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You throw away the words "always" and "never" far too much. Makes it harder to agree with you even if you presented a well thought out idea.

One of the examples - "I always played Destro", yet Destro came more than a year after original DFO launch.
Suggestions / Re: Split Encumbrance into debuff+buff
It may have been an interesting idea, and by default I'd keep Enc = Inertia for values balance.
But someone correct me if I'm wrong - nobody is using Dwarven rings that provide Encumbrance, and nobody actively tries to have high encumbrance.

And still everyone applies Feather Enchants to their heavy gear.

PS it might be a good idea to nerf Feather enchant a bit
I don't know what did you expect. They specifically said they are just going to work on networking and graphics.

The Remastered version is going to be a success - they aimed at pushing something visually appealing to replace old version so Korean tournaments look better for new viewers.
SC:BW is still played A LOT in South Korea, so it makes sense for them not to change balance, controls, UI, etc ;)
I give this a 10/10 troll page.
Agreed. I forgot one should never argue with Fnights.
Suggestions / Split Encumbrance into debuff+buff

At the moment, Encumbrance (which by definition should act as a limiter/penalty) gives both a penalty (to ranged damage) and a resist to mobility (be it self-cast mobility or being pushed by opponents).
I dislike that thematically, and as an in-game effect.

Would it not be better to have:
  • Encumbrance - a penalty to ranged damage and utilities
  • Inertia - a resistance to displacement

That way we could make Dwarven rings (does ANYONE even use those?) give Inertia bonus, instead of Encumbrance.

That way:
  • Feather enchant would be be a bonus (without a penalty) to everyone, especially heavy users.
  • It would also add more differentiation between Bone armor and Robes.
  • And it would open the possibility of Inertia enchant.
Metal armor provides A LOT of physical protection, making you favorable in melee exchanges.
And for berzerker style, go with high-end leather.
Or mix both.

I do not share your view on metal needing to boost melee even more.
Can you at the very least wait until they add non-magical ways to heal and utilities (grappling hooks etc) before you complain?

Versatility is not in a bad place now (balance is in a bad place, but that's a different topic).
You wanna be a tanky mofo who can survive a lot of punishment? Use heavy metal armor.
Wanna be a berzerker-style fighter who can dish out loads of melee punishment? Use high-end leather armor.
Wanna be a defensive mage? Use bone armor.
Wanna be offensive mage with best utility? Use robes that provide almost no protections.

And people actually do play like that.

The broken part is that currently all utility and mobility comes from magic, and doesn't work with even 1.0 in magical encumbrance

But once again, @Fnights is pushing his own agenda and trying to make the game revolve around his imaginary playstyle.
Suggestions / Re: Split Stoneskin Buff
I would not be against having 2 shield buffs instead of multiple ones we have now.
One Elemental Shield, and one Holy/Unholy/Infliction shield (it'd need a better name :P )

Either that or split Stoneskin into 3 different buffs.

At the moment, it just costs too much to maintain Stoneskin :(
You can also get Q4 bone from Dark Dragons (one in center of the world, I think some on Cairn as well). But Q4 bone is for sure too tedious to get. Easier getting Q5 bone.

As the title asks - what do you (the community, and obviously @Ub3rgames ) think, should crafting high-end bone armor sets use Dragon Scales in the recipe (and of course, it could be a bit less heavy on usage of Thick Leather as a side benefit).

Maybe make all 3 high-end armor sets use it (Dragon Armor already uses Dragon Scales, Exarch leather does come from dragons, even if they are undead dragons, and Deinos Bone also comes from dragons).

Suggestions / Re: Change decap mechanic.
Would bring more depth to team play, and remove a randomness from melee - sounds good.
And they do read all posts where you @ at them. I know they look forward to feedback like this, so props to Eili for it! :)
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
So it's local banking that's "game changing" not loot table revamp? Am I understanding this correctly?
It's a combination of factors from my understanding.

Although, loot table revamp is sure to bring some activity as people will be testing what's different on popular spawns.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
Making more resources localized means a lot in a game with no instant travel and local banking ;)

Maybe not game-changing on its own, but sure is in the long term.
Guides and Player Help / Re: enchanting materials
It is super easy to farm Nith from Arthains, at least from my experience.

Also, try buying mats from other players. #MakeEconomyGreatAgain