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General Discussion / Re: May I ask something pls?

General Discussion / Re: niggers
Gotta wonder what words trigger what bot reactions.

May as well just use this forum to experiment
General Discussion / Re: Seriously....
I wouldn't define it as prejudice....

But glad you're enjoying a version of darkfall. I look forward to seeing knock up ray spam videos
General Discussion / Re: Seriously....
As a Fat american, where am i supposed to store my road beers other than under my man tits?

Also just cuz you went and raw dogged some ladyboys in a 3rd world country does not make that location better than merica.

With love,

Don't be jelly
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
nah, just maintenance. I thought at least bindstone quest patch..

 what a fucking moron

You got trolled
General Discussion / Re: 5th March 12.00 CET
So has the game servers gone offline permenantly now?

If not, when?

And who won the auction?

Someone bought the magic beans at the auction instead. DND sitting in a broom closet forever.
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
nah, just maintenance. I thought at least bindstone quest patch..
Don't forget missile fury. Probably included in early next week's patch
General Discussion / Re: RISE OF AGON
Meh.. you can do better than that Ivar. You need to break the loop you're in. Too many setups against yourself.
General Discussion / Re: Seriously....
Come on bot... Perfect opportunity to post fat burning pills. Even this forums bots are disappointing
General Discussion / Seriously....
Americans need to stop being so fat.
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
Just for the record, the whole bad relationship comes from Pallist having a hard on for DJ for whatever reason.

Do you actually believe this? I figured you were always just trolling to get reactions but this seems like you genuinely do believe it.

I never carried a grudge. I never had a long term plan against DJ or the horde. I even took the initiative to help NA horde members learn to PvP with duels and group duels with Garbage Men.
As a whole, Garbage Men had issues with Horde leadership specifically DJ. When we found out he told members he was disappointed in then for having duels with us.
It anything, DJ held the grudge.

When it came to actually going to war, for me it was a last resort. Many times members wanted to war Horde and I steered away from it because I saw no reason. At one point Garbage Men lost members from my war is last resort approach. Frostcoast, after many attempts to avoid war, was the breaking point. It has nothing to do with grudges.

I recruited vets and new players. We were open to everyone joining. Horde attracted new players with it's constant exaggerated advertisement spam in race alliance chat. I mean constant... You guys macro spammed it 24/7. Sometimes multiple members.
I really didn't care to recruit that way. I enjoyed running into players in the game. The issue was new players only ever saw that spam and most often tried out the horde.
For NA players this was too bad because there was no leadership for them to actually get better and enjoy the game.

Which lead to any other players, vets or people who quit horde because they wanted to get better (feeding into the "fuck the horde" mentality btw), to join Garbage Men. There were only two ork/wolf clans in the game...

Others who race changed were players we PvP'd against constantly and we developed a relationship with. I talked to everyone saying good fight and often times it lead to longer talks. I'm mediocre at best at PvP and was a nobody in dfo. I've shared plenty of videos where I (usually kloc with me) get wrecked. But we were out there every day trying again and getting feedback or advice or a duel after the organic encounter with enemies. This is how we met the better players.

Idk man.. I feel like I'm trying to give better insight to the 5 people left in these forums.

 I just wish horde leadership would reflect on themselves instead of just assuming I managed to build up a clan to take a personally vendetta out against DJ.

But i know.. your brainwashed or dense members will just translate everything i wrote to "EGO LIES EGO LIES EGO LIES EGO LIES..." And attempt to find some detail here that contradicts some other forum post or discord quote. Never opening up their mind to allow pieces to fit.

This is the l care to say about this though. That's for sure.
I didn't really have a personal bank. I put everything into clan bank to share other than a few ready bags and materials farmed to make ready bags.
General Discussion / Re: Fall in love Darkfall
Darkfall with no race wars isn't Darkfall I'm interested in.
Shame Ub3r proved to be way too bad businesspeople.

Good luck & have fun to everyone that goes RoA's way, but I'll be a pass from me.

Race wars didn't exist in old Darkfall it was just an excuse for vets to kill noobs with no punishments. Hopefully they create factions soon like UO because that's how a sandbox should do it. Not artificial race war BS

This isn't completely true.

Devs wanted race wars but mechanic easily allowed it to be ignored.

Then the vocal minority kept blasting forums for all these changes and dumb devs listened.

Slightly losing topic... But, yes, race wars were party of the original darkfall plan that many were disappointed when it wasn't encouraged anymore
General Discussion / Re: ROA IS FTP
Nerf wof