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why not move to the main island and bring excitement to the game?

Why not bring all players to smaller area, like yassam? Center is too big!
Because you'll always have the roaches scatter to other parts of the world where they can farm/village capture unhindered and build up their banks to stare at.

That's exactly why I took an indefinite break. We moved to center map and we had some fun there but noticed there were people to fight on Ruby after a couple weeks. We went back for two days and had some fights the first day and they moved to Cairn by the next day.

The game is one big shitshow of whack-a-mole with the turds laughing all the way to the next remote area of the world. The game is currently fine and probably just needs the racial war fronts but it will never work unless there's a launch sized population.

Glad this game has room for non PvP orientated playstyles. Thats the first darkfall offering that.
i'am very limited on time atm and logged in for 20min yesterday at my house. I killed a thainlich/thainguard spawn solo, These mobs were useless before but now with champions and the modified respawn mechanics i feelt some progression.

Got a Title book and a DEX potion of my champions. 1 DEX in 20min, very rewarding.
- Holdings banks can be accessed in withdraw only for any player who lost access due to circumstances other than a siege. The bank needs to be built.

How do you build a bank in an abandoned city?

drop a clan shard and build it
General Discussion / Re: Last tedium in the game
Fully agree. It need time to refine materials but it should not be done by players.

It should not be limited to player cities only but maybe add a small gold fee in NPC cities and no gold in player cities.

Only laborer can do it at those crafting stations.
@Ub3rgames fantastic patch, the champion drops are pretty damn nice. Does a really nice job of favoring group PvE and the open world (not dungeons and solo farmers)

@Oddjob what mob was that and how many did you have?

Why does it favor open world btw. didnt really get that.

Champ spawns have the red spellchanting casting ring around their feet.  They hit a good bit harder, more hp. 

The scroll I got for combat titles is +5 to any random currently active combat title, so there is an RNG element but it is under your control.  400 med points as well.  The potion is "Ambrosia" and permanently increases strength up to a max of 100.

oh wow thats actually good
Great incentive to go out PvE on mediumd/hard spawns. I always loved the random loot and with consumables we now get even more. title consumables allow for fast respec of combat titles. Great.


Are the Thainlord spawns fixed on Yssam. They used to stop spawning after a short time.
Patchnotes when ? ^^
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: ROA Combat Changes
Both games continue to focus on PvP. Where's the fucking content?

Are you serious?

ND had broken villages/siege system. Indev holding claims transfering over to live which made live boring as fuck so there was zero land grabbing on live. No active seatower tower. Very slow magic changes and very slow weapon changes. More transfers and inactive holding grabs than actual sieges by a huge majority. Zero wars/politics.

Launched without racial wars/watchtowers/territory system. Orb of might only drops from chaos chests so no one can craft siege vehicles properly IF they wanted.

And to top it off the game population was spread out, fucked by alignment and localization and died after a month.

So tell me... where was the PVP focus exactly?
Their recent patches even focused mainly on PvE and economy. Which was a good thing.
Good question. Also wanne see ARAC's grey
Farming in a group also grants security
General Discussion / Re: DnD has future
I thought patch was this week?
inpatient much. They said this week or early next depending on QA.

And here is the announcement:,1091.msg157134.html#msg157134
I put Playing, because had I the time to, I would play. Sadly I dont atm.

This is the same for me. I can only enjoy an MMORPG if i have abit of time to play. 3 hours atleast to feel some progression. Currently i dont have this time and only login to pay my house.

My few sessions were really fun with the improved PvE expierince and i cant wait for the bindstone quests.

The good thing is, once summer is over i probably will have more time and until then the warfronts will be in and give non timer based reasons to fight.
"They will come with a max level limitation"

@Ub3rgames this has never worked for stat consumables or books, scrolls - the 40 limit made sure that it was useless for anyone except those who didn't have a spell unlocked. Even with the increase to the amount of levels you gain from reading a scroll, this hasn't made them any more useful and they remain an artifact of a failed design. It really is underwhelming recieving these in chaos chests or from mobs because in almost every case the target skill or spell was not rare and worth next to nothing.

The only exception to this is the ultra rare stat elixirs, our clan happens to have one, the problem with it is it's useless and extremely rare so we're keeping it as a trophy. I very much suggest you do not follow this fail design and if you're going to have consumable boosters then make sure they are uncapped.

One big difference though is that skills are progressing with diminishing returns and it is easy to get to 40, so 5 points increase at 10 are worth much less than 5 points increase at 75.
With titles the progress is linear, so 5 points increase is worth the same in terms of time involvement whatever your title level is at.

They're meant as an active catch up mechanic. What woul be nice though is that they're indeed uncapped but give diminishing returns: if your title is at 0 you get 10 points, if it's at 30, you get 5 points, if 90 you get 0.1 point. Making it thus always useful, but more useful to catch up than to max a title.

The biggest difference is you can switch titles and hopefully those consumables have a cap at  max50. Which means you could switch a title and be instant combat ready even for meele.