end game", the "conquest meta".  It barely exists atm. So even if I muddle through guessing at what kind of character I want to develop with your half finished Title system what am I building it for? What do I do with that character once its developed? More PvE? Even for those that just want raw unfiltered PvP, racial alliance wars be damned, can't find what they're looking for most of the time because the population is so low. The population isn't low because the PvE isn't engaging enough, those gamers looking for a primary PvE experience are rightly going to other games, DND isn't even on their radar, nor will it ever be on their radar for games to play.

So you've got it wrong. While PvE is what players spend a lot of time on, especially when they first start playing, it's not what motivates them to play. You can improve PvE ten fold, but it won't make much difference in terms of player activity if your actual character development is still an unfinished mess and there's little or no "end game" to be had that initially motivated most players to do that PvE in the first place. Again it's not that the PvE changes are bad, they're good. It's the priorities that are bad, there's a huge list of things you still need to do that are way more critical to your games success than any of these PvE changes.
More like this, tons more.

Dye system for armors, dyes rare and geographically locked throughout the world. integrated into the crafting system - herbalism, alchemy or whatever.

Dungeon incentives, tiny amounts of med or clan med gains from each kill in a dungeon.  Quests for every dungeon.

More mob types, Demon is prominently featured center map but where are the lesser demons throughout the world?  Dragon the biggest baddy on the islands, where are the drakes? Dragonlings?  And with the addition of more mob types at the same time introduce slayer enchants for every type.

Rare r80 mats like Rialtan Steel from guild content pve, spawns that require 10+ to kill that don't punish the guild for leveling it to 10, and drop an assortment of random rare r80 mats, maybe the champ spawns.

Clan holding markets, outside the holding like the coming changes to resource nodes.

an assortment of thousands of aesthetic decorative items for holdings and houses.  a complete revamp of item placement in holdings/houses along with an interior decorator tool to place things precisely where we want them.  the ability to cut players heads off and post them to spikes.  seeds that grow into plants or trees.  more random decoratives akin to paintings like braziers and other furniture craftable through construction and geography locked mats.

slayer titles.

status symbol stuff - bounty boards, leader boards, ultra rare aesthetic items that make someone really stand out.

more npcs in the world; escorts, guards, randomly spawned/rare quest givers or in need of rescue, make the world live and breathe more.  incorporate wildlife into questing or aesthetic item acquisition.

guild tabards for personal wear and holding decor.

It's time to get to the content!

Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Raw magic is shit
Last post by Helwyr -
On behalf of all the Raw mages out there (probably just me, and now you Unknown Mantra) thank you for pointing out just how shit this school is right now.

I'll add a few things you didn't mention.

Blast which was never considered a great spell, was actually nerfed by Ub3rgames to be made Raw's R50. They removed the dex debuff and reduced the knock up. Why I don't know, but then I don't know why Ub3r does half the things they do.

Burden the only useful spell in the school is according to Ub3rgames' plan actually slated to be nerfed. Thankfully they haven't done this yet, because if the duration gets reduced and Unburden remains as is, Burden will be pretty much useless. A sensible solution would be to reduce the duration and remove Unburden from the equation.

Also like a number of magic schools Raw is still missing one of it's signature spells. It's possible that Missile Fury will make the school really shine, but I wouldn't count on it given the schools treatment by Ub3rgames thus far. Plus there's apparently a ton of "critical" PvE additions to be done before the spell schools can be finished.

Overall, the school is a difficult one to balance.  You can't up the damage too much to make it useful vs more lightly armored opponents because then it will be OP vs heavy armor. The lack of secondary stat damage hurts, but that's not unique to Raw. The 40% stam damage of Water, and particularly Air just makes those schools stand out above all the rest atm. Raw also has a distinct lack of utility spells, there's Burden and that's pretty much it. In fact I think it has less spells than all other schools. Oh and yes that all spell resist ability, at least the self buff one is useless, the mana drain is just crippling.

Personally I'm just waiting to see all the spell school changes (and weapon changes) completed before switching up my Titles.  Although if Ub3rgames can't get their act together quickly it won't matter anyway.  2018 is their window to get this game going. 2019 they will be up against games like Crowfall and Camelot Unchained.
General Discussion / Re: NEW PVE SHIT SEEMS LEGIT!
Last post by HarvestR -
Is that an issue ?
Obviously not for rainbow faggots like you.
Guides and Player Help / Re: trial key
Last post by HarvestR -
online is 20 fanboys,50 alts,and very boring pvp with broken magic.
Maybe leave Kholesh once in a while and stop hunting critters, crybaby.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Mining
Last post by HarvestR -
It is a known issue. However, no fix has been implemented yet. @Ub3rgames
Bugs & Feedbacks / Mining
Last post by Silverhaze -
I hit 100 mining and 100 mining mastery and no longer get rare ore the last 20 nodes i hit after 100 have given 2 rares my alt with low mining gets a shit ton i think you coded it ass backwards as a crafter this is game breaking for me :(
Guides and Player Help / Re: trial key
Last post by huem vzhopu po pizde -
Markets(humans, elves, dwarves + chaos) are in terrible state at the moment for anything besides noobie gear so yes, wouldn't mind everything being available.
I wouldn't call FP and Justicebringers "noob gear", but it is at an all time low.