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Should we extend the advice to "don't play the game"? Maybe if nobody logs in, Marc finally realizes his ways are no good...
The daily pve list doesn't reset or remove names like I thought before. Ivar still up there with some 8000 points I referenced last week for a joke.
In a week, the list is still below 105 man names.

Don't worry, we stopped playing
Honestly... This is all the forum should be spamming at this point
Didn't you quit twice in discord comm's?

This drama forum is only for people that login every week to pay their house taxes and the masochist.

Does that count as dunking someone on your mini golf score card  you keep? Just trying to understand

You didn't dunk me...

Survival game who has sat in top 10 games for years now.

You ignore my paragraph where I clearly point out the issues with ark and that would line up with the negative reviews (one of which is mine because of their lack of PvP official server support). Reviews end in the positive btw, 7/10 isn't a bad average review if you knew the history of the game.

The lawsuit, originally for $600mil was settled for $40mil due do the developer of Ark breaking a non-compete and hiring talent from his former employer. Not mistreatment of their own employees.

The game was released on xbox, pc, and ps4 at the same time. It was first on PC early access in 2015 and sold over a million copies in the first 2 month. Early access was added early access xbox at some point during development.

Fuck man.. you are one dumb fuck.

Do you REALLY think you dunked me even once? Lol

How's your "co-worker" doing? Lol
General Discussion / Re: dont we have any french people
So if a light is on in the basement... What's that mean? Absurd method for no answer
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Normally yes, i would consider this just another EA scam. The difference being wildcard actually managed to go from a very playable early access game with constant updates to a released game with DLC in a respectable fashion.

The issue with ark was the game was never designed around official servers pvp or pve. For balance, Ark is best played on private servers with admins and setting tweaks. Wildcard tried back revert hard learned lessons but their dream and how gamers no life never really met halfway.

Now taking what i said and applying it as a general statement:

Wildcard successfully developed one of the most feature rich games in a very respectable development speed and combine that with they're using their existing source to develop Atlas, I have a very glass is half full outlook on Atlas.

Your breakdown is pretty negative for really no reason. Like getting a gift and complaining about the wrapping paper.

$30 EA fee. They silently developed the game to the point where it was ready for early access and released a trailer 6 days before EA launch. They're rolling in money from Ark. This isn't ub3r sitting in a pub thinking they can make a game.

$60 MMO box fee. I don't know what your complaint is here... $60 isn't uncommon for games and I'm sure the game will often go on sale.

Cosmetic cash shop to avoid monthly subscription. This is tried and true now.

Maybe do a little digging for yourself.
-company that has already went from successful early access to successful launch
-company that understands fluff and content
-game engineer that already exists and works as foundation
-budget plan to keep cash flow coming in without subscription after initial sales
-open about development time and experience to back it up
-silently built the game and launching early access once they felt ready
-looking at industry successes (one of which is their own) to create a feature rich game

Well... I'm sold
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Huge Amazon-backed game of almost exactly the same genre.  The trailers weren't  as impressive as Atlas, but it's already in Alpha so will probably have full release much sooner.  Check it out!
Sorry, forgot the /s

New world and new dawn hopefully can replace by new atlas
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Looks like New World has some competition!
What's New World?
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
Looks interesting... but there's no word on cost, and since my computer doesn't even meet minimum requirements, I'll probably have to skip it, at least for now.

Y'all have fun

$30 if bought while early access
$60 at fill release (ETA 2 years)
They will add a cosmetic cash shop in the future during early access
General Discussion / Re: Atlas - who's trying it?
GARRRbage Men will be. Depending on stability and server wipes, this shit could be amazing out the gate.

I'm open to darkfall alliance in the game

(No horde ofc)
General Discussion / Re: r u a cat or a dog
Zeb, we're gonna try out atlas. We can check new dawn out in 2 years and see if missile fury was patched
General Discussion / Re: F
I'd rather a dev that was in GPS than a dev that avoided GPS.

Imo, GPS were essentials to my original darkfall experience. Along with GRIEF. It was a failure on the devs part to not find ways to prevent their griefing.

Bringing this up reminds me of why i chose had faith in ub3r early on.

Some guy posted a video of him killing afk players with acid pools in RoA and was banned.
When Ub3r was asked how they would handle it, ub3r said they wouldn't ban a player for their failure to prevent the griefing mechanic.
If you don't want to see RoA advertisements on these forums, don't respond to them...
It's like people who complain Kardashians are on tv while watching the show.
Buff naked