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Your reputation precedes you.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Going to quit the forums
It's yet another one of his "I quit" posts.

Almost has as many as Pat now.
So what actually happened?

I thought the clan owner could not be kicked by another SG? Or is this more of AVs amazing UI design.

If it's the latter then Lodrig can form a new clan called The Real Steel Bones. And those who want to can move and join him.

Ub3r has specifically stated that they only want you playing 1 style. The whole point of the tile system is to lock you out and keep you from switching. They won't do multiple characters either.

Link please.

IIRC at no point have the devs stated what you suggest.

They have said they want choices to have weight. In other words, it is important to them that you cannot switch roles on a whim and without cost.

And that makes sense to me. It also makes sense to many with whom I play.

After all, if you can switch easily between roles then we're back to DFO - you have to level everything up in order to keep your toon viable.

For those who cannot see this, I can understand why you struggle with the system.

The fact is that the title system vastly reduces the grind time. And it vastly closes the power gap.
General Discussion / Re: Think I’m done.
It's weird.

Localisation has made our lives easier. But many vets just don't get it.

Still not seeing the hyperinflation you are all talking about.

If it were a thing then prices on the markets would be sky high. And they are not.

Perhaps there is local hyperinflation? Just not seeing it in Alfarlands or Elflands markets. And from what I hear, Sanguine is dirt cheap.
We're in day 1 of week 4 of actual launch...

That doesn't really have anything to do with melee vs. magic leveling speeds.

Problem is that magic users have to level all their spells as well which will take insane amounts of time compared to melee/archery leveling.

"all their spells"?

Many of your spells level up with the school or related sub-schools? And you guys run with, what, max 3 schools these days?

Either way, the melee grind is slow, as is the archery grind.  OOK OOK are running around with maxed AOEs in 21 days. I think mages are fine.

Point is, it feels slow whoever you are.
We're in day 1 of week 4 of actual launch...
General Discussion / Re: Why no trial?
The game can always have more population, but it has a very solid population right now. We're getting PvP throughout the day in EU times, both at our holding and around the area/further afield.

Yeah a site not updated in years that exactly mirrors the archive has got to be legit, no?

AV just started hiring and updated their docs to 2018, so yea, this shit is real.

Not even close, Pat. Not even close.

Have fun.

Kind of ironic OP thread since he locks his own threads,7342.0.html

when people expose his clan exploiting at launch, siege pacts and players being banned.


Our recruitment thread isn't locked. No need for anyone else's commentary in the thread announcing our alliance. We've not had any players banned for exploits.

Thanks for playing.

Wow, I made up the number.

Didn't realise he was actually being so greedy.
Don't accuse me of greed. I wouldn't be selling anything if I was greedy.


If you weren't greedy you'd be handing these over for a clan shard or the cost of it. (ie the cost you spent on getting it).

As it stands, you are seeking to make a large profit (I've been hearing numbers in excess of 1M gold of rare mats) for some of those cities.

Yeah, you're being greedy.