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As we said over the months, this first month is about putting out fires. It was not expected to be able to push any new content during this period.
That's why we posted the upcoming changes for racials and magic changes, so that people could make informed decisions.

With that said, we seem to have less technical issues than anticipated, and we're nearing stability.
We're aiming to have the first wave of magical changes worked on next week. At the very least having spells in their appropriate schools and adding regeneration and cantrips.

With that said, and in general, alignment and crafting have a much higher priority than combat related changes.

seriously "putting our fires"? that can only be a joke, you can't think we are that stupid to buy your shit with "putting out fires", that's not fcking putting out fires that's running with gasoline in a fire XD

If its bullshit create your own DF. I'am happy if the magic patch comes next week and new players start with the most important utilities instead of grinding them.
General Discussion / Re: lmfao.
The Available first function in ROA was very good and it would improve the GUI in ND. You can have all kinds of disables on one button and only need to press it once.

Food and mounts are other examples. Even potions. So you dont have to switch out items on the hotbar all the time.
Da fuck? Are you talking about the 2010 patch, you know, unholy wars? I'm talking about darkfall, and the last thing i remember was funhulks. I loved popping them at sieges mind you, but yeah no.

Conquere the Sea Update.
Then take the fucking hint that maybe New Dawn isn't for you

There's plenty of other games that offer what you want go play PUBG or RoA

Don't bring your cancer here

Assuming that you know what I want won't get us anywhere.

The overarching problem that we're having here is that no one is able to find common ground or compromise. To me, Ub3r correctly identified a lot of the core issues with vanilla DF and RoA. The problem is that their implementation of their fixes to those issues are in almost every case a massive and sweeping over-correction. There's a balance to catering to these various playstyles, but Ub3r has missed the mark at launch spectacularly. I want them to get better and fix these things but as long as fanatics like you are unwilling to criticize or critique their mistakes nothing is going to get fixed. You want to be right more than you want to be constructive.

I criticize and critique Ub3rgames all the time lmao. In fact i was doing it long before either of you ever read about ND

What YOU and Sero fail to understand is that the majority of us just disagree with what you think the game needs

It takes a special kind of person to both assume that they know what the other person thinks and to also think they speak for the majority of people.

As of yet I haven't seen a single time that you've responded to a criticism of ND with anything constructive. Just the same recycled "this game isnt for you gtfo" horse shit in every thread.

Then you clearly haven't read my post history

These things have been hashed out hundreds of times over the last 2 years... at a certain point its not our job to repetitively spoon feed you or any other ignorant/arrogant new kids

Feel free to go back and read any one of the dozens of previous threads where Ub3rgames explained why things are this way and will NOT change no matter how much a couple newcomers impotently rage

All you're doing is bringing toxic negativity when the vast majority are happy

People like you are pure cancer especially in comms and do nothing except try to eventually bring other people down to your own miserable level

You're hurting my last chance to play a populated Darkfall, now you can either get down or YOU CAN LAY DOWN

If you think everything is great right now you're fucking delusional. Everyone is playing the game in little secluded hives. Theres no competition over spawns. Theres no competition over villages. Theres no conflict anywhere.

If none of that is happening NOW? AT LAUNCH when mob spawns should be the most active because everyone is progressing their characters then why the fuck would it happen later in the game? That kind of activity is always going to taper off. The game should be funneling people into the same areas so that they have to fight eachother to progress. It's currently doing the exact opposite.

you have no competition over your mob spawns? I hope we talk about atleast yellow tier mobs.....well then you are lucky.
We dont need fast travel back its actually ok without it.

i have to say, a bindstone recall to your "homestone" that doesnt have a protection shield when you spawn and sets your life to 1HP which also requires you to be naked with a 0 Kg Inventory doesnt hurt anyone and would end this stuipid port-dieing.

However, planing his dead because you end up in a chaos city also has its pro's. people are already stocking the chaos city markets with mounts 3x the normal price.
Well he has a point with number 2. We are switching from tier to tier making all the other tiers worthless.

I would like to see low level crafts are required to craft higher level crafts. OR you can upgrade your lower level crafts to higher ones.
small treasure map 7-10k Gold. Large one 30k Gold.....Veilron keys are easy to get and so on. Oh and small mobs still drop decent, perfect for new players to get a foot into the game.

There you have your PvE Gold
Main problems I see with the title system are no way to easily respec and no catch-up mechanic for new players.

New players already have it hard, being behind in the skill grind. But at least friends/clan members can buff them + give them starter gear bags + scale spawns to help them skill up quicker than we have been. But now they're also behind on titles, at least for their first month and a half of play time. Would be nice to see some sort of catch-up mechanic for newbies.

As for respeccing, I hope they add a way to let us respec titles in some manner without losing a ton of time. Something like: costs X gold or X meditation per level in a title (so a title at 100 would be expensive to respec), title loses 15ish levels (akin to a week or so of having the title active), requires something like a 1 minute "channel." And maybe limit how often you can change the titles.

People liked playing different styles from time to time in DF1, would be nice to have that option here as well.

Guys, please at leat read the patch notes before sharing your game design science:

General title mechanics:
- You can select titles by clicking the "titles" button in the main menu.
- You can have 5 titles at a time. Make your selection and click apply to activate them.
- Titles level over real time once activated.
- The underlying skills and abilities still need to be leveled.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose 10 levels for combat titles, 100 for industry titles.
- When a title is deactivated, it will lose levels over real time at the same speed as it would gain it.
- Titles are split in 4 categories:
  - Physical, one per weapon type.Exclude magical titles.
  - Magical, one per magic school. Exclude physical titles.
  - Industry, crafting and gathering.
  - General, various utility titles.
- The warrior and scholar titles are exceptions, they exclude their own categories as well.
- There is a "Combo" title that can allow the use of one excluded title.

Whats your point?

Meele unlocks its last skill at Title 50 and MAgic at 25. If you have Title 100 how often can you change without losing any skill if you want to switch back ?

You missed the point entirely. My concern is the effect that these things have on activity in the game.
How do they affect game activity? What is your evidence (as opposed to simply feeling it) for such a statement?

Would you care to go back and read my posts at the beginning of this thread?

I did. There was no evidence given. Just a bald statement (ironically made on behalf of all players) based on your feeling.

You have simply expressed your personal frustration with a feature many in this thread are content with. Nothing more.

What you're asking me to present isn't possible. I'm providing my feedback, which is complemented by the voice of all the people that I've discussed this topic with. That's really all that anyone can do. I've spent days at this point farming mobs that drop or skin for the materials that are sought after for the current progression of gear, and in days of doing this over the course of a lot of in game hours I've been attacked by people one single time. I've roamed spawns that should be highly trafficked and they're dead. Almost no one competes over villages. I've asked dozens of people if my experience is the exception or the rule, and they've all noticed generally low pve activity everywhere. A common theme in these conversations is that people seem to satisfied with their rate of progression using the methods that I've mentioned earlier in this thread. I believe this is weakening the overall activity. It's the first couple weeks of a Darkfall launch, and this is the lowest activity I've seen at mob spawns by a mile.

that is true. population spread out. Its not like the other versions were groups of PKs constantly cycle the spots. It leaves space for non-PvP focused players
People are just retarded and should rather play.

Timegated Titles are game breaking because i lose out on few % of dmg lol......

New plyers who wanne craft have to wait for there title, lol. its not like it takes a shit ton of time to rise the skills itself....holy shit

You missed the point entirely. My concern is the effect that these things have on activity in the game.

So what influence can timed skills have on activity ? Currently they give an even playing field in the first few weeks.

Thats alot better then knowing if i go out PvP/PvE now, the chance is high someone comes and cycles R90s at me with cobra staffs because he can port all day.
People are just retarded and should rather play.

Timegated Titles are game breaking because i lose out on few % of dmg lol......

New plyers who wanne craft have to wait for there title, lol. its not like it takes a shit ton of time to rise the skills itself....holy shit
Suggestions / Re: How to revolutionise crafting longterm
Other games solve this by using the lower tier weapons as basic for a higher tier weapon. 2xR0 bows are 1xR10 bow. Stuff like that.

Improving items is already in with enchanting.
They may want to implement a portal system getting across map is a pain in the ass
I'm not asking for recall or ruins i don't want it just something that makes it a little easier to get out of your own territory without having to ride for 45 min.

Your racial enemies are the key. Max 10 Min ride and you are deep in enemy territory
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: herb gathering
Farm oaklords
Crafting Orders
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