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Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
Trade / Re: WTS Cottage Aldenfau (Auctioning)
Most of the time, Saturdays.
GPU requirement is not that high.
Darkfall is mostly CPU limited, so any CPU with good single-threaded performance would do.

Experience says Darkfall prefers Intel + Nvidia... and obviously, at the very minimum 4GB RAM.
Questions and Answers / Re: Astrolabes
Statistics is a bitch.

With a chance of 0,5% you'll get one Astro per 200 kills on average, but that does not mean you'll get one on the 200th kill.
But, to have 99% chance probability you get at least one Astro you should be expected to kill up to 919 captains.

If my mind is not completely bonkers yet, math is as follows:
(1 - 0,5%)^n = (1-99%)
Where "n" is the number of kills needed, "0,5% or 0.005" is the drop chance, and "99% or 0.99" is the probability we're aiming for.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Questions and Answers / Re: Astrolabes
Values shown on the map are truncated (nothing after decimal point is shown).
So the chance could be anything between 0,1% and 0,9%.
Most likely it is 0,5%
Suggestions / Re: Village timers
Villages are filler content between all the warfronts and watchtowers we're doing. any day now
And Robes are gonna be enchantable before launch
Questions and Answers / Re: Astrolabes
Last I checked, they still drop from Bonecrew Captains (low chance though).
Best way to check yourself is open in-game map, CTRL+F, type "Astrolabe" and press Enter
General Discussion / Re: Altfall DFO vs DND
Well, spawn scaling is dogshit now... but altfall at VCPs and city nodes is still real
General Discussion / Re: Altfall DFO vs DND
During DFO not many people had computers that could handle multiboxing.
So it's not direct comparison DFO vs DF:ND

And, as much as I love specialization (combat-wise), I very much feel cut off for not being able to do simple stuff like smelting or cutting wood.
No, I definitely don't want to be a crafter. But when clanmate tells me "there's 30k iron ore, can anyone help" all I can do is ask for user/pass to one of crafting alts...
I remember server crashing (DFO, EU1) when ~1k players entered a single tile (cca 600 defenders + cca 400 attackers, at one of the first Andruk sieges)

But (server) hardware is much better today than it was 9 years ago...
High ping is a disadvantage, as simple as that. But that does not make the game unplayable, just a bit more difficult.
(there's even some Australian players on this server, so I guess it's not so horrible)
I gotta admit, at times I really hate DF, but it also ruined all other MMOs and any game that tries to be similar is usually a big disappointment.
So, I stick with DF... and hope the future does bring us something.
The downs is real

never seen u ingame dont talk if u dont pvp

Dont talk if you dont PvP geared, thats no risk pvp at least when i do pvp I wear quality gear, any scrub can run around naked going 'i pvp' but really thats not pvping.

im sure 10v2 at villages is "pvp"
10v2 is more of a PvP than naked capping and spaming public chat

If you want balanced teams, go play a game with matchmaking...