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General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Last post by breannor -
Atlas has very poor pve , horrible PvP, Bad territory control gameplay with offline raiding
But ok it succeed local banking if you can play 15 h/ day
I'm afraid Darkfall might have expired a long time ago, but one can never be sure.
Lol, Darkfall was outdated back in 2009 already, in 2009 games like Aion released, Tera, Guildwars 2 were around the corner and so on, maybe if it was released in 2006... Now trying to revive it in 2018 with same graphics and asking for a monthly sub hoping for a success is delusional.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Last post by Wyverex -
In any case, less than a week until anniversary  :-X
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Last post by FluffTutu -
I was referring to DF 1.0 launch, and more EU than the later NA.  You think DND was populated at launch? There were so few people clans could and did own multiple holdings. 

DND launch was like revisiting DF 1.0 while it was on deaths doorstep.
I was there when df1 launched. Same exodus of players (in terms of percentages, much higher in terms of numbers), So again - shear numbers do not make shitty game fun. Most players left because the game gave them little fun despite the initial numbers


I just realized even the PvE in this game is more thrilling and exciting than any other game I have tried
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
Last post by FluffTutu -
You guys have to stop whining. Seriously.

This game can't go away. It has no competition, not even on the horizon. RoA is a huge f**** safe space (Why would anyone make a safe space out of DF???)

Someone have to keep patching this, either that or make it open source for the sake of humanity
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
Last post by Nataz -
Its when the offer for Ub3rgames need to be submittet to the liquidator. GL

Marc has really increased its value lately.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Last post by Pallist Horror -
After playing Atlas and thinking about new dawn, here is my wishes of that ub3r did and what should have done. Some of these, I openly admit I was pretty hesitant against in darkfall but see now they work fine.

Local banking works perfectly fine

Travel times across the map work perfectly fine

Naked instant travel with cooldowns restrictions (as in for each person that instant travels, a 1 minute timer for the next person to travel to that location) would have been perfectly fine.

Localized resources need to be in surplus for that region, as we asked for over and over. Also, they shouldn't prevent you from going up to the next tier of gear. Atlas allows everything to be made with any local resources but if you want to create higher levels of that gear you need to use multiple types of the same resource (such as 3 types of wood).

Wind and boats could have been incredibly simple in darkfall and 100% doable.

Boats should be expendable and not a prized possession. 2hrs per astrolabe not including material farm per

Free building really isn't required to make a game fun. Triple layering bases isn't skill or a great system. But that said, some dynamic options to holdings was really required. Optional placements, optional cannon types, different tiers of structures.

Cosmetics are just fucking good. Seriously... Unlocking emotes, new ganks, different weapon skins/colors.

Limitations on bank space is good. SomeBK was very vocal about this and is completely right.

Ability to raid event banks is good. I think uber planned some sort of rare resource chest stuff. I'm sure it's in the October patch.

Anyways, the list really goes on. All well within the technical scope of darkfall engine.

But we'll never ever have it. It won't ever happen.

Instead I'll be playing Atlas. For all it's flaws, I'm still enjoying it.
I wish they would cap servers at 75 players. I wish they could cap structure limits within an area much much lower. Sprawling out ends up taking away your resource spawns and limits would prevent these eye sore lag bases we all continue to build. NPC crews should be limited to 25% of your ships max crew size.
Basically, i hope the developers understand the limits of the ut4 engine better and accept them. But they won't... They never do.

So ya.. stuck playing Atlas in it's current condition because like when i was stuck playing darkfall in it's current condition, there is nothing else.

General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
Last post by Pallist Horror -
I bet my personal bank in dag
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
Last post by cutsmyself -
12 pickle nickles!
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
Last post by Niburu -
what ?