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Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Last post by Orilt -
You are making shit up?
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Last post by wildNothing -
You see me talking about doing asset damage after that to them? No? Well there is your answer. I was not butthurt. I'm sure you can find many worse things I said about Horde. And still no asset damage followed.

And now I'm there so I will again try to change something. Apparently they attract a lot of new players. Maybe it's the name? Do you think if their name was Garbage Men they would have had that many players? Don't think so.

BTW, aren't you ashamed of yourself? You have just acted as if I'm making shit up, then you got owned in the very next post with your own quote that proved that I'm telling the truth. You say no sorry, nothing. You just try to change the topic or focus to someone else. How lame can you be?
Media Highlights / Re: What really happend.
Last post by Pallist Horror -
Reply #66 - October 24, 2016, 04:53:44 am
from: GrimmyB on October 24, 2016, 04:23:12 am
Not relevant, the point was that people go into your clan, but few seem to come out, and somehow your clan never grows. Your always 'outgeared' because of your 'new players', I don't understand why you can't put some siege gear on during a siege you apparently care about (at least enough to tantrum on the forums) because you've got a couple of new players.
Asking about vets who were ex members was more for visibility, people don't remember the guy they kill in 30 seconds they remember the one that beats them, and I got a grand list of 3, 1 guy I've never heard of and 2 low-mid tier vets, New players join The Horde, but they don't gain experience and move on and they don't assimilate into the community, they just quit...
Well, I must say this is exactly what I thought of horde in dfo on EU. And it wasn't based on what I heard.

I created an ork alt. I got recruited when my alt was few days old. Recruitment is aggresive and orklands are practically wiped of new players by horde. Having knowledge of the game I developed my char quite rapidly while most of the horde players had no clue what to do and how to play. When I tried to guide them what skills or basic tactics could help us to win a battle (most of the times horde had more players then the attackers) I was told not to - don't tell them we could use wof or comehither, they dont even use magic.. let them play as they want.
While I understand that forcing something on a player is a terrible idea, I'm not really sure if new players even knew what choices there were.

Fights were always one big clusterfuck, with no decent raid leader. Experience was terrible. And it's a shame, as Ork/Mahirim clan has a great potential in terms of fun. After few months I left finally. It looked like there was noone interested (or able?) to teach anything to new players other than how to lose constantly and pretend it's ok. I say pretend, because I was there in the comms and I could here how frustrated some of the players were.

Now that being said - I don't think that Horde leaders are bad guys - for example Charax is a good guy. And not a bad player. There is just something wrong with Horde. As @GrimmyB said - they discourage new players rather quickly. Not sure why. It looks like they had not much to offer in terms of teaching people how to play the game. Maybe they do not know, maybe they don't want to share. Maybe they are affraid that people with skill will leave them? Or maybe they think it's better to let people learn everything by themselfs. In the end it didn't matter though.
But maybe with dfo changing into DND there will be more aspects of the game, not just PVP. Maybe they will excel in one of them..

Were you butthurt when you wrote this? Nothing has changed in 10 years with the horde. They compete against their own race alliance to recruit everyone possible with exaggerations on what they are, hurting longevity of players.
The last week siege video STILL has horde running around naked in fights... ffs

Nothing was ever about butthurt. Horde has always been bad for the game for new players. This time around they were the worst for NA players yet still continued to recruit spam racial chat.

I cared back when the game seemed like it had a chance. Now issues the horde are just for the fun.

General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by makaveli -
Ultime Online ca 99-07 but I guess WC3 got a lot of props. ND I didn't even feel comfortable enough to recommend to my friends that played UO. I guess that says something (about stability).

But also poop.
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by wildNothing -
When was the last time you were WOWED by a game?
Darkfall New Dawn - yesterday actually - during 3h long siege packed with action.
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by cutsmyself -
When was the last time you were WOWED by a game? I'd have to say I haven't been floored by the industry since going from SNES to the 64/playstation. The first time I played Oot I nearly shit myself with how good the game looked/felt. The cut scenes in FF7 were mind blowing. Since then the industry has slowly stagnated.
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