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General Discussion / Re: Hello
If you buy a New Dawn client, you get access to remaining In Development period, and at least 2 months of game time at launch (depending of which package you buy).

New Dawn is in "In-Dev" stage. It is playable, but relatively low population. Especially since people are waiting for the big patch that is supposed to come in the coming weeks.

At the end of In-Dev, and probably even sooner, there will be free-to-try periods where even people who did not buy the game will have a chance to play.
Characters and banks will be wiped at end of In-Dev. Only a bit of meditation and holding ownership will transfer (holdings will be empty though).

Welcome aboard!
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: HoMM3 fan club
I think I spent more time playing HoMM3 than all MMOs combined :D

When HD edition was announced, I had so high hopes... and then it was only Restoration of Erathia, without other expansions. And it also got confirmed there will not be HD expansions.
At first I was like WTF, but then I remembered Ubisoft sucks :(
I understand the reasons why it acts the way it does - I wrote all that in detail so Ub3rgames can decide if it's a bug (complete report helps them reproduce) or if it's a feature ;)

I'm glad people find the list/table helpful :)
By popular demand, info for Minor potions below.
I actually had to craft them because I usually either don't pick them up or just vendor them.

  • Minor Health: 10x 2,5 = 25 HP
  • Minor Stamina: 10x 3 = 30 Stamina
  • Minor Mana: 10x 2,5 = 25 MP

Bonus info:
First Aid potion effectively gives immunity to elemental environment DoT-based damage - if you drink it while swimming in Lava or Acid (hello Alfar and Ork lands) you stop taking damage, and not only during potion effect, but long after potion runs out (I was in Acid lake 2 minutes after potion usage and still was not receiving damage). Drinking another kind of potion or casting spells did NOT break immunity. Moving out of lake or jumping removes immunity (DoT reapplies itself)
@Ub3rgames this sounds like a bug, or maybe a very cool, but exploitable feature.
I tested all potions today and recorded their values (except minor potions, nobody uses those).

So, here's the table:

Unless Ub3rgames do some changes (hopefully they do), use the info if you can :)
For exact crafting recipes use @Ivinedra's topic

updated the table to include minor potions and added color formating for better visibility.

Trade / Re: WTT / interested in Thick Leather
Updated opening post, got enough Life Force for now, but also require Q1 blood.
Trade / Re: WTT / interested in Thick Leather
I'd give you 500 Nith for 100 Thick Leather. Or 1050 for 200
Trade / Re: WTT / interested in Thick Leather
How much Ichor would you give for 100 TL?
Let's say 600 Ichor.
General Discussion / Re: ETA TO LAUNCH?
You know it's actually not a big deal when it will launch until you have an actual launch date. Funny how that works. For healthy brains, anyhow.

Here are a few good games I personally recommend during your wait:

School classes
Second job
Learn instrument
Real life

Sorry those weren't games, ok ok here's the games list:

Dota 2
Playerunkowns battlegrounds
Path of exile (10 acts update coming!)
7 days to die
Final fantasy 15 mmorpg
Albion (not great, imo)
N64/ps2/gamecube\game boy emulator
I'd like to add Speed Runners to the list, especially with free weekend starting tomorrow :)
Trade / Wyv's WTT thread
Hello potential buyers.

I'm interested in:
  • Thick Leather
  • Eldritch Cinder [Q5]
  • Ghostly Darktaint [Q3] -> lots of it
  • Dwarven Heart [Q3]

I can pay with:
  • Solar Sphere - house decoration
  • Gold (up to 200k)
  • Catalysts (1000 of each)
  • Bloodcrafted Full Plate sets / pieces (TFA 100)
  • Bloodcrafted Infernal sets / pieces (TFA 100)
  • crafted R60 weapons and/or Silverbranches (TFW 100)
  • Runestones (50 available)
  • Portal Shards (100 available)
  • Resonant Stormrune [Q4] (400 available)
  • Iron Ingots (5k available)

My IGN is Wyverex Erisian. I'm mostly in Alfar lands or down on Ruby, but I'll travel anywhere for larger quantities of needed materials.

Whisper me ingame, send me a forum PM or post here if interested.

Last updated on Wednesday 16th of August
Off-Topic Discussions / HoMM3 fan club
I'm guessing we have lots of old gamers who enjoyed Heroes of Might and Magic 3 back in the day.

Open up its epic OST in background and discuss your favorite moments, races, expansions, etc
General Discussion / Re: New to New Dawn
one thing is certain..after launch we will get immigrants from roa due to different reasons(roadmap, lag and whatnot) in addition to new players..its going to be great and I cross my fingers for this franchise..long live dnd
And in the meantime we can enjoy some HoMM3, right? :D
Actually some newer players get really annoyed with the cast bar already, if it was optional it would be nice, but generally the cast bar should become less invasive (option to move it, or customize it).

I would like to see more options in general to customize the interface..
This agree with 100%
General Discussion / Re: New to New Dawn
Suggestions / Re: Item Tooltip Suggestion
I do agree UI and tooltips need to be simplified, but I do not agree with your suggestion.
In all of those games, especially at first - when you're new to the game, you have no idea what those icons are, and need to hover over them to learn what they mean. Text does not have that drawback.

Obviously presentation in current state is not good and requires work.