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General Discussion / Re: ROA VS DND
UW, of course  8)
General Discussion / Re: niggers
Buff naked
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
how many houses have names on them still?
In the 5 villages I visited in the last week:
1) 2 houses claimed - both still owned
2) 2 claimed - 0 owned
3) 6 claimed - 1 owned
4) 0 claimed
5) 1 claimed - 0 owned

So at least 3 players are still paying their taxes :P
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
Who's gonna do the patch?
Marc is the only one left, and he's not a programmer.
What's he doing then? I thought both of them were programmers lol
Lead Design, testing, GM duties... maybe business side of the company :D
General Discussion / Re: Server patching?
Who's gonna do the patch?
Marc is the only one left, and he's not a programmer.
One of the first sales had order number over 2000, so I don't think order number was / is an accurate way of checking the number of sales.

Also, keep in mind, they still had to pay sales tax (at the very least for EU sales)
General Discussion / Re: Final Nostalgia Trip
If the post with copy/pasted French stuff is anything to go by, it looks like Ub3rgames is down to Marc only, and since he's not a programmer I doubt any patch is possible anymore (at least not until someone buys the company or invests in it, slim chance that may be)
General Discussion / Re: Final Nostalgia Trip
if they by some miracle survive this, they should relaunch imo. Do necessary changes to alt-fall etc. and just wipe the server clean for a relaunch.
That'd only be okay if they MASSIVELY redid a lot of stuff, including (but not limited to):
* crafting skills and crafting leveling speeds.
* loot tables

Chances of any of that happening are 0,01% though
Media Highlights / Re: Reclaiming Dagnamyr.
There is only so much players can do.
Bottom line is still that devs need to secure a viable financial model and push updates, communication, etc...
General Discussion / Re: Fall in love Darkfall
Darkfall with no race wars isn't Darkfall I'm interested in.
Shame Ub3r proved to be way too bad businesspeople.

Good luck & have fun to everyone that goes RoA's way, but I'll be a pass from me.
Questions and Answers / Re: HOLDING BANK POLICY QUESTION
Enemy, in this context, are only clans you're at war with. Sadly, it is not possible to set it up based on race / alignment.

Your options are either keeping it on "access to all" or allying up all blue Alfar clans (they don't need to ally you back; bank and tower options only check hamlet/city owner's policy)
Media Highlights / Re: orks9
I know I don't represent humanity as a whole, but I watched the vid muted 'cause song was destroying it for me.
Media Highlights / Re: orks9
Good to see propaganda is still strong in 2019.

And I'm glad people who were in the siege had fun :)
General Discussion / Re: A True Darkfall Player
@CreepLord Open map in-game, CTRL+F, type cloth, press enter, and check all the mobs that drop it.
On top of my head, your best bet are:
Sarlids, Trolls, Spiders.
Ub3r did way more during InDev than since launch.
Launch very much felt rushed... and game was in many ways better and more fun a month before end of indev