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Questions and Answers / Re: Bowyer mastery
~1400 r40 bows mastery 1-50, made almost exclusively r40 bows

Did the same approx 1.5k r40 bows to mastery 50
@wildNothing as far as I understand it, the 5+1 or 5+2 many are suggesting would be strictly up to 5 non crafting titles, and up to 1/2 non-combat titles
I'd be very much against 2 crafting + 5 any. That'd just boost altfall

Actually I am suggesting 5 Anything titles + 1 Industry only Title

That means you could go
- full crafting 6 titles
- 5 Combat titles and 1 crafting
or any combination you would like to a max of 5 combat titles and 6 titles total respectively

This means that any player can do some crafting without the perception of sacrificing a title slot.

This means players could run 5 combat title and keep 1 as a float - switching between lvl 1 - cooking, labour (woodcrafting/smelting), bowyer and taming for basic needs.

Or they could specialize in one craft or skinning, again without the perception they are sacrificing combat effectiveness.
@wildNothing - Its not a binary argument, loosening the restrictive nature of the title system isn't going to turn the game into a "single role available to players", it simply adds more options and content without the perception of putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Why change to 5+1 over 4+1 ?  because its a carrot not a stick - 5+1 adds more content, without the stick of having to sacrifice something for access to crafting.  This allows players limited access to craft without feeling like they are putting themselves at a disadvantage or being limited/punished for there choice.

About mandatory melee or magic titles - no one has asked or wants them so why should we consider it ?  I don't think they would make much sense.
Once again, I agree with everyone saying that crafting is broken/stupid in darkfall. Crafting timers are stupid, number of items required to craft is stupid, the way you craft (by just clicking a button and staring at the screen) is stupid, there is no salvaging option.

We differ when it comes to suggested solution though.

I feel like you want to get rid of crafters (mostly alts now) by allowing additional title (but only crafting related) to everyone, which will result in everyone talking something to craft of course. So everyone will become a little bit less dependent on others. Smaller groups will become self sufficient quicker. Lesser need for crafted oriented players follows. And here we are, another shallow dfo version where everyone is a pvp player.

I want them to work on crafting. Replace all the stupid shit most of you described. As what I see now, is that with usage of skill cap they were able to actually make people choose between crafting and full pvp specced char. We need more choices like this IMO, not less. More professions. Gatherer should be next. Maybe even devided into different branches, just like crafting is. But for it to work city nodes have to be removed. Then PvE titles/spec, or something like this.

Make it more fun, more challenging, interactive and rewarding. Please don't go back to pvp arena with only one role available.

Your taking an extreme position - none are saying get rid of crafters.  Your assertion that adding an additional industry only title will  suddenly change peoples play styles is simply incorrect - its a dooms-day worst case scenario view and an extreme extrapolation from where we are.

People who like to craft are going to craft, people who don't craft are not going to craft. 

Titles are simply an annoyance that's forcing people to manage logistics, most people are choosing to do this thru multiple accounts.

The title system needs to bring more carrots to create diversity, and less stick by forcing specialization into mundane base tasks that everyone needs performed.  If you really feel like Gathering should have titles then make the titles add something (woodchopper gets greenleaf drop, iron miner gets additional rares), don't make them restrict what we already have access too.  Dont make it so i need to be a woodchopper or else i cant chop trees.

I don't think anyone disagree that crafting needs an overhaul - but InDev finished months ago and I dont think most of us have any confidence in the development team to pull a massive crafting overhaul out of no where in the foreseeable future.

What we need is near term QoL changes to stop some of the burnout cause by the logistical hurdles this rushed and incomplete title system is inflicting on the current population.

No one is suggesting we go back to a PVP arena, and the assertion that adding an extra industrial title will make it so is delusional.
@Pallist Horror I agree with you observations, but not with your conclusions.

Yes, losing a crafter hurts. But isn't this something we hoped for? We've been asking for ages of Darkfall to make other playstyles available and viable (not just pvp oriented play style). They succeeded in case of crafter to the point that now you create threads about "what if crafter leaves". We need more specialized play styles, not less. Gatherer maybe? As crafter example shows, it's doable with proper skill cap.

I started play as an independent crafter and immediately rolled two characters - one crafter-toon to process wood to timber and craft the bows, the other PVE-toon to hunt for leather, whilst i was waiting for the wood and bows to craft.  I do not want to waste playtime sitting watching a bar move across the screen.  I would have done this irrespective of titles, its about RL time management.

I crafted 900 r30 and 1500 r40 bows (took me to 51 mastery) - this is more r30 and r40s than the server will ever need.

I put these on LOCAL markets thru out my local area,  and i sell the odd few to players in the new player cities - when an r30 sells i make between 20 and 100 gold - the time spent making, traveling, putting on the market is not worth the reward, similarly with r40s - very few sell. 

I hit a brick wall at r40 as an independent crafter/trader as I have very limited access to rares, there are none on the markets, hence I used my PVE toon to raid clans mines - with limited results, solo golem farming - long travel and limited results.

No one rolls with less than R50's - making the whole independent bow-crafter playstyle simply not viable.

Just explaining the reasoning without the need to bash anyone :)

The whole Insta-Travel/Local Banking/Regionalization was debated back in indev - Ubers vision of regionalization is implemented thru no-fast travel in combination with local banking and local markets.,798.0.html

My personal preference would have been to have
Regional Markets - one market for each race
Global Banking
No Instant Travel
Recall on Death to Racial Capital (or nearest Chaos City - reds)

Prevents instantly being able to deploy troops anywhere on the map.
   * Game becomes too tactical and removes current [sandbox, PvE, grouping, planing ahead, etc] strategy.
      ? My own interpretation of above given statement is that it becomes all about PvP and large battles, no sand boxing. Is this correct? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Historically - A powerful Alliance thru a network of portals could dominate the map.
Lack of instant travel with local banking and markets is intended to make this much harder - supply becomes an issue, creating a supply line effect and a need to manage logistics.

This becomes more important for any form of regional racial warfare where local areas become contested.   We don't know exactly what form warfronts will take, but being able to insta-port in and snag the objective is counter to the concept of a warfront.

"Racial warfronts are areas in between racial lands where objectives can be conquered for the realm and will provide a general buff to your race alliance. Part of the design will be the need to spread out and hold on to land. "

Removal of Instant travel
- elimination of instantly being able to deploy troops anywhere on the map
- provides support for regional markets - instant travel removes any form of rationality to markets

I feel like its gone a little too far in one direction.

IMO - Respawn on death should allow a spawn at racial capital for blues
- eliminates walk of shame, without introducing instant transportation of goods
- would help racial capitals act as better trade hubs

Faster Roads and faster boats both needed.
Suggestions / Forum
Majority polled wanted moderation - clearly Uber lacks the resource or desire to moderate the forum so shut it down.

Replace it with weekly dev-blog type update and be done with it.  If Uber doesn't want to engage in a two way conversation, then we don't need a forum.

1. Moderated Forum
2. Racial War fronts
3. Improved Enchanting UI
Pre-Champion patch I would have agreed with OP - now with champions and improved Key drop rates its not as bad.

Bind stones quests again are a move in the right direction - not sure its going to save the game, but should help with the meds.
Timer on all buffs would be great
Open this up - Harvesting can/will still be the guy gathering the mats from the nodes, that's the work - risk/reward.  If you open up processing skills you may find the market for the raw mats increases.

Having to hand off to an alt or a guildie - so someone else can go afk whilst the stuff processes - isn't creating a specialized niche for craftsmen, its pure tedium.  As has been mentioned before - people are actually saving a spare title slot so they can bulk craft the lvl 1 stuff - 1 slot gives me taming, lumber and iron and cooking.  Especially adding mob dropping refined mats, means there is no market or margin to be made in refining basic mats.

Please understand the markets are very regional - other races don't have the luxury of an army of crafting obsessed dorfs stocking  the markets - go roll an wolf/ork or alfar - see how much you can buy on the market, contrast that to what it takes to skill up to mastery (and beyond).  Maybe when buy orders are implemented and we have a better population, the market would be an option, I still doubt it.

Perhaps just make them 30mins rather than an hour in duration
Allow the outer NPC cities (non-starter) to be flippable to Chaos cities. 

Enemies can upgrade the nearest chaos bind stone and disable the towers at the outer NPC towns.

Temporary upgrading the nearest Chaos stone is done by delivering resources to upgrade the chaos bind stone and doing specific localized quests that become available at the bind stone.  The bind stone is up gradable thru a series of steps over time, finalizing in a temporary disabling of the guard towers of the NPC city for 1 week then resetting, allowing the same process to be run again.

Upgrading the chaos stone to disable the towers should have a set of levels

Lvl 1 - Building Foundations - Enemy pays resources (resources and gold sink) to start this phase (lasts 1 week - proposed)
Opens up local quests from the stone
Flags on map - different color
Starts the point counter at the stone, when points get to required level trigger upgrade for Lvl 2
Points can be gained from completing quests, providing resources (building mods) and killing local population (? racial kill counts with alt prevention 1 kill per toon per day)  At this point only the enemy factions can earn points.

Lvl 2 - Powering up - mid phase Tug of War enemy and locals can do quests from the stone and disable the stone thru asset damage
Opens more quests for both the enemy and local population - points can go up and down based on enemy vrs local actions
Points are available for both locals and enemy (tug of war mechanism)
Asset damage can be done to the Chaos stone to disable points (quests and donations) till repaired (both locals and enemy)
Once a certain level of points is reached the bind stone is locked and a countdown begins, after the count down ends the NPC city towers are disabled.

Lvl 3 Active - towers diasbled - lasts for 1 week
After stage 3s duration the mechanism resets allow the process to restart

Reward Idea - additional enemy quests (with valuable rewards) could be made available at the NPC city bind stone, providing additional value in flipping a NPC town