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General Discussion / Re: Worth playing...
There is good play to be had. Ignore the naysayers. We all want more folks playing and more patches!
General Discussion / Re: A few words
I would agree that the requirements to grind up to mastery crafting need to be reduced- gradually increasing as you get to mastery and then about the same as now beyond mastery- mastery gear is useful. I have mixed feeling about a recycling option but on the whole support it.

I actually think that holding costs should go up, not down. There are too many clans with 10+ holidings, which is not how the game is intended to work. Now these folks have a full time job capping VCP's etc, which becomes a job soon... the intent I think is for clans to have about 1 city per 10 active players... I don't think this should be dumbed down, will just result in lots of small clans having empty holdings.
We're having a good time still. If you need a break, go for it. Do try the game again later!
So it is just a joke? Haha. Good for you. For the record, we consider Sedition to be a racial blue clan who are respecting the race wars meta.

We are cool with fighting at VCP's- while we would prefer to negotiate, or have some fun PVP post VCP, we understand that the game is set up that PVP at active VCP's is allowed. No hard feelings.

We will not attack racial blues in the open field unless we are attacked first.

We are not an elite uber clan. While we have players who are interested in grinding up their PVP skills, and while we do duel etc, our usual play style is to invite new players into the game, and show them everything that is has to offer. Very often, such players then move on, which is fine. A substantial percentage of the vet pop has been OTG at one time or another, and we are fine with that.

We do have a persistent presence in the game, having been here for all of DFO, DFUW, and now DND. We intend to continue that presence. We hope to recruit from our home guild, Old Timer's Guild, which has about 14K players playing about 50 games. If we could only recruit 1% of them to play DND....

if there was a Switzerland neutral option, that would likely be our preference. Otherwise we see the racial war system as working as intended, and will participate in that.

Anyone with an issue with OTG is welcome to PM me directly at any time!

I hope all of you who are playing are enjoying the game at present- while OTG waits eagerly for new patches we are still having a good time.

For interested parties, we do have a minima age requirement of 25, tho if you are older and have teenage children you are welcome to join if you will take responsibility for them lol.

Oh and better spelling would help a great deal.
I agree that is should be tweaked to make group play more rewarding- not back to where it was, but in that direction.
They will post when they have something new to say, in the meantime they are trying to finish the bindstone quest patch. What do you want, a personal phone call every day? Leave them alone to do their work.
Thanks for the OP. While we are all eager for upcoming patches, there is enjoyment to be had in the game at present. If it doesn't suit you, check back in after the next patch!
General Discussion / Re: Inventory glitch/bug?
Good behaviour does exist in DND!
General Discussion / Re: Dear UberGames aka GM Marc
Quit going around to other clans telling them that I've been stealing clan banks

This game is trash and it's insulting to make people think i'd even log into this game anymore. This pile of dogshit has been uninstalled for months.

Nobody is playing your dog trash game... leave me the fuck alone with your false data you keep telling people to make them seem like you're an honest guy.

It's okay to let everyone know who the best player at this game is, it's different to tell players scam stories about me when I've exposed this game for what a pile of garbage it is.

Lovely to see a constructive response on the forums.
There have certainly been a lot of good changes- and we all of course want more. The dev team is small, and can only work so fast. The best thing we can do here on the forums is to be constructive, so that new players are not put off the game. There are lots of things we all want to see: the devs have made it clear last week that they are in it for the long haul. So let's give them a chance.
They keep on saying no no no it is not them, it makes no sense to continue to focus on this. Time to move on... there was a video during DFUW where someone actually went to AV and interviewed the devs for an hour, and there was lots of footage of the office, those devs were not these devs. Time to have a reality check!

I think a few people here are subscribing to the 'fake news' meme that the US president is pushing... how sad.
General Discussion / Re: Crafters
There is good stuff for sale in Elflands, and Sanguine. Not so much in Dorflands, which is quieter. But in Charybdis you can buy r60 gear much of the time. Mats are not so common.
I lose track of these threads. We has 6 actives at the end of InDev. We have had very slow growth and now have about 15 who log in at least once per week. Would we like more? Of course. But we are not in a death spiral. Obvious trolls, I have you on ignore, I strongly recommend this function for those new to the forums- the devs are overly permissive in my opinion.
And Brown you are now on my ignore list
Tolbin, you're fuckin retarded. There was plenty of constructive dialog when uber was actively communicating with the playerbase and showing real progress on the game. The darkfall community is notorious for imploding on itself during times of communication and development stagnation.

Here's a tldr of their post, "we haven't done shit in months, it may be months before we do any more shit, we don't understand why everyone's so mad"

"Oh, and it's too much effort to touch base with you guys more than once a month"

Uber was clear that their frequency of communication would be reduced after launch. They are not native English speakers so every post has to be carefully reviewed due to the unwarranted paranoia on these forums- which only picked up after we had a bunch of ROA refugees join, the forums were quite civilised before that.

If you are determined to have a paranoid stance, it make no sense for you to be posting here. It is summer and really nice outside, perhaps you should consider experiencing that for a few months?

And obvious trolls I have you on ignore. New players, please put the negative nancys on ignore