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General Discussion / sprint jumping on mounts
Until fixed, the sprint jumping on mount to gain speed without cost will be considered an exploit.
Spread the word that we will treat it as outlined in this thread.
quote from What is ban worthy in Darkfall: New Dawn?

@Ub3rgames what exactly are you talking about? Is jumping on mount an exploit? Explain please, you are too vague. I for example have no clue what you are talking about.
Suggestions / x has been spotted in
Please change the color displayed in system of player x accordingly to their stance towards owning clan. Red if player is red to you. Or blue if it's racial ally. Just like clannies and clan allies are green.
Bugs & Feedbacks / screen keeps freezing
After some time games starts to freeze. FPS goes from 150+ to 0 for a moment and goes up. The longer I play with this the more often it starts to happen. It forces me to relog. Which is super irritating with recent problems with login server, but login server issues aside, this is simply irritating. If I run two clients, only the main one gets this. Alt is still working fine. Most of the times happens during intense PvE sessions.

When I quit the game with screen freezing it takes much longer and then my changes are not saved (gui changes, etc).

What is going on @Ub3rgames ?
Let's take high end mobs farming as an example. Your group is well organized, mob leveled up and then another group comes, blue to you. Organization goes to hell while at the same time mob is much stronger, TTK is much longer. Holy shit, this could be a serious inconvenience. As you can't just kill them. While for sure not everyone will be eager to cooperate. Some will troll, some will try their best but be much worse at it than your group, slowing the process, etc

There is also a problem with loot. The only way loot works now is who ever grabs it first wins! But this could be fixed in near future (was promised to be fixed at least).

But what about the whole inconvenience with blues joining an already difficult spawn? This will create tension and actually make blue player life miserable in certain scenarios. Only thing that's possible is declaring War, right? It's costly, but not the cost is a problem. Game should build racial bond, not force us to WAR in such common scenarios like mob farming? Clearly it loos like being arac is more convenient?

Will it result in racial clans setting controlled land policy to lawless? But where is this mechanic? Also the more lawless areas in the game the less race wars and reasons to even stay racial.

@Ub3rgames have you thought about that? What is your answer to this?
Questions and Answers / spawn scaling - looting
So, new players will fight together on spawns. How will loot be sorted out?
Suggestions / make all ships faster!
make all ships faster!

Make them slow down when turning though, to avoid ridiculous movement.
We need means of fast travel (not instant travel, good that instant travel was removed) and we need to populate seas - both can be done with ship speed boost!

Also add a lot of sharks and serpents. And underwater chaos chests. Whatever, seas are dead, travel is too slow.
Questions and Answers / level up - magic subskills

How magic subskills level up? If I got second magic school subskill unlocked will now every 2 points of experience in this school level each subskill by 2 points or will experience be divided between them and every 2 points of experience will make each of subskills level up by 1 point? I used value of 2 only to represent my question better (as my English is not that good).
Bugs & Feedbacks / location change after server crash
I spawned at different hamlet after crash. I'd been for hours in hamlet B yet after server crashed I spawned at hamlet A - at a bindstone!

Won't add anything from me, Maejohl's words should be enough to let you decide if you want to join such clan.

Fuck Catholics
Questions and Answers / news
Any news from Av3nturine?
(I'm not on discord)
My question is about Orkish brutality but I think you should provide updated information about all racial perks because soon we will have to choose a race and titles of which some relate to racial perks. It's an important choice as in DND whole clans/alliances will go racial.

Back to my question - how does Orkish Brutality work exactly? I found information that it does nothing till r50/60 weapons. Is it true? I also found information that front loading could have made this racial skill better than it was. I also found information that you ( @Ub3rgames ) are planning to rework it completely, as you don't like that it pushes race into certain weapon choice.

Please give us correct information that we can base our race and title choice on.  
Suggestions / praying cooldown ( red - > blue)
Now you can pray every 24h (or 22h, not sure). The only thing that goes up is cost. This is not enough IMO. This allows us to kill blue player every two/three days and never go red. Will this mechanic change?

I'd suggest to add half a day to a cooldown every time you pray in chaos city.

But also change negative alignment max value. 100 is too much.
Questions and Answers / after titles - mage in water
Hi @Ub3rgames

Mage with physical damage nerfed to the ground (because of titles and armor traits) will not do good in water fights. By water fights I mean sea towers, ship skirmishes, fights in/for coastal holdings, being jumped while Kraken farming, villages on water that you have to travel to somehow, traveling between major islands and mainland, etc. A large chunk of game content leads to a water as a means of travel, as a place of a skirmish or only available escape route.

You introduced underwater casting of mana missile, but that's nothing against any melee/archery specced player in leather or metal - does not matter - mage has zero chances. I heard you are going to remove begoning in water - which is a good change in itself - but it will make mage unable to even run away when in water.

Any ideas of how will you compensate for a mage inability to be viable in anything resembling water fight? Large chunk of game content will be taken away from mages because of their inability to defend themselves.
Suggestions / ban for spammer

Ban @OmegaLibra for spamming. Thanks.
Suggestions / interactions with reds
Alignment wise party should work the same as clan/ally. If you are in a party with red, you should go perma grey. There should also be a setting that allows you to choose what happens if red joins a party or one of party members becomes red - to drop a party or turn gray.

Also trading with red should change your status to rogue. Not sure for how long though.