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General Discussion / Re: A True Darkfall Player
Yes, OTG is still around and playing. You are welcome to hit the mine in Uqtu, it is not possible for us to 'empty' it under the current rules. The smelter is also built for your convenience.

I haven's had anything useful drop from a chaos chest on NIff for a long, long time- got 1K gold off one yesterday. We don't have any deeds atm.
They will talk to us when they have something to say. In the meantime, the game is running, so play or don't. We will hear from them eventually.
They have a long history of feature creep that can really interfere with getting patches done. Bindstone quests are a good example.

Either they are OK financially and will continue to develop the game slowly, or they aren't. We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, my clan is still enjoying the game, and while we would like to see patches we will continue to play for the time being.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Either they will fix it and the game will continue, or they will not fix it and the game will end. Speculation is a waste of time, they will tell us when they know. In the meantime, if you are having fun with the game play it.
You know, posting these threads to try to get a response from Uber is not a great strategy. They said somewhere a while back that they might want to hold back on 2.2, which means they are trying to finish 3.0. which is a big patch. You have two choices: play the game, which is free right now and a fair amount of fun, or check the forums every few weeks for whenever the patch might come. If they are bankrupt posting here will not change everything. And tbh there is nothing that Uber might say to satisfy many of the folks posting in general chat.
Play or quit. I'm having a good time so I will play. I hope they sort it out. If not, we have had a good run. !00K Euros as a debt after 3 years is peanuts.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Thanks for the update, hope it works out!
General Discussion / Re: A few words
Just a follow up on my previous post: I would support getting to 25 of a basic crafting taking 25 crafts, 50 more for 50 crafts, 75 more for 75, and 100 for mastery. Much of the stuff at r30 is useful for farming and low level PVP, like regular leather. Mastery stuff should still have a meaningful grind and require additional ingredients IMO. this would reduce the need to produce so much junk, while still requiring a little effort.

There is of course endless additional work to do on the crafting system, and the above suggestions are only applicable to a subset of titles.
General Discussion / Re: alliances
A significant issue that needs some coding is the difference between alliances on a political level, and racially allied clans. This is not sorted out at present and is an issue for towers and banks.
General Discussion / Re: Worth playing...
There is good play to be had. Ignore the naysayers. We all want more folks playing and more patches!
General Discussion / Re: A few words
I would agree that the requirements to grind up to mastery crafting need to be reduced- gradually increasing as you get to mastery and then about the same as now beyond mastery- mastery gear is useful. I have mixed feeling about a recycling option but on the whole support it.

I actually think that holding costs should go up, not down. There are too many clans with 10+ holidings, which is not how the game is intended to work. Now these folks have a full time job capping VCP's etc, which becomes a job soon... the intent I think is for clans to have about 1 city per 10 active players... I don't think this should be dumbed down, will just result in lots of small clans having empty holdings.
We're having a good time still. If you need a break, go for it. Do try the game again later!
So it is just a joke? Haha. Good for you. For the record, we consider Sedition to be a racial blue clan who are respecting the race wars meta.

We are cool with fighting at VCP's- while we would prefer to negotiate, or have some fun PVP post VCP, we understand that the game is set up that PVP at active VCP's is allowed. No hard feelings.

We will not attack racial blues in the open field unless we are attacked first.

We are not an elite uber clan. While we have players who are interested in grinding up their PVP skills, and while we do duel etc, our usual play style is to invite new players into the game, and show them everything that is has to offer. Very often, such players then move on, which is fine. A substantial percentage of the vet pop has been OTG at one time or another, and we are fine with that.

We do have a persistent presence in the game, having been here for all of DFO, DFUW, and now DND. We intend to continue that presence. We hope to recruit from our home guild, Old Timer's Guild, which has about 14K players playing about 50 games. If we could only recruit 1% of them to play DND....

if there was a Switzerland neutral option, that would likely be our preference. Otherwise we see the racial war system as working as intended, and will participate in that.

Anyone with an issue with OTG is welcome to PM me directly at any time!

I hope all of you who are playing are enjoying the game at present- while OTG waits eagerly for new patches we are still having a good time.

For interested parties, we do have a minima age requirement of 25, tho if you are older and have teenage children you are welcome to join if you will take responsibility for them lol.

Oh and better spelling would help a great deal.
I agree that is should be tweaked to make group play more rewarding- not back to where it was, but in that direction.
They will post when they have something new to say, in the meantime they are trying to finish the bindstone quest patch. What do you want, a personal phone call every day? Leave them alone to do their work.