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Did they ever actually implement the hardcore perma death league where u could pk other players and take their shit?

Not sure about any leagues, but there "cutthroat" races (usually 8h long, when after 6h you can join instances for other players and PK). However, PvP isn't really big part in this game, nor I believe most of the builds will be balanced for that.

I...I don't understand, if you can't kill other human players and take something from them then what is the purpose of playing the game?
Try it first :)
General Discussion / Re: Prime time
There has been another thread discussing the topic.

You should create more discussion threads after each major patch. :)

You should even create threads asking for specific things to test / help out with, doesn't have to be tied to major patches
I'm really happy with removal of different difficulties. That's an outdated concept.
Fights with R10 weapons and cloth armor HYPE

But for real, I'm looking forward to fights at launch :)
I usually play PoE with some RL friends; they even made a Clan in PoE so I join them for softcore leages every now and again.
I wouldn't mind having more people to play with :)
Gonna be too easy keeping big empires again :(

Other than that, not a bad hotfix.
PoE is a great game and definitely has the most fair Free2Play system I have ever seen.
I look forward to the expansion :)
Speaking of durability, Hoods are still not affected by True Forge Armor, which makes them break super fast compared to anything else.
How about scale the cap with the holdings owned, then whether you're a big clan or small clan you would have around the same amount of time that cap clan med points will pay for.
Add diminished returns and I'm sold.
One holding = 75k cap
2 holdings = 85
3 holdings 90

or something along the lines.
Starter quests give lots of meditation though, so new players can actually be a really good source of meditation for the clan.

You give them some starter gear and hints and tips, and they'll provide lots of clan medi.
Your suggestions (at least the 2nd one) are good, even if for the wrong reasons.

More transparency in regards of what is high quality gear is good, especially for new players.
Well, for a quick bhop you can use Unburden.

But hopefully they hotfix displacement with some encumbrance soon
Metal armor = best protections, HP regen bonus, resistance to knockback/knockup spells; but comes with penalty to spell casting, secondary spell effects and displacement and penalty to archery damage (because of encumbrance penalty)
Leather armor = medium protections, Stam regen bonus, +Attack Speed, +Melee and Archery damage, some resistance to knockback/knockup spells; but comes with some penalty to spell casting and high penalty to secondary spell effects and displacement
Bone Armor = medium protections (a bit higher Mag prot than Leather, a bit lower Phy prot than Leather), bonus Mana regen, bonus Magnitude, bonus Cast Speed
Robes = lowest protections, bonus Magnitude (tiny bit higher than Bone), bonus Cast Speed (tiny bit higher than Bone) and big bonus mana regen

Both Robes and Bone provide 0 encumbrance penalty to anything.

Also, welcome back and enjoy your stay :)
The whole meditation thing really bothers me in general from an immersiveness perspective; I can't be the only one. Why are med points being used for upkeep? Upkeep is about paying the bills; food for citizens, repair for infrastructure, wages for employees, etc. How does med resolve this, from a lore perspective? Why not make upkeep be a gold cost, that increases exponentially, based on the number of people bound to the stone, +costs for guard towers, +costs for archmage/fighter/et al, +costs for various buildings (more for wonders/harbors/etc).  This would naturally scale itself, make more sense, and have the same effect of getting players in dungeons, doing dailies, farming mobs, running maps, etc.

Why is it med? I feel like this must have been talked about, what was the conclusion? Some of you guys that are always here must know. Please enlighten.
Idea is to think of meditation points as "time spent".
When you're online, your character goes out and adventures.
When you log off, your character "feeds the hungry, repairs walls, ... "

Well I understand that, but what does it have to do with upkeep?
If you don't have any meditation - your char decided he's had enough and doesn't wanna do repairs :P

As lambda said - probably has something to do with earning meditation requires activity, and paying upkeep with mats makes it easy for people who stockpiled, played the market or bought it illegally (RMT)

EDIT: Sadly, Darkfall was never much of a RP game. But you gotta give me credit for trying to give RP explanation :D