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Leeches give you the stat, so they are more powerfull that's why they need aim.
AoE rotation has no CD, it's a problem of MAGEFALL, not a problem of stat damage,
Leaches drain stat too, not only give it to you. You just decided that getting the stat is the most important part. Not sure on what basis. I say your opponents loss in stat is as important as your gain. Sometimes one can be crucial sometimes the other.
Also AoE has nothing to do with the topic. Spells from schools with stamina damage that require direct hit drain stamina too. It's a problem of school damage type, not related to specific spells (aoe or not). Actually without direct hit spells constant rotation of spells dealing stamina damage (without break) wouldn't be possible.

I would suggest you to stop using words like "bullshit" or phrases like "you look super smart". As they make you look even worse when you show your inability to think outside of "magefall" narrative. Another time you failed in this thread. Do yourself a favor and take a break.
Media Highlights / Re: MAGFALL at Xirdac
I'd say this - remove CC (means remove/rework wof) and many other problems will disappear or become much smaller as people will be able to react (by simple repositioning for example).
General Discussion / Re: alliances
I see someone has taken the place of unknowm, tagging uber a million times for attention about something. :/
Not sure where do you see a problem with it? If I type to them I mention them if I did not quote them. Isn't this common? This is how modern communication works.
I'd prefer the total point damage to be balanced.
If necro does 40dmg to health only and they want air to be 40% stamina, then have air do 24dmg to health and 16 to stamina.
There is no reason air should do 56 overall stat damage.

Obviously it needs better balance than that but it does show the existing imbalance.
I thought about this too. But then I realized that 20 stamina is not the same as 20 health. You have more spells to get your hp up than to manage stamina. In group fights when heal others come into play it's even more imbalanced.

But it would be better for sure than what we have now.
Its strange that only some schools of magic do stat damage, as even melee/archery does stam damage, just not in the numbers magic can.
I agree with your point, but what would you do to make sure diversity was still an option if all magic was the same except the colour of your spells??
Aren't signature spells here for diversity? Also I'm not sure that stamina damage introduces any diversity. Spells with additional stat damage are not different in terms of providing diversity, they simply do more and better damage.

Outside of signature spells devs can also tweak damage vs speed for example if they want to diversify schools even more. But this is something for separate suggestion thread I guess. What we have now is a problem of no counter to certain action:
- rotation of spells with additional stat damage has no cooldown and is much stronger than what you can counter it with (alone or with help of your teammates, does not matter)
So you got necro from start and got nerfed to shit with no stam damage, and want nerf all other magic. Fine with me.

You posted no arguments why this should be, why would anyone bother posting any counter arguments?
Mate, learn to read, maybe then you will find arguments in my post. Also as I explained, it has nothing to do with the type of damage one deals, it's about the damage one receives. What does it matter if I'm a water mage when I have zero stamina because of other water or air mages and I can't participate in a fight any more?

There is no cooldown to stat damage done with magic rotation spam. In case of stamina damage all you have to counter it is one transfer (and potion on a long ass cooldown).

Do you get it? If still no, imagine that part of darkfall players have no healself spell and can't be healed by others while other players can use healself and be healed. As this is what it really looks like. You may say that health and stamina are totally different things - I beg to differ. They are very similar in that regard - with zero stamina you are as dead as with zero health.

You made fool out of yourself trying to somehow made it look like it's about damage type I deal while in reality it has nothing to do with the suggestion. It only showed how negative you are, and to be fair made you look slightly dumb actually.
Did you switch to necro bolt by any chance? :))
I haven't switched magic since the game started. Also stop being a prick.

Now let's get back to my suggestion - what does it matter what type of damage I do? Suggestion is clearly about what type of damage one receives, not deals. Your post makes zero sense. You have any arguments - speak them. If not, stfu.
General Discussion / Re: Worth playing...
@KevinDL you did not take into consideration that the game had/has to be bought. Not sure if it changes much, but it must change at least something in your calculations for sure.
@Ub3rgames this concept of additional stamina or mana damage is flawed. There are no counters to it. Just remove this shit. It's not a coincidence that stat leaches require direct hit and have cooldowns. Damage received should cost you hp, that's it (maybe some small amount of other stat, but SMALL and SAME percentage for all damage types). Let us fight on even ground.
General Discussion / Re: alliances
Most liked thread ever - @Ub3rgames you should have rather addressed this thread instead of doomsayer crybabies.
Suggestions / Re: Siege changes
Suggestions / Re: Increase archery speed by 2x
so it can keep up with magic bolt dps
Now I understand why you never have bow on you. Always a naked with r40 daggers. The biggest pussy on the server.
wof is balanced, just get a friend to come ither you out of it lmao
yeah, it's one of imbalances. To deal with wof you need air title (you or your friend). Different spec - you might be dead.
Why would it be inside the city and not outside like in UW, so anyone can contest it? Seems carebear to me, and how would you get the loot? UW had a good system where you had to farm the globules and use them up (system broke as globules were worth more at some point than most levy) or you just want to sit around like at a village do nothing, and hop, get rewarded?

Detecting farmers by any means other than going to the mobspawn is a very bad idea. Farmers are the pillar of this game and their best defense is to hide, who would farm the mobspawns near your city if you kill them all the time anyways.

Other than this, I don't mind, but would prefer racial fronts, with quests and rewards system more.
Carebear? Makes no sense. To me your assumption that you wouldn't be able to contest a levy if it's in enemy holding seems carebear. I would appreciate arguments, not epithets. They mean nothing in a discussion.

- Levy in the holding gives holding value. And gives an advantage to owner. This is his land. And this is conquest based game, land needs to mean something.
- detecting farmers seems fine to me. As you will be able to detect them only on your land. Now when I think of it, maybe progress indicator should be visible only to owners. It gives reason to conquest a holding/land, instead of just sitting outside of not owned holding and watching it's levy / bind stone. It could become visible to all when full though.

Detecting farmers on your land (only locally) will introduce at least two things:
- people will rather farm on their own lands as it's safer- so reason to conquest lands with best mobs.
- people will roam mob spawns in case of activity detected - so populated open world.

To get the loot from levy same mechanic as village capture can be used - would be enough for me. It's a levy. It should work for land owner. It should be hard to steal it (you would have to control the holding). It's not supposed to be yet another free for all mechanic. This game needs meaning.