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General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Ivar, bring back the Putin meme you used to use when you were pretending you didn't read my "blocked" posts. It's ok for you to just say you unblocked me, we both already established you can never not read my posts let alone respond.

You're my monkey on a keyboard with a lot of sorry excuses
Trash RoA and Big Picture Games throught the forums, while pointing out Ub3rgames is still some how doing worse...................makes me a RoA "fanboy" IDONTEVEN.JPG

A couple real fucking geniuses you two are.


Maybe now you might understand why this forum has been a shitshow since week 1 of launch.

You obviously don't follow these forums closely enough or you'd know this dude was literally typing this same gargle about both games but the titles were just switched over. You even hinting at siding with him might earn you a front row seat on the short bus next to him
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
Keep reading my "blocked" posts maggot. I don't care enough to get a waaaaaaaaaay more recent post of you nut jobbing Ub3r past the month of April.  Change your Kotex and go back to blowing RoA on their forums
General Discussion / Re: 2 Months 10 days 23 hours
I remember the days this same fucking clown would tell people to shut the fuck up or move on when they'd write posts similar to this just 3 months ago. I love it
General Discussion / Re: Is Uber very very VERY EVIL?
They made me quit my job and now i live on the streets. i sucked a dude off to write this post with his nokia. now excuse me i must clean his seed from my unkempt homeless beard. 9/10 experience, would do it again.
Good fucking laugh right there. Thanks
Nice I'm the better looking one of the two. How's the BPG scrotum bouncing on your chin feel compared to Ub3r's buddy?

Still reading my "blocked" posts by the way. Keep up the good work.
General Discussion / Re: Is Uber very very VERY EVIL?
I chose Kreyten


Anyway, it was a nice ride.
Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore...
Another one.. Just GTFO mate. WTF has happened to men these days? You believe that it's fine for a grown man to cry over a game? You even took it further I see. Crying in every consecutive post. Bitches everywhere. If it goes it goes. Holy shit.

Only person pissing and crying i ever see is you spackboi. Just accept the games dead and pull your head out your arse.
Just another "yes man" going down with the very ship he helped sink. Still oblivious no doubt
Ivar is now fanboying the other game. Swinging from one sack to the next like Tarzan
General Discussion / Re: 3 days left
Their recent server down announcement leads ne to believe they are indeed saying fuck the community for now, but methinks they are, at the very least, still working.
Why? What did the announcement say?
General Discussion / Re: Uber, ur dogshit.
Lol, these forums are awesome because even the self righteous "anti trolls" can't help themselves now that they look so stupid for swinging on the ub3r scrotum for so long with no patch in sight. Upper echelon real life shit tiers right there folks
General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r
In-dev New Dawn post armor patch and pre-magnitude patch was the best version
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Yeah, Marc's communication skills are very underdeveloped. That must mean he's retarded period
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Lmfao Mycke. So I take it when sports odds makers throw out 16:1 odds at the start of the football season that a certain team will win the super bowl it's obviously just a rip off because there's a 50/50 chance the whole season every team will win the big game right?