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They may want to implement a portal system getting across map is a pain in the ass
I'm not asking for recall or ruins i don't want it just something that makes it a little easier to get out of your own territory without having to ride for 45 min.

Your racial enemies are the key. Max 10 Min ride and you are deep in enemy territory
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: herb gathering
Farm oaklords
Crafting Orders
Windowed Fullscreen
dumb idea
General Discussion / Re: Melee Game Unplayable
equip banded or scale and take 10 damage bolts and regen half of it in seconds. lel.
mages do shit damage and have shit secondary effects
we use rank 0's because thats all we can even make til tomorrow.
regular bone sets cost 60+ kobold bone.... for a basic bone set....
Studded leather sets cost leather and fucking ingots. roflmao
its a joke. t he barrier for entry for melee archer is super low. throw on leather and hold left click dude. its great.
If you can afford it, throw on metal and its gg to anyone trying to kill you.

This 100%, the price of a bone set compared to the leather equivalent is a complete joke. I doubt they will fix it before people get access and craft a shit ton up either.

from todays server status

Server is back up.
During maintenance, we've also increased the price of studded armor to be more in line with metal and bone armor of its tier.
General Discussion / Re: Titles
i only have combat titles and sell the ore/wood i gather for good money. In return i also get stats. I see no problem with me not crafting.

With the little extra DMG i can do PvE abit better and farm stuff faster so its all fine.
General Discussion / Re: Advertisement, when?
When the GUI is reworked and a proper tutorial is in place.

Here they look for game logic guys and a GUI dude
General Discussion / Re: Recalling Poll - Revised options
Now that i died a few time....recall is not really needed as you spawn at a city with marketplace and just have to zoom out. Worst that can happen is a chaos city.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Magefall: New Dawn
You can block Rays.
Suggestions / Re: Learn from Eve Online
a recall back home nakes without anything in your inventory+you will appear with 10 HP and no Protection Shield at the Bindstone....hurts no one. People are teleport dieing atm.

Edit: A cooldown isnt needed
Faster Roads will come, its even on their Roadmap.

Where did you read that this game wanted to be more casual friendly ? All i read was allwoing more playstyles.
General Discussion / Re: Server Population Count
I love this "game is empty" talk from people who are not creative enough to accept a darkfall with local banking and no recall.

In my expierence i meet people more often than i would have thought for this big world. Alfar/Mirdain boarder is full of fights. Just figure out where the population is atm.

And why the fuck should they lock the continents and other parts of agon........if you dont want to farm in peace dont go there. if you are more casual its perfect to have an empty corner in the world.....this is what the game will make successful.
Buy Orders or Crafting Orders are needed. And People are right, you Need to forget your DF mentality. It Starts with not hording items and turn it into Gold and buy The needed stuff for it. if you plan to raid you need to prepare. 2 mounts are a Must. Bank one in The raid Area or attach it to the ground,hiding in a Spot close to a  possible respawn Location when you die.
Seeing a few NA players saying the game is dead.. thinking

The game isn't dead but seeing as I was off of work all week I noticed a large decline in pop. Even in alfar lands which is the most packed in the game.

Just saying I fear for the game because new players aren't really sticking around too much and not sure why. Common questions I hear is what do I focus on. I believe it's the devs duty to tell new players what to focus on.

And because I was off of work all week I played both eu and na prime times. And nahas way more players which doesn't justify why dnd kept their server in France.

I mean, i could write a 10,000 word essay on why Darkfall in its current state will never work and will always die. But for a quick summary -

Outdated graphics, too hard for new players to get into (too many spells... etc), Map is way too big. to cover a few of the main points.

Why do you think AV scrapped the original and completely remade the game ?

Only when these problems are fixed properly (AV failed at this) will you begin to see the game pick up.

I should note, i dont like being negative, i love Darkfall but it seems everyone is oblivious to the core problems.

Not to mention:
full loot
Now requires tedium of either staying in one spot and being reliant on other people to trade you stuff you can't get in that area or trying to be a nomad and roaming despite bad game designs.

It's funny. After playing BDO for a while, I realized that not a lot of MMO fans like fpses. I try to get them to play PUBG and most aren't down for games like that. And not a lot of FPS players like MMOs and are more oriented towards instant gratification fun.  So you have this tiny slice of people that enjoy both types of games and you shit all over it with wanting people to immerse themselves in the game and become traders and crafters.

Instand of PUBG you Shockers Show them New Dawn. Where you can do More than PVP.