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Suggestions / Re: Bindstones
Sure, but then let's increase meditation cost of cities and hamlets to 10k / 5k (while also adding gold and/or stone as upkeep cost on top of meditation).

If you wanna have a big empire - pay for it
Suggestions / Re: Rework fishing/cooking
People have been selling 25min food for 250-300 gold (which I found to be laughably cheap)
Race chat is probably a better option, sadly.
General Discussion / Re: How do you swim down?
By default:
left CTRL is Crouch
ALT + C is Toggle_Crouch

use those to swim down, space to swim up.
Suggestions / Re: Rework fishing/cooking
Food that gives MP regen at the cost of HP drain
Food that gives +2 to mag prots at the cost of 1 phys prots
Food that increases your Stamina pool at the cost of HP pool
Food that gives you +2 to all prots at the cost of 10% negative stamina efficiency
Food that reduces duration of all debuffs and buffs cast on you and by you.

Combinations are endless, it's just the question of where they wanna go with the design (and complicate their lives with possible balancing nightmares)
Suggestions / Re: Rework fishing/cooking
Food should not give stamina regen. It should be baseline and then food remade to be an interesting choice, possibly one that comes with bonuses and maluses at the same time.
We took it a month ago, had some okay fights, farmed a bit on Cairn, and we no longer need or want it.
It's coming home, it's coming, Footballs coming home!

England vs Frogs Final, 4-1 to gods country
Sorry Rox :)
Sorry @Giant but it's not coming home
Referee was a bit ... iffy, but fucking well played Cro
the klimax came as a surprise.
That's what she said.
I stopped watching around S03, but friends told me some of the later seasons were great. After me asking "can I just skip the boring seasons", answer was "not really, as you wouldn't know what's happening".
So... I never got back to watching it.
Guides and Player Help / Re: List of titles
It's not up-to-date, but it's a start:
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
This game has A LOT of problems and issues.
That doesn't stop me from having fun with what we have now (obviously, it could be so much better).
You kids have fun :)
If ub3rgames needs to wipe to make ND a success - they should do it, as they are a business and need to think about their and game's future.
Would I continue playing after wipe? I really do not know.