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General Discussion / 5th March 12.00 CET
Last post by Nataz -
Dont forget to bid on this Gem, before time in topic. GL HF
Off-Topic Discussions / Шоу бизнес 2019
Last post by Dennisvix -
Я Галкина терпеть не могу. Прям, трясет от него, потому что это махровая самодеятельность. Он ужасно бездарный.
Свежие новости шоу биза подробности по ссылке...  
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Last post by wildNothing -
I was referring to DF 1.0 launch, and more EU than the later NA.  You think DND was populated at launch? There were so few people clans could and did own multiple holdings. 

DND launch was like revisiting DF 1.0 while it was on deaths doorstep.
I was there when df1 launched. Same exodus of players (in terms of percentages, much higher in terms of numbers), So again - shear numbers do not make shitty game fun. Most players left because the game gave them little fun despite the initial numbers
Media Highlights / Re: Guys its time to come check out ROA
Last post by memes -
150 ping + braindead nigger-tier NA players + scammer devs

No ty
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by VoQeles -
there's a problem with the way data is handled client / server side, let's say you want to fix the falling through the floor ... the failproof solution is to make position server side and have the client read the server position, but then what happens is if you have lags of any kind you will keep warping back (on your screen). So everytime you load a player or a spell animation (for first time) it will warp you and make the game unplayable (I think).

I think most of the problems have been that the project requires a much bigger workforce, the game was launched unfinished and never got to a polished state (in any version). The catch 22 is that bigger companies would not take the risk, and if they did it's more likely they will screw the game up, so it has to be one of two ways - a small indie company that delivers consistent improvements for a long period or a bigger company that has the right idea for the game.

Over time games are getting closer and closer to the point where Darkfall could become completely redundant. Think it's one of those unfortunate things, a brilliant thing was made, but in the circumstances never blossomed to it's potential. A game like Mount and Blade 2 will make it hard to justify playing this - people that don't find PvP interesting will not have much reason to play this, why would they log in to be someone's punching bag with much better games on the market? I'm afraid Darkfall might have expired a long time ago, but one can never be sure.
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by rawrgasm -
Nuyur has only touched the surface of exploits still in game, I'm sure people like Raap know far more hear are a few i can think of which were still ingame after launch.

You can use any waterfall/lava to basically fly hack, want to transfer your whole bank? Fly above the sky where no one can see you, want to bug out the fire dragon and melee him down? lets gooo.

With the changes they made to bugging through the floor you can just fall through the floor with your bank on you ride along the floor to your destination, log in and log out and boom you are in your own city with your bank.

In dungeons you can log out in certain areas of geomtry and appear above ground without needing to go to portal.

In dungeons if you glitch outside the dungeon walls there are a lot of ledges where the world wasn't trimmed down correctly and you can sit behind one way walls and cast / kill mobs or even kill players.

You can still bug krakens so they cant hit back and stand still.

You can still ride along the sea floor on a mount.

You can still bug hill giants out on cairn (many other mobs) by standing above them on ledges/staircases.

There is a food bug you can get unlimited food buff (similar to old staff enchant bug which I believe is still replicatable if you know how)

Raptors you can still bug on Yssam so they cant fight back.

There are many spawns you can stand in certain locations and AFK cast and not die overnight while hitting mobs with a little effort to setup.

You can still bug bags to have zero KG but actually have your bank in them and run to a new city and put in bank and pull back out and you have your bank in new city with no slow down.

I'm 99% sure the bank everywhere bug using your bag is still in the game but very hard to replicate.

There still exists chaos chest finders.

Like I said, I'm sure someone like raap would know a lot more bugs but they are the ones that i can think of off top of my head which devs were all notified about in inDev.

Media Highlights / Re: Guys its time to come check out ROA
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -

Lets go

Your pretty cool trying to help new players in game man but RoA is as broken as ND. It's just not fun
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Legends of aria
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -
Nobody likes you

^ ding!

You were a fucking tool back n the day and you are a fucking tool now. Surprised nobody wants to watch your stream? Don't be
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by Rimamok -
That's not exploiting, and local banking is a convenience feature.
General Discussion / Re: Uber - U guys EVER going to say anything?
Last post by Nuyur -
"Good job"? This will get you banned if caught on tape or by gm. This is clearly described by devs as exploiting (ban worthy by their own words). If this is true then good job on revealing what a bunch of cheaters Lux Arcana/Tausion Dominion is. Heldana even liked your post. Good job!

So i was told to respond to this.

1. I told them this during indev, its still not fixed to this day.
2. They specifically told me (when i reported another player using a certain position against monsters to avoid death), that as long as monsters move its fine.
3. I told them this was a horrible way to determine if you are exploiting the AI or not.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
4. I kept this to myself, even when clan members specifically asked what i was informing the devs about regarding the AI.
5. I send them video's of how bad it really gets, on all the things.
6. I remade those when they changed the rate at which monsters are allowed to swap actions
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
7. I did not use these methods untill long after people quit, just to figure out the depths of the AI which used to be obscured by uncertainty and missed windows due to slower choices.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
8. This ship is on the bottom of the ocean, there's no harm in revealing just how broken things are anymore.
And you cant reproduce this in RoA, the AI there is too slow to take it into account. (as dumb as this sounds)

So yes, had i wanted to, i could have exploited for all those pixels.
But none of my wealth ever got used. I never used infernal or higher, i never used q3 or higher enchants, i never funded sieges or did anything worth mentioning.
I am a nonfactor, dont make it seem like i matterd one bit.