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Suggestions / Re: Mob's aggro
We don't see it as an issue.  Ai definitely needs improvement, but reseting aggro doesn't make much sense and a big part of being a good ganker was knowing when to jump in to take advantage of another player's carelessness.
mobs usually reset if they traveled too far(ex:cliff fall), but they didnt reset when they got stuck with movement pathing next to a door/window/prop which enabled easy kills or skill gains as long as you kept it healed.

I think a good idea to look into regarding mob aggro is to despawn them after a set amount of time if they cannot hit the target they are locked onto.

IE exploiting mobs through terrain which nearly everyone took part in because if you didn't you were behind the curve.
exactly what im talking about.   add this to the list of future ai improvements.

little random mob spawn fact: i miss going to brownie spawns with a bunch of shields for skill gains. 
Suggestions / Re: Change melee skills & Overhaul Magic
Necromancy (15 spells)
(lol I don't see raise skeletons etc!?)
Eye Rot - what does this spell do?
well, eye rot was a blind, with a wisdom debuff if i recall.  u played darkfall and dont know what eye rot does?

im not sure if i agree with your suggestions.  ex: i like having heal other and heal mount separate.  sure it might make it easier to not fumble/ to clean-up hotkeys/hotbars, but that didnt bother me.  i guess its that feeling of character progression when you unlock a school or raise it high enough to purchase a new skill to utilize given the scenario.  even for melee attacks, its cool with me.  it just makes more sense picking up a new weapon and having to relearn how to do its special attacks.   maybe your special attacks can skill up faster the more weapon masteries at 100 that you have, but thats still no big deal to me.

also, bolts that are free until skill50 to require a regeant? no way.

if anything, i want more spells.  haha  even if it all it did was turn yourself into a goblin statue, or a projectile that was a simple flare/light for those dark areas.
Suggestions / Re: Change melee skills & Overhaul Magic
i loved using beacon.  jk,

what was up with that lesser magic spell that just made an annoying noise that was from a book or something?
Suggestions / Re: AFK status for players
just bank your loot before going afk.  otherwise a good nook where u can rest and look up with only your legs visible works great.
side question if anyone could answer: if a house has a safe and the owner didnt pay taxes then loses the house... whatever is in the safe is available to the next owner of the house, right?  or am i confusing this with another game?  or maybe this was in unholy wars and not dfo.  i dunno, i forgot, but im ok with this for playing housing.

relating to what i said above but to player holdings; i feel the complete turn-over of banked items to the next owner/victor could really go both ways.  its not just one persons bank to another person.  its clanbank plus many persons banks(even those that stop playing/takeasummervacation/cant afford resub/etc) given to a few people in command of the victorious clan(insert your greedy supreme generals here).  aka, it appears to be a really rewarding feature synnergizing with other mechanics but might be abused/exploited by how the victor obtains the loot and/or by causing griefing shopping malls at the surrounding npc/wild banks.  maybe itll be too harsh on clans in the early game(just as a few examples).  until playtesting with everything together, i think all we can do is speculate about pros/cons.  maybe all the pieces of the puzzle will fit after some slight adjusting and it'll be glorious. 

i agree with the notion to start with most hardcore setting and tweak afterwards if necessary, including introducing an insurance to not make losses so harsh.

pardon if i missed it on the blog/another thread, but say a clan is victorious on attacking a holding.  they reap the contents of the defenders bank.  who or how exactly is the banks contents distributed?  i can see some greedy supreme generals hoarding it.  any thoughts?
General Discussion / Re: Concerns with population issues
circa 2006-07: blu-ray vs hd dvd.  who will win???  heh (beta vs vhs?)

jokes aside... i wouldnt say its whomever has the first playable testing of the game.  rushing into things is not always the best approach.  you dont want a first bad impression, especially when your main goal would be to gain fresh players to the game(not vets or people that know of DFO).  the vets will be split for the most part until both games are able to be tested and tried.  or how about those vets that wish to return after one(or both) revivals have been launched.

im going to assume you, the reader now, has read and is knowledgeable about the difference approaches new dawn and rise of agon are taking upon the game.  some are biased, some are for the "bigger team", some like ones changes more, some want a different meta-game, some just want to be patient and try both, or add "your reason here".

it doesnt matter which you decide to play.  there is still the thought in your mind about the population and your feelings telling you the game will struggle if the population is weak. 

everyone is entitled to their opinions, but lets not make this a topic about dividing the population of either game.  nobody likes the guy that roots for the winning team but wants them to lose secretly.

that said, lets us all hope the revival of darkfall online is successful in any approach.  lets be constructive in our thoughts about how the population can suffer with the changes new dawn will bring, and how it can thrive or improve.  it will be more apparent as playtesting becomes available, but please..... make love not war..... (until you log into darkfall that is).

i still think its too soon for us, future consumers of darkfall online, to judge/estimate the population without having illusionary mindsets.  we're human, and without a physicality to witness, we're prone to misconceptions at times.
Bring it Ub3rgame!!! I look forward to hearing the ominous "SPLAT!" sound as the game finally loads, and my avatar appears in world of Agon..

hopefully the loading screen bug finally gets fixed too. you know what im talking about..... the SPLAT happens and when the loading screen is supposed to fade, it doesnt.  you can still move around and play, enter ui-mode, attack, interact, and hear whats going on... but its just still a loading screen that sometimes turns to black.  i think the fix was to aim down and alt-tab a few times or something.  haha!  

(i think it was assoaciated with ati gpu catalyst headaches)
Clan Recruitment / Re: Lords of War
suh dude
Media Highlights / Re: Chaos Chests
sweet!  should make spamming garmirs as a wall fun!!!
indeed, cheers for Darkfall New Dawn! 
--and welcome Manos!

my thoughts:
i have to disagree with the password proposal.  requiring an uppercase character and a number is normal for many these days.  i understand the cause for no restrictions but people are going to forget their simple passwords, too, either way.  even as a stoner, i can remember all my passwords but sometimes i forget to which they belong.  i also have a thundercats trapper keeper where i store important materials such as login credentials. 8)

about the captcha;  it certainly took a few incorrect tries before i succeeded.  the case sensitive part didnt get me, it was the hard to decipher letters.  i also registered using a mobile device and that added a minute amount of frustration on top of it all, including do it over again for my first post.

in conclusion, it really isnt all that bad to me knowing its only until the first post.  but Manos might be right about bringing people into the forums.  some people don't like jumping hurdles if the hurdles are too high.
Media Highlights / Re: Chaos Chests
oops.  video is now public.
Media Highlights / Chaos Chests
I really disliked the physics of dismounting, especially on a Garmir.  Heres a random clip of some chaos chests...
General Discussion / Re: Liking a Post?
interesting.  the captchas appear on the mobile version, but i've yet to greet one on desktop.
General Discussion / Re: Liking a Post?
Ah, I did finally register recently after lurking awhile.  Maybe its granted to accounts after they exceed a post limit to prohibit fresh accounts spamming likes.

Thanks for the reply, I'll figure it out!
General Discussion / Liking a Post?
Simply put, how does one "like" a forum post?