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General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
pls continue development and add alteast warfronts and racial warfare to this game. it would be perfect i wouldnt want to play anything else. In the meanwhile we get
lol, Atlas is so bad.
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
what if people bought 1 year subs after release :-P
lol, you are right. I'm a dumb ass. :)
General Discussion / Re: Anniversary
stop it guys. It was a nice ride. Last few months were bad, but before that I had a blast. I talked to them on this forum when it made sense (when they listened and responded) now I guess you can just login or not.

 @VoQeles - you are a good guy, I owe you, but come on - you gave them advice and now you are not happy that they have not listened to it? Who are we to give them advice and EXPECT them to listen to us? They brought dfo back. You and me - we just played it.

Back to the topic - I wonder what will happen in two weeks (anniversary). Maybe they just wait for 1 year subscriptions to run out to close the server? That would make them fulfill their obligation to everyone that bought subscription (as 1 year was the maximum package I think).

Anyway, no better mmorpg on the market. As long as it's online I will log in from time to time. Just to get a feel of how badass this game is.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
What's wrong with Ivar? He is pathologically negative about everything. Does he have some mental issues?
Is Ivar from Poland?

To address the current PvP, servers are too laggy for anything truly enjoyable. Lighthouses can bug out entire servers. Player count doesn't matter. I've had smooth gameplay with 130+on the server and horrific lag with 60 on the server. There are clearly optimization issues. But that's early access... Hopefully devs learned their lessons with ark and this all clears up before official launch. It was shitty to play through the turret restriction back then. But ark servers aren't nearly laggy like this with 70 players.
sounds great

Why would pve oriented Atlas fanboys choose Darkfall forums to talk about this game is beyond me.
If you dreamt of darkfall with terrible combat than indeed atlas might be it.

It most def would be better to say that atlas has some features/content that were nice to see in darkfall. But sadly it is all built on a rotten foundation of terrible combat. While darkfall has nothing but great combat.
General Discussion / Re: Did Ubergames give up on DND?
@Ub3rgames wishes us happy holidays - Ignores the fact that they haven't updated the game in half a year.  FFS man.
Stop crying. It's obvious there was nothing to be said at that moment so he said nothing, And I like it more than empty promises or updates that can't be verified in any way.

BTW @Ub3rgames thanks for removing spam from the forum.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
The combat while a little clunky is enjoyable...
This is all I need to be true (enjoyable combat) for me to buy the game. But "a little clunky" part is something I'm worry about. As I can't find a single video with pvp that does not look horrible. By horrible I mean pvp being more random than player skill based because of random desync moments (I guess this is what is causing it) or maybe it's just bad coding. And this is unacceptable for me in a PvP game with full loot. Can you link me a solid pvp video from atlas? I would appreciate it.

Nothing wrong though with the rest of you enjoying SIMS (pirate edition).
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Ship combat looks promising:
For real, what's promising about ship combat? Shit presented in the video looks and feels terrible. Am I missing something? As still all I see is random cool features in a terribly designed game that has networking / player interactions so fucked up that it looks like it's even worse than Mortal Online when it comes to combat.
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
yeah, I've been watching few streams of Atlas. What a pile of shit. Another mortal online in terms of nice ideas on paper but terrible execution (by that I mean networking code mainly). Atlas has nothing to offer in terms of combat because of that. Some nice graphics and trailer were enough to produce such hype.. Incredible. I'm glad I haven't touched it.

Stop Atlas for a moment and launch DND. Feel the difference in movement, in responsiveness. Uninstall Atlas and ask for refund. There is more value in reading porno advertisements on DND forum than in playing Atlas.
Trade / Re: WTS house Aldenfau
I naked capped 6 VCPs today. Should I post pics and brag how good I am?
Considering that documented record is 27 villages your 6 does not sound like anything one can brag about.
Trade / Re: WTS house Aldenfau
You think devs would be more motivated if noone played their game? I'd say it is better to play actually. It's not like population is booming, so I don't think they are not aware that something must be done.
If we all stop they need to do something! if a low population of player play they are maybe happy. so stop play the game if you like it!
But why would I stop? I like the game. DND is the best darkfall there was/is. As I said - I don't believe lack of players would do anything good for the game / motivate devs.
Trade / Re: WTS house Aldenfau
You think devs would be more motivated if noone played their game? I'd say it is better to play actually. It's not like population is booming, so I don't think they are not aware that something must be done.
Media Highlights / Re: orks8
Media Highlights / Re: orks8
yet you are probably the best player in your clan and really should be helping them as much as you can
Everyone is helping and I am not the best player in the clan - believe it or not.
Media Highlights / Re: orks8
He doesn't have to, you did that yourself with the first fight at Aldenfau when Hot Kiss begone'd you. Pretty right after you ran around the house, even tho he was running the opposite direction and you still had 80% hp?
And I was in comms when they fought you 3v6 at VOTK and Blackwood. Don't pretend and just admit it lol
To use aldenfau fight from the video as an example of me abandoning teammates is simply dumb. I pushed to help him despite him being low and both simiran guys full, while I was in a position that guarantied save escape if I wanted to do this. Did I play the best way possible - probably not. But definitely I have not abandoned my teammate there.

In "3v6 at Votk" you guys ran away actually, so I'm not sure what are you talking about. Looks like you are talking out of your ass though, simply making things up (video below vs your "words"). A funny thing is that Transfer was the first to run away in that fight and leave his guys behind. But that's fine, there was a reason for that and I would not claim that he "abandons his teammates". Despite them still fighting in the village and him riding away on his mount. But you guys are experts in the field of abandoning teammates, what do you think?

So just stop. I don't want to do this to you, you are a fine bunch of guys that actively play (Simiran) and I enjoy it. You are better than we are, so it's always a challenge, even if we outnumber you. So let's stop obsessing about me and let's enjoy the game.

BTW, do you play on hot kiss @arctoz ? As you are usually "in comms" when he's involved in a fight, he suddenly started to play better and gear better and it would explain you making things up here just to fuck with me.