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Suggestions / Re: replace all the water with acid
Don't need to be acid just make it so all you can do in water is swim normal speed no sprint swim no weapons at all . go get a bow jump in the lake try to shoot while treading water.  Realistic aswell
This would be a very bad mechanic. It would turn water into safe zone. One begone from land to water and you are save. You can't do anything to others but others can't do anything to you.
Suggestions / Re: replace all the water with acid
Sea towers are a relic of the past. With localization they are simply stupid predefined static content that does not fit DND concepts and will only magnify problems with lack of LOCAL content and NEED to travel for an hour to find action.

What do you suggest? To force people to travel for an hour (to sea tower and back) if they want content? Is this your idea of making DND better?
Or maybe you guys think all people should move to the north and south, surrounding the towers but splitting the little population we have in half?

What about reward? Because if it's insignificant, no one will waste massive amounts of time needed to even participate. If it's significant, it will be another timer based shitty mechanic that will allow people that can play in offhours / nolife the game to capture it with no competition.

Sea towers are even more retarded than villages are right now. As they always had sliding timers like villages have right now, but with magnified rewards and there are only two of them on the edges of the map. Add local banking and no teleport chambers to the picture and wake up from this wet dream of sea towers being even remotely close to the content we need.
i still can understand players, who crying about the size.
maybe learn to read then? Melee oriented players say that seize is OP and made melee too easy, removing skill factor and fun from it. It has nothing to do with crying.
A simple tweak for Sieze is make it do less damage (similar to how Disable does only token damage).
As for mage mobility and Beonge's fall damage - it definitely needs to be looked at,9451.0.html
you knwo something is wrong when every player has  heavy use of magic again
Yeah, well, wait for them to open sea towers. Everyone will go melee/archery again.
Well, it depends. Mage is not better everywhere, but ub3rgames definitely introduced a lot of imbalances between classes in different areas.

Movement - never in df history there has been such a disproportion in movement abilities between mages and heavies
water fighting is ridiculously imbalanced towards melee/archery builds
by introducing armor traits ub3r introduced insane mana regen on robes turning mages into flying machine guns
mages still do not even have ranged disable.

Game is a fucking joke compared to original dfo. But original dfo was so good, that even now it still is better than anything other available on mmorpg market (combat wise).
And stay classy Maidens, for coming to help this little punk ass in a fair 1v1.
I don't understand this part. Why wouldn't they help their clanmate?
You can't just force 1vs1 on everyone you meet. You can offer it, but to demand it? Sounds like a little bit too much.
The part you don't see from the messages, is me asking hot kiss if he's going to continue to hide until Maidens showed up to save him.  Then he begins to talk crap, then as I called out and knew would happen, his Maidens boyfriend came to his rescue.
This part I do undestand - you laughing at a guy that talks shit while he hides from 1vs1.
And stay classy Maidens, for coming to help this little punk ass in a fair 1v1.
I don't understand this part. Why wouldn't they help their clanmate?
You can't just force 1vs1 on everyone you meet. You can offer it, but to demand it? Sounds like a little bit too much.
England looked bad yesterday. Thus far Spain and Mexico are teams that I liked watching most!
mimimi,QQ: " my players are better than yours"  - "NOOO, my players are better than yours"... "But my country is better than you all, because we can bomb you so our athlets even if they dont play this game are still better than yours"

Its seems the propaganda fits in. On this point we come the a very old quote from Juvenal (phoet, roman empire):

Panem et circenses ( bread and circuses )

heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult. - George Orwell


oh and for the american patr(idiots)

it still doesnt matter which kind of game it is....
"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell
What a sad sad cunt. Thinks his smarter than others, feels a need to tell us bout it on a game forum in off topic section in a thread about World Cup. Fucking hell this guy is pathetic.
Trade / Re: Selling Ships
Most already know me, but I see your point.
Only reason I know your name is because I was curious who is this guy that acts like a friend to everyone on their discords while at the same time is selling all of his "friends" behind their backs. I heard many stories of it and even witnessed you selling SnD information to Mycke when they fought against each other just to witness few weeks later how you sell Mycke to SnD when I joined them. You talk friendly but then you ran to other discords and start with your "he said this, he said that".
Media Highlights / Re: You killed chiken
good video, thanks
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 12
good fight vs horde
like if the area of the spell isn't a circle but a donut.
I smiled at that. Good one!