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General Discussion / Re: Lack of crafters
I dont agree on Titles. As a player who didnt play InDev that much i joined and didnt even know about Titles. This needs a Tutorial ASAP. Choosing 1 craft won't gimp you. If a new player joines he doesnt even know how to pick up a craft.

I fully agree on work orders. They were nice in UW but are totally needed in this version of Darkfall. Its even hard to find someone smelting your iron.
Tacos our lord
Yes.  I love the changes, love their vision of the game.  When I read about Darkfall in 2007-2008, this is was I was expecting to play.  Aventurine really dropped the ball, Big Picture Games took the instant gratification route. 

This game is sometime I will play for many years to come.

While i dont know if it will work (huge world compared to players, can make it feel empty), this version of DF is the closest thing to the 2008 trailer.
stay subbed for now. after a few days i can see some development in the area iam currently playing. that only works because of local banking and no teleport.
Honestly the whole locality/regionalization rationality is based around attempting to limit elite players from controlling the flow of the game and give less skilled/qualified players the illusion of being useful while the elite players just dominate whichever region they locate in until someone gets bored and quits.

The game is based around territory/conquest/pvp but people here are under the delusion that if they add in local banking that will change. It's sad really.

Well written explaination. While those good players stay in their corner of the world, less skilled players can have another corner.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Altfall
The system is good. 3% in something wont get you killed. Not all titles unlock skills so its easy to pick one craft if you rly want.

What could be added is crafting orders. So someone can get me stuff done i farmed for
Hello World.
Yeah, the game is busy in the areas around player holdings now I think from looking at videos. How did their first siege go at the weekend?
If you are in the wrong timezone still takes a few tries finding anyone its like back in 2011 not buzzing but there is clans in most holdings, which makes dfo fun however i cant get over the binding part its just tedious with weapon switching problems not sure if its game or ping however dnd feels 10000x as smooth, i packed it in and waiting for dnd instead i dont see a point in darkfall as it was

they are adding servers to their cluster. currently the persistance runs on the same server as the game logic. thats why it laggs and stuff. should check out again once those are live.

@Maejohl i think there is just not that much interest in a hardcore PvP game. DF will always be nichie. I also think DND will hosts its servers in the US. The US simply has the bigger playerbase.
I dont like ROA and DND. I want Unholy Wars back.
Iam already tired of the "Why i quit ROA" and " ROA is better than DND".

Iam more than happy i can play DF and i have nearly no issues with ROA. Now i can wait on DND while playing DF and decide for myself which one i prefer more.
no issues with RoA? not a single one? then you clearly haven't even made a character on RoA!.
As the company don't even know the difference between mustaches and beards for character creation...

nearly no isses, also beard or mustaches wasnt really a problem for me
General Discussion / Re: next patch
no, it wasn't same like in DFO. bow hits was perfect there, only hight ping can be some wrapping, but ist ok, its ping... its better than hight ping on client side detection!


High ping with client side hit detection would put you at a much, much, more even footing with a low ping player.

if its client side it is easy to modify -> hacks
Iam already tired of the "Why i quit ROA" and " ROA is better than DND".

Iam more than happy i can play DF and i have nearly no issues with ROA. Now i can wait on DND while playing DF and decide for myself which one i prefer more.
i just did a test, with a harvesting skill maxed character in studded with food you use up about 90 stamina in 4 minutes. so if you cast 2-3 stamina to health every four minutes you are at full stamina at all times.

ub3rgames said they want to add higher tier tools and equipment for harvesters. We don't know what kind of stats will be improved with those but it will definitely make a harvesters life easier for an increased cost in gear.

higher tier tools withless stamina drain are good.
Hopefully they reduce the stamina drain while harvesting in DND. I totally enjoy the fact, that i can harvest in full armor in ROA and always have a full stamina level. As soon as i get jumped iam rdy to defend myself.

Sorry thats dumb, part of the risk of harvesting is loss of stam and to make it no stam loss makes no sense to me.

I understand your opinion. Because doing a task should drain stamina. However, clicking the left mouse key and standing there until the node is empty isnt exactly the most fun part of darkfall.

Everyone does it semi afk. Checking my stamina every node just makes this boring task longer. Without stamina drain, havresting can become and element to get PVP. As soon as the combat starts iam in full condition and can have a fun fight.