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Suggestions / Forum
Majority polled wanted moderation - clearly Uber lacks the resource or desire to moderate the forum so shut it down.

Replace it with weekly dev-blog type update and be done with it.  If Uber doesn't want to engage in a two way conversation, then we don't need a forum.

1. Moderated Forum
2. Racial War fronts
3. Improved Enchanting UI
Pre-Champion patch I would have agreed with OP - now with champions and improved Key drop rates its not as bad.

Bind stones quests again are a move in the right direction - not sure its going to save the game, but should help with the meds.
Timer on all buffs would be great
Open this up - Harvesting can/will still be the guy gathering the mats from the nodes, that's the work - risk/reward.  If you open up processing skills you may find the market for the raw mats increases.

Having to hand off to an alt or a guildie - so someone else can go afk whilst the stuff processes - isn't creating a specialized niche for craftsmen, its pure tedium.  As has been mentioned before - people are actually saving a spare title slot so they can bulk craft the lvl 1 stuff - 1 slot gives me taming, lumber and iron and cooking.  Especially adding mob dropping refined mats, means there is no market or margin to be made in refining basic mats.

Please understand the markets are very regional - other races don't have the luxury of an army of crafting obsessed dorfs stocking  the markets - go roll an wolf/ork or alfar - see how much you can buy on the market, contrast that to what it takes to skill up to mastery (and beyond).  Maybe when buy orders are implemented and we have a better population, the market would be an option, I still doubt it.

Perhaps just make them 30mins rather than an hour in duration
Allow the outer NPC cities (non-starter) to be flippable to Chaos cities. 

Enemies can upgrade the nearest chaos bind stone and disable the towers at the outer NPC towns.

Temporary upgrading the nearest Chaos stone is done by delivering resources to upgrade the chaos bind stone and doing specific localized quests that become available at the bind stone.  The bind stone is up gradable thru a series of steps over time, finalizing in a temporary disabling of the guard towers of the NPC city for 1 week then resetting, allowing the same process to be run again.

Upgrading the chaos stone to disable the towers should have a set of levels

Lvl 1 - Building Foundations - Enemy pays resources (resources and gold sink) to start this phase (lasts 1 week - proposed)
Opens up local quests from the stone
Flags on map - different color
Starts the point counter at the stone, when points get to required level trigger upgrade for Lvl 2
Points can be gained from completing quests, providing resources (building mods) and killing local population (? racial kill counts with alt prevention 1 kill per toon per day)  At this point only the enemy factions can earn points.

Lvl 2 - Powering up - mid phase Tug of War enemy and locals can do quests from the stone and disable the stone thru asset damage
Opens more quests for both the enemy and local population - points can go up and down based on enemy vrs local actions
Points are available for both locals and enemy (tug of war mechanism)
Asset damage can be done to the Chaos stone to disable points (quests and donations) till repaired (both locals and enemy)
Once a certain level of points is reached the bind stone is locked and a countdown begins, after the count down ends the NPC city towers are disabled.

Lvl 3 Active - towers diasbled - lasts for 1 week
After stage 3s duration the mechanism resets allow the process to restart

Reward Idea - additional enemy quests (with valuable rewards) could be made available at the NPC city bind stone, providing additional value in flipping a NPC town
Having seen the rise and fall of Darkfall and its many instances the problem is mid game content - IE there isn't any.

The game desperately needs mid-lvl racial PVP content, that provides something to do for the masses.  Meaningful open racial warfare was the promise, still waiting ...

If you advertise now with current content - they will be gone in a few months, like most of the players who started at any of the "launches".

Advertising is needed - Donations is a good idea, but we need a quality product that can retain new players beyond 2 months.
Suggestions / Make mount non-drop on death
Make a mount slot on the paper doll - any mount in the slot isn't dropped on death.

Turns the naked walk of shame into a ride of shame without adding teleport back into the game.
Add a racially aligned capture the flag system that is available constantly.   Start with a simple minimal implementation re-using graphic assets and mechanisms to implement

Spawn 3 flags randomly (Giant glowing eggs was first thought, but you can make them anything lore based)

Flags show on Map for all to see - creates focal point for PVP

Flags are very hvy forcing slow walk (beyond mount capacity), but carrying a flag makes someone UN-Grounded, so they can be pushed, pulled and punted.

Logging out or dying drops flag

Players are rewarded by returning the flag to any racial capital NPC
(use a repeatable quest mechanism for returning the item to make it easier to implement)

Returning a flag to the racial capital gives the whole race a XP buff (something like a racial power hour - could be limited to blues)

Upon returning the flag to the racial capital spawn another flag.

Re-use the trade run Backpacks (maybe change the color) for the carrier and possibly add a light or mark type spell effect (remove sound if possible) to the flag carrier to highlight them.

Extensible - later add, guild bonus for keeping a flag at a player holding, add flag to watchtower mechanic for local bonuses, return flag to alignment church for big alignment reduction etc
''Try starting some threads seeking a solution instead of simply stating problems.''

We are now past that stage, we have been through these steps -

1. Criticise the flaws of the game and offer feedback and suggestions for the game.
2. Fanboys take offence to any criticism and think you are making a personal attack on the game, spewing ''ROA TROLL'' & ''GO BACK TO ROA''
3. Develops chime in defending every point of the game and why they implemented it, acting as if everything is perfect.
4. Realise that the dev/fanboys are blinded and begin to hate on them and the shit game that they have churned out.
heres the solution to most of the problems ingame
ub3r needs to get their thumbs out of their ass
i mean his thumb out of his ass

youre welcome

Not sure how 1 thru 4 describes any form of solution, or was the post just an excuse to make a joke about the limited Dev team on this indy project ?
STEP 5  - Walk away

Rest of community is waiting
Can I burn 10k useless items I crafted to level my crafting for med points?

It could be capped to a med point limit per burn (for example 2k) and a time period per toon (1 per day)

I think someone already suggested a crafting recycle to med points, IMO if the exchange ratio isn't too high why not. 

I haven't thought thru all the numbers but if you make it low progression for example

10k R0 at 1 point per item = 10k meditation - whats that going to break ?
10k R10 at 2 points per item = 20k meditation
10k R20 at 3 points = 30k med
10k R30 at 5 points = 50k med
10k R40 at 8 points - then you have too much money
10k R50 at 13 points - I doubt anyone going to burn these


For one, have you any idea how long it would take to create a database which held all the statistics in order to work out the"value" of the loot? It's nearly endless when you consider the dmg, current Dura and other stats of each item.

Let alone it would be exploited and you have simply made a system where people "pay" for meditation by using an alt and burning gear.

Personally, yes - I implement DBs regularly as part of my job.  However, I wouldn't use a DB, I would use an algorithm and keep it simple.  No need to address the minutia of every stat.  That being said, Id leave it to the development staff to realize the implementation, rather than making uneducated guesses at how long it would take to implement a DB.

Its a balancing act but I think you could avoid exploitation, by making the reward in mediation significantly lower than the value of the items.
Suggestions / Bulwark Title
New Title Bulwark - Shield Warrior title allows the users blocking with sheild to be immune to disable