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General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
Last post by Crisply Vague -
Unless there's some mad strategy afoot for radically re-doing something, Ub3rgames isn't doing anyone a favor for going silent for so long.  We had a pattern of news updates and patches since launch that's been entirely broken now.  Since players partly perceive their time in game as a long term investment, any credible basis to believe that the game is closing will decrease participation due to loss of confidence.  I think we all knew going into DND that this is/was a high risk project.

They could have said weeks ago that they're working on an extra long patch and wouldn't comment or update at all for at least X amount of time, but we get nothing but a disappearing act, from what I can tell.

Marc is not a liar or braggart like Tasos, but silence without explanation isn't much better at this point.

Edit: Note the bold lettering
June 23, 2018, 07:45:05 pm
Server is starting up. it should be back up in 25 minutes.
It will be up in "orange mode", as the crash seems to be an edge case that just never occurred before despite being in old code.
It will take a while to investigate, so we're booting back up to let you guys play.
Thank you for your patience.

For the next patch, we'll confirm in a few days.
We're still working on the bindstone quests and we have other things nearing completion.
We'll see if we do another smaller patch like a 2.2 or move straight to 3.0.
General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
Last post by Rimamok -
If I'm honest, next announcement is game closure, mark my words.

Yeah i'd mark them for you, except after you are wrong it wouldn't stop you from making your next stupid comment so why bother.

50/50 Rawr is correct
Money was blown on a "business trip" to Russia for two weeks where high end hookers, cocaine and imported baguettes were consumed with the leftover money.

If anything they're probably in debt since starting this venture

We can only hope that one of the team's Dads are extremely wealthy and can "invest", like the Dad of MO's creator.
Suggestions / cash shop
Last post by Baracuda -
Where is cash shop for DUEL PLEX item
Race change
Name change
Stupid skin on leafblade or not, but I want to race change
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Last post by Baracuda -
someone give me the TLDR of this whole thread please
there was a duel and now ub3rgames is missing
I look forward to checking this out. Would give a good gauge on how active each race is depending on how quickly those pics come in
results are in, games dead
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Unholly sithra
Last post by mongoloid123 -
are sithras affected by 1h title
Media Highlights / Re: Mycke is a pussy.
Last post by Kenman -
Mycke - Today at 12:51 AM
i didnt say he was lagswitching where did i say that?
Mycke - Today at 12:51 AM
quote me please
more lies
Mycke - Today at 12:51 AM
witness will show you are full of shit as usual
see palist thats why i had to have winesses
this guy has no shame or integrity

will add to the bump, with an example showing myckes character and demonstrating how he spends all his time defaming other people to try to make himself look better when hes proven wrong or called out for being a retard
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
Last post by Kenman -
Just let it die. Lets all go play the new wow expansion instead

Its a sad day indeed when I can't tell if this is a serious post or not
There are no quality games out. Might as well play a polished one :)

Dont you remember what they said about turds? Polished turd is still a turd.

Ill come up with much more revolutionary idea, since its all turds, might aswell consider stopping playing anything alltogether. After all there must be something else out there right?

EDIT: Stop consuming shit, because if you do, shit is all you ever get. I know it works much better in theory than practice, but many would probably agree that gaming industry needs some sort of a violent revolution to get rid of all those wallet humping, money sucking, compromising for the lowest common denominator bastards.

Real life is now in 4k.
Its pretty fun

Try the "Jumping off balconies" challenge.
Lemme know how much fall damage you receive.
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
Last post by cutsmyself -
Casuals, moms, sisters, grandpa, and cellphones kill3d video games. And $$$$. $$$$  ruins errything