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Media Highlights / Re: PVP Indev
Kinda fun to see the fights from another perspective. Shame you had to zerg us but fun none the less

Half the squad is below 340 hp even one person it was his SECOND day to darkfall ( never played the game before ) so it was a great expereince for him to get invovled with his bow and see what this game is all about ;)

im pretty sure you engaged with us after the first fight in the video. ( he forgot to film  was prob the best fight of tonight which is a shame ) but not sure what you expect us to do turn up with a squad of newer players then see we have 2 or so more players and ask 2 people to sit out incase it looks like a zerg? :D come on Inex behave... it was all fun.. hes posted this video just to show a few hours of tonights events...

bring on launch battles wil be alot more interesting

Clan Recruitment / Re: Epoch - Mahirim / Orc [EU Core]
Anyway, hope you lovely gentleman live on Nifl for launch, we can do this all day every day then. ;)

Doubtful but im sure we will pay you a visit now and again ;) otherwise seems like you are going to be VERY lonely up there. ;/
hope some active new clans turn up before launch and you then you give some holdings away to clans who use them....  what are you on now 9 now right?
The rumours are saying you couldent manage to do this on niffle tho :/

choose 6 of your best warriors il choose 2 of mine and we will have a scrape 3v6? how about that.

kinda pointless when you just brought 6 of your warriors to niff and all their corpses are frozen under the snow of your failure.

good job on killing a few 280 - 300 fresh hp players haha

also i didnt die you had the advantage up there and we still gave it a good go.

P.S dodge more
Can you add in actual alliances or colour code it for example,

Human, Mirdain & Dwarves
Titanic Orchestra
Lux Arcana
Jungle Kingdom
Bewahrer der Welten (GE)
Court of Evermore (Mirdain)
Questions and Answers / Re: Death Penalty and prayer
not sure a death penalty is reaaaaallly needed in darkfall ;) just my opinion though. o/
Clan Recruitment / Re: Aussies
Good luck guys how many do you have ATM?
Fair play boys well good luck with what ever you do now
how come?
Questions and Answers / Re: Marketing?
word of mouth is how it will be from the sounds of things... start spreading the word
Word of mouth alone is pretty ineffective. Needs something that one can link ie. an article or something that goes a bit more indepth about the changes made and what the game is about. The current media is just pvp videos MLG style with over the top spell sfx

oh I know :P @Ub3rgames  care to go into anymore detail? :)
Questions and Answers / Re: Marketing?
word of mouth is how it will be from the sounds of things... start spreading the word
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 5.0
Nice patch, I would of loved a bit more but hey ho :D untill the next one.