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add screenshake back to earthquake it will instantly become more distruptive :D
Screen shake?  How about disabling sprint. 
Media Highlights / Re: 3.5 vs 7ish @ Osznak
Mouth gaped!
You must be logged in (to roa) view that content.  Post another link or copy paste?

Edit: that tech uk site works though, thanks.
Media Highlights / Re: Willy needs some help . . .
General Discussion / Re: Free Trial?
Oh that's fair enough, I thought it was a recurring sub. 10 dollars for a chance at Darkfall with some improvements to the stability sounds worth it.

Lol improvements ahahahahahahahah.
The only improvement is the netcode and that you dont need to carry harvesting tools anymore.

I consider the UI QoL stuff as improvements.

Ex; queuing actions and no more clunkiness and silly delays.

Casting/weapon swaps/etc and next spell rotations is so fluid now.  The use of scripts to assist here are not needed. Not to mention, it was still clunky with scripts in dfo.
Media Highlights / Re: Willys pretty good night.
Media Highlights / Re: Willys pretty good night.
General Discussion / Re: alliances
I see someone has taken the place of unknowm, tagging uber a million times for attention about something. :/
Suggestions / Re: Laborer Title can f*ck off
Agree.  Everyone should be able to process basic raw materials and the Laborer title should unlock rare raw material processing as well as speed benefits and stamina efficiency of harvesting. As well as a carry weight increase.

Cooking needs a complete overhaul and basic/lowest nourishment duration food should be cooked by all.  Cook title unlocked better food and increases speed.  Suggest: raid/party consumables... ex:drop a pot of soup that feeds up to 10 servings (10 interactions on it) for x time. 

And other titles suggestions etc etc..
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Canceling book consumption
This one time in dfuw, I sold my house for $50 to [LOW]epsilon to get a new mouse and pad.
Off-Topic Discussions / Path of diablo
Diablo 2 multiplayer mod called path of diablo.

Anyone playing?  Post account names and we can play together!  I'll give rushes too!
General Discussion / Re: Forums are dead
I wouldn't say dead, but more so in a coma.  There is activity, but nothing real major to make it seem alive.
Crowd control spells should be very rare and very costly stat wise (if we need them at all). WoF spam is a joke,

and yet you want mages to have multiple movement spells and aoe spells with knockup but just not wof because thats the only counter to mage movement bullshit
lol, this does not even make sense.
It's a troll, just disregard this user.
Is this a thread about wall of force or wall of force AND come hither?