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In my ongoing series of threads that allow conversations to continue in the hope that the wounds of others can be cleansed and made whole, I give the right of reply to Nataz and co, if they want it.

If they don't: all's well that ends well.

And to help all parties:

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General Discussion / Re: The Doomsayers propaganda
I've mostly given up posting in these forums.

Until @Ub3rgames start to moderate them properly AND gate them so that only those with an active subscription can post (by all means have one section for the world to post in), there's no point. Anything posted is drowned out in a toxic sea of bile.

That and I'm playing the game now, with little time for forumfall.

So I'm happy enough with the state of the game ingame at the moment. There's a lot that needs to be added in. Somethings that need to be changed.

But PvP throughout the day in elflands and elsewhere keeps our guys and gals happy, so life in DND is good so far.
I'm seeing a lot of "it sounds like" comments from people who weren't there.  And it has been explained from both sides already, Lodrig's point of view and those in Steel Bones that chose to post here and explain what actually happened.  Choose to believe whomever you wish.  ~fin

No amount of paltry excuses and snivelling whines from you and yours justifies kicking the clan owner.

If you don't like the way a clan is going, you leave it and make your own. Your actions suggest you were afraid this was something you weren't actually capable of. So you had to cuckoo your way through.

This would require the devs to patch.

Maybe next month.
General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
You need more alts and to farm non-shit mobs it sounds like.

Why waste your time on kobolds when you can get giant bone (used for a better set) in greater quantities from better mobs?
That avoids the points I make - good dodge :)
General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
Everything is way too easy to get in this game if you use alts and spawn scale

Villages giving more gold/loot per person with no cap and NOT having the gold output based on placed house taxes AND not having enough competition, city nodes giving more ore per person rather than being a global pool, wilderness nodes being per player rather than global, spawn scaling on multiple mobs for high end resources are dropping/skinning for way too much

I have reported all this to Ub3rgames directly including examples and which mob spawns and they don't give a fuck

Hopefully I'm missing something because it seems like the Economy is being flooded

The only thing remotely curbing the tide was time gated crafting and the fact that most people didn't know about it or were not abusing alts

This is not sustainable long term @Ub3rgames

Battlesmurf you're factually incorrect on a number of points:

1. There is an individual cap on village awards. The bonus caps at 240% and does not go further. As for a global cap - why discourage people from attending?

2. The city nodes work on a per person basis, true. But the more people who hit the node, the less the node gives out. Max you can get from a mine, for example, is around 150 items. (Personally I've gotten a max of 145 so far). I'm in a clan of around 190 players. Iron ore remains relatively difficult to get - and the mine itself is not (by a very long way) our main source for ore.

3. Wilderness nodes are global, not per player. No idea why you'd think they were per player.

4. Spawn scaling has diminishing returns on the amount of items that drop. 15 people on the kobolds netted ~ 540 kobold bone after an hour. So not even enough for 10 bone sets.

At the same time - though - a few mobs do feel like they drop too much. BUT those mobs are themselves very rare, so if you look at that on a global level it's not something that seems to have the kind of effect you suggest it does.

Of course, if you've got examples of your own experiences that don't tally with mine, then share them. Explain what was dropped, how much of it and how long (with how many people) it too to get those items. At the moment there's a lot of 'feeling' in your post but no hard facts and many errors.

And finally the biggest test for me on gold in the world is the market prices. If there was the hyper-inflation people are suggesting there is, then market prices for gold would be sky high.

And they're not.
General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
@ruckus98 the gold did not accumulate on one toon over 16 hours.

You're pushing a false agenda.

Only reason for you to do that is that you want to harm the game.
General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth

why would he wanna do that? he just got 100k gold for staying offline the entire day.
He did no such thing.

The OP is telling not even half the story of how he came by the loot he has.
General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
Still no reply from the OP to say what he'd done for this.

Any rare ores came either from chests, or nodes or (many) village caps - all of which he did before he logged off.

Same with the majority of the gold.

The only thing that would drop whilst he was offline is the gold. Then the question is how many villages had he been a part of capping. If the rare ore is anything to go by, the answer is somewhere around 10 villages.

In other words, he likely spent well over a number of hours putting himself into a position where he could take that pic.

General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
Perhaps explain it in more detail then? Where has this come from. What did you do for it.

General Discussion / Re: In Scarcity We Bare Teeth
So you've stacked some village loot on you for a few caps? OK.
@Op you could just sell your ore on the market - or shout in trade for someone to smelt it for you?
Hi again Pat :)

We have - as we've had in all versions of the game - an internal alliance market that buys from and sells to members at local market prices. This helps clannies have a market they can easily sell to and get the gear they need to play the game. It also helps the alliance fund itself to provide ongoing content for the members.

For PvP loot, as always all PvP loot obtained on alliance activities or in city defence goes into the clan bank and it's kept until there's a weekly/fortnightly (depending on how much we have) free handout when people take what they want. Everyone can see inside the clan bank at all times. So they know what's there and whether an upcoming loot handout will have things they need.

I enjoy reading the stuff you make up about us, though. So please do keep trying.
General Discussion / Re: Downtimes
@Fnights People are entitled to be upset and annoyed. The crashes have been increasing in frequency. We are not respawning at the crash location but at whichever bindstone we happened to have died and respawned at most recently - which could be on the other side of the map. Worse, if you were transporting your bank at the time.