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Suggestions / Re: Meditation / Power hour
I've said it before - meditation should work 18h per day. It wouldn't incentivize people to log off (let's be real, very few have more than 6h available for actual playing, and even fewer actually would play that much).

Also, there's way too many skills that are still very hard to level by actual playing. That needs to change as soon as is convenient to spend dev time on it.
Suggestions / Re: Meditation / Power hour
This needs an entire rework.
The system encourages people to log off or to not farm unless power hour is available.
When ph is available, group activities are missed because someone is on power hour and doesn't want to waste it.
Crafting, same issue.

Please rework log off enticing mechanics

Meditation was supposed to be a catch-up mechanic, not a way to level characters.
PH was supposed to make people log in, but instead people log off (to meditate) as soon as PH is over.

And in general, there's way too little content outside of grinding chars/crafts
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
WTB right click menu with Invite To Party option (another little thing RoA has)
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
I'm fine with name change if you can see their name history (RoA has it)
Would be nice if ARAC clan members couldn't read race chat... they can use Chaos chat, I think it's appropriate.
IIRC Bowjob was a fan of having Explosion leveled (at least to 25-30) for higher jump potential.

I can't say that I have any experience with leveled Explosion, I never had it anything higher than ~5, and I don't even have Fire title now.
Well, good luck to you. I hope more small clans can manage in this game :)

By the way, don't forget clans need to pay upkeep for holdings:
~2k clan meditation per day per hamlet
~5k clan medi per day per city
Yeah, but that's already the domain of hybrids. Not full fighters.
General Discussion / Re: INVENTORY GLITCH/BUG?
You can put items in bags by dragging and dropping at a bag (no need to open the bag). Check your bags, in case that's what happened.
Also, as @xsevenbeta said, try using auto-sort (Default key is U), to check if it was hidden behind a bag or something.

You could also try asking a GM for a help (often quicker response than you'd get from players on forums) via /gm_help "message"
I thought fun was a subjective thing.
Now, power level and balance... that's another matter entirely.
Suggestions / Re: Melee+archery attackspeed selfbuff
Not only does Spell Haste drain/reduce mana regen (as it counts as two buffs), it also makes all spells cost more mana.
I can confirm it's 10 for hamlet, 20 for city. That is just to take it.
Once you have it, you can even stay solo in the clan and you'll keep the holding (for as long as you pay meditation upkeep).

@Pallist Horror there's a limit how many times a char can be deleted per day/week
TTD not allied with OTG anymore?
Distance based tax would probably be enough (if aggressive enough) to prevent people from instantly transporting banks at a whim.
If they wanna do it occasionally, gold sinks are good and they deserve a convenient way to relocate.

But I don't want to see complete banks being moved every two days, just because someone is rich enough and can pay to have global banking.

@Brown Dorf difference between buying your own stuff and buying stuff from others is player interaction.
It may not look like much, but it makes the game feel a lot more alive (subjective opinion)
I'm selling R50 bows and R60 weapons for gold often.
Would I prefer getting other valuables instead of gold? Yes, definitely.
Is gold useless to me? No, it is not. I spend a lot on crafts, on buying regs and arrows, and on buying mats from other players.

PS I am in no way saying markets or economy are working. Just that it's not all black and white.