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Buy Orders or Crafting Orders are needed. And People are right, you Need to forget your DF mentality. It Starts with not hording items and turn it into Gold and buy The needed stuff for it. if you plan to raid you need to prepare. 2 mounts are a Must. Bank one in The raid Area or attach it to the ground,hiding in a Spot close to a  possible respawn Location when you die.
Seeing a few NA players saying the game is dead.. thinking

The game isn't dead but seeing as I was off of work all week I noticed a large decline in pop. Even in alfar lands which is the most packed in the game.

Just saying I fear for the game because new players aren't really sticking around too much and not sure why. Common questions I hear is what do I focus on. I believe it's the devs duty to tell new players what to focus on.

And because I was off of work all week I played both eu and na prime times. And nahas way more players which doesn't justify why dnd kept their server in France.

I mean, i could write a 10,000 word essay on why Darkfall in its current state will never work and will always die. But for a quick summary -

Outdated graphics, too hard for new players to get into (too many spells... etc), Map is way too big. to cover a few of the main points.

Why do you think AV scrapped the original and completely remade the game ?

Only when these problems are fixed properly (AV failed at this) will you begin to see the game pick up.

I should note, i dont like being negative, i love Darkfall but it seems everyone is oblivious to the core problems.

Not to mention:
full loot
Now requires tedium of either staying in one spot and being reliant on other people to trade you stuff you can't get in that area or trying to be a nomad and roaming despite bad game designs.

It's funny. After playing BDO for a while, I realized that not a lot of MMO fans like fpses. I try to get them to play PUBG and most aren't down for games like that. And not a lot of FPS players like MMOs and are more oriented towards instant gratification fun.  So you have this tiny slice of people that enjoy both types of games and you shit all over it with wanting people to immerse themselves in the game and become traders and crafters.

Instand of PUBG you Shockers Show them New Dawn. Where you can do More than PVP.
No worries iam still ingame.
General Discussion / Re: Server Population Count
Living at the boarder to your racial enemy improves the PvP experience alot.
What is a racial recall good for ? Then you recall, have nothing and need to run anways if the market offers no mount.
Ha my first solo and duo PVP tours today. Plenty of alfars to kill in alfar land. No clue where you look but trolls, hivekins hobgoblins are good spawns to check.

Also just found out you can attach a mount to the ground......epic to hide hs second mount at a chaos stone, just incase the PvP trip ends in dead.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: [feedback] Mobs drop too many regs
Mobs seem to not drop anything exciting anymore anyways; What are you gonna do with high lvl crafting materials (with no 2nd sub for actually being able to craft like you used to - with one account) anyways?

You sell them and buy meele/archery stuff.
It could be a gear issue and once we get transmutes and higher rank weapons this will level off. But right now Archery is slow as hell leveling no matter what mobs we do. A huge discrepancy compared to melee and especially magics. When out I will get like .8 levels in archery and the mages with us will be like we just got 3 or points. On top of this regs drop 20+ on mobs and arrows 3-12 and it takes more arrows to kill.

Archery will get a significant damage buff once people can craft R40s and above (and transmutes as you've mentioned). Even with that coming in the next few weeks, I still can't see most higher mobs being worth killing with current loot tables. I did finally find one type of mob that fits what I need to drop, hopefully it will get a bit more efficient as my character gets more powerful. But there are still a lot of questionable loot tables. Even if it takes 20 instead of 30 or 40 bolts to kill a Raven Standard Officer, it still won't be worth the pitiful amount of gold and arrows that they drop.

In general gold drops across the board need to be a bit higher in my opinion, especially with reagents and arrows being more expensive than they used to be. I don't want to have 300k and a half-full bank a few days into launch... but being able to sustain my reagent consumption and gear breaking during PVE would be a nice start. As of now it's basically, save up some money, buy a few sets + as many reags as I can afford. Hit harder mobs for more exp per hit, go broke, go back to trolls. Repeat.

If you have problems with regs you should change mob you're farming. Ppl have thousands of regs. There are mobs that drop 100-150 total regs and to kill them you need.... 15

Which mobs? I've tried a lot, based on what the has listed for loot tables but I haven't tried anything above yellow mobs since even those have taken forever to kill with my current character's skills/stats.

Sulfur/Bone are plentiful from Trolls. I've found a decent mob for Mandrake finally, still would like to know of other good mobs to grind on though.

Use the ingame map and search for the reagent you need e.g Resin. You will see Dropchance and amount. No need for external maps.
General Discussion / Re: Delivery System
Buy Orders are planned for the MArketplace and kinda do exatcly what you describe or ?
General Discussion / Re: Melee Game Unplayable
Still amazes me how people who are playing physical didnt go Archery first, easily the most dps in early game, even with shit weapons.

You have to hit stuff
General Discussion / Re: Melee Game Unplayable
The early game pvp is hugely biased towards mages, and the difference in gear cost is still dumb. Getting wrecked by a ray for 40-70 (back) damage with an r0 staff is just insane.
Yet according to this forum none of that is a problem.

Must be why 90% of the server rolled Fire mage. Yeah, just by choice of flavor, sure!

Anyone that looks at the topic of early game balance objectively can see there are significant problems from balance to economics. Anyone still in doubt even then, only has to play the game for a few hours to come to the same conclusion. Just the number of Fire mages out there should be enough of an indication that something is off.

Right now most physical players in my clan - and other clans - feel little to no reason to PvE or PvP. Better off hitting nodes or meditating.

You dont PvE in groups ? When iam solo i go for mobs that drop tons of regs. Sell those regs...epic win.
General Discussion / Re: Melee Game Unplayable
do u know any mob with mellee/archery weakness? at late game
Cairn Giants, Ogre  Hill Giants for Archery
Normal traveling is great, more interactions!!  Bullshit.  I ran from alfar lands up to darkmoore, into dungeons, and didn't run into a single mother fucker.  I wasted 4 hours for no meaningful conflict or any type of encounter.  I ran from bel melek to renegar forest golems.  I ran into not a single mother fucker on the way back.  The idea is great on paper, but the time wasted vs time somebody takes advantage of it is not anywhere near fucking proportional or worthwhile.  It's like making crafting and combat titles take the same slot with the logic of, now crafters can specialize in crafts whilst pvpers can buy the stuff! where in reality, every pvp'er has a crafting alt.  Does fuck all for the crafters but make them drop another 10 bucks.

While i fully understand your point. I think if you plan on PvPing you are supposed to go to an area, look for a wilderness bank and operate from there. Not one trip and get it all.

I will try this abit later into the game. Living around enemy PvE hotspots
level 30 in herb gathering and zero steedgrass found. less than 10 in mining and already found 3 veilron ore. and i don't gather in front of cities. i starting to seriously believe i've never get any steedgrass from bushes.

You need to be away from any bank,bindstone NPC. So its not only the cities you need to avoid. Once i went 1,5km away from everything i got a steed every 4-5th bush or so.
I only See you Talk about harvesting and Not crafting. Yes, active playing is more rewarding than passive.