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Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Skinning title = altfall
iam thinking of dropping the title.
Media Highlights / Re: Rats Vs TTD at Oethrain
Rats are great neighbours.
Thick Leather is the new studded.

How good are the chances ?

After the new skinning adjustments, what is the benefit of the Skinning Title ?
actually i like their idea of making all magic progression like WC and linked to subskills
Like DFUW you mean

No like the super hardcore smash hit version name Rise of Agon.

Damn linking things from 6+ months ago? Shows how out of touch you really are. Task system has come along nicely, I farmed 1000 oathlieges for my title.

I liked the Titles but if ND had it you would whine that killing 1000 oathlieges for a Title is boring.
If you die so much maybe bank a mount in tolenque
Must be hard to find players inside kolesh with erinthel and marithain not far away......lost
Questions and Answers / Re: Skinning title?
Maxed Skinning title does the following:
* reduces time needed to skin from 5 to 3 seconds (40% faster)
* increases success chance of skinning by 20% (times 1,2)
* gives you 20% chance to get extra goodies from skinning

It is pretty amazing at the moment, especially for small group PvE
Not sure how good it's gonna be after skinning fails get removed in one of the coming patches (you'll lose one of 3 bonuses it currently gives you)
Hopefully they'll compensate for losing out on extra success chance if that gets removed. Gonna be interesting to see.

I agree.
General Discussion / Re: Skinning (again)
Failing skins suxx hard.
If you (@Uber) think it's ok - why not to make it possible to fail with same rate doing:
smelting (with highest chance smelting theyril),
crafting (the more rare ingridients it requires - the higher fail chance)
Make people love hate this game even more!

And yeah we already heard its damn complicated and longterm coding task to fix this...

You know the next patch removes fails of skinning? Your post is the most retarded thing I read in a while because they even addressed that in their patchnotes (upcoming next). It's even said in this thread.


With the upcoming skinning changes, what will you add to the title so it's still worth using ?
@Ub3rgames please don't. We need new ways of fast travel but not instant travel. Otherwise other parts of DND will feel broken - what would be the purpose of localization of banks and markets if there is instant travel in the game? What's the purpose of good city if anyone can port in the middle of it?

Make ships faster!
Make movement on roads faster!

Introduce ghost form after death, that allows very fast movement (flying) but with no vision of anything other than terrain and bindstones (you would have to interact with bindstone of your chosing to respawn).

Holy Shit a post that is constructive and makes sense from you
Tested ogre bullies/bosses spot solo, 6 ogres spawning, I feel like respawn rate is a little too low still, should be around 35%-45% instead of that 25%.
30 thick leather per hour.
The problem is that if they balance respawn speed on the best developed/equipped and most efficent players so that you don't have any downtime, then everyone else will struggle with even skinning/looting those same spots and PvE will become a chore for the majority of the players.

It was a chore before, when most of the spots were worthless to farm solo. Respawn rate should be tied to kill-speed somehow, but what they implemented is much, much better than it was, a Jesus Patch for soloers.

Awesome to read
For meele archer I would go archery-combo-warrior-2h Weapon-whatever you want(skinning for example)
"- Reduced the dropoff over distance for AOE projectiles. Max damage distance doesn't change." mean it's easier to get higher dmg with splash dmg now? But... why?

i think it means longer distance for spells like shrapnel or magmar storm
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: ROA Combat Changes
Removing Buffs and Buff Others

Due to their overuse in the game and the felt requirement to always have them on we are removing all buff other and self buffs from PvP. We plan to have PvE related buffs in some fashion through the Combat Paths as specialty support playstyles. We feel this will refocus the game to combat instead of always worrying to keep buffs on or get them active prior to an engagement. It is also going to increase the value of enchants which will be very beneficial as we are adding in additional enchants as well as balancing the existing ones in the future.

This is something I have been saying over and over for a long time now. That said, I prefer New Dawns approach to buffs, they are decisional based buffs. Although I think they should also remove some buff others such as Haste/Rapid shot/Iron skin.

They are just horribly dominant when it comes to "what buffs should I cast on my melee buddies".

Or put them behind Titles