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Come on, that's tasteless.
Trade / Re: WTB Large Villa - Paying in skill gains
r0lf :D
@Recasintra French Connection have many good people, like you said. But you must also understand that it is difficult to manage the clan and keep everybody happy. Especially, during a time of war/siege. I sympathize with you to some extent. You have sacrificed yourself to help the clan, but you are a new player and you have almost nothing yourself. Everybody can understand that you give everything and try your best. But - it's also important that you know your own limits. You should have said "no" and farmed for yourself when you could see that it was becoming a problem for you. Do not expect Etain or somebody else to know your bank. They are focused on clan things and they cannot know what you need.

You also said a lot of other things that I think are true. For example, that people are split up. Yes, this is a problem in Darkfall.
But the reason why people are split is because everybody needs something different. Tell me. How can the leadership of a clan make everybody go together? .. They already tried that when you farmed Selentine. That was a call for help from leadership. And you helped. But it's a paradox because how can you do these things when you are very poor and need selentine too? .. And this happens every day. People have priorities and little time to play.

So, if you have more ideas and information. I think everybody would be happy to hear them. How can we make things better?
For example, sharing the bank, as u can see, there are problems with that.

So what can we do. What would you do different if you were clan leader of French Connection?
I really don't think your extreme criticism of Ub3rgames here is warranted. New Dawn has implemented a huge amount of things to the game and Darkfall has improved dramatically from a technical perspective especially, but there are also interesting content additions such as spawn scaling, mount changes, local banking, localization/teleportation, loot apocalypse, title system, holding upkeep, meditation changes, village changes, siege protection changes & war declaration costs, etc..

As for combat, it has become much faster to switch weapons and cast spells. Spells have been changed to be more balanced. THe UI is better. You can expand windows.

Don't be so ungrateful. The list of Ub3rgames' changes is very long.

No, I think the answer to why the game is breaking is different. But if you still believe that the answer is with lack of content. Then name content that will change the game?

Faster ship speeds & sea towers?
Racial Warfronts?
Improved markets?

I dont think those things will change it because ask urself. Would you play more if those changes were in now?
Probably not.. The reason why people play is very complex and very different.

But ultimately, I think people play when they have goals in the game and because they have fun.

Anyway, the game hasn't tanked or failed. But I do think we need more content to provide more fun and goals and the developers agree with that. .. however, we also need changes to village gold and other issues that come up and people care a lot about. We can't just focus on new content and ignore pertinent problems.

@wildNothing I agree. Why do you think the game breaks apart?
Deadlyhit, you are extremely unstable and toxic.
My clan is doing fine. Stop talking shit.
@Rigan So you post a video from 2009 because you can't beat me in an argument in 2018.
well atleast he gets on your nervs mad kid

And why is that a good thing to get on somebody's nerves?
Oh and Rigan please... Your clan is very inconsistent in Darkfall. Don't tell me I should be taking advice from you.
Nomads is just a small gamehopping gaming community. The difference between my clan and Nomads is that nobody notices when you quit or play another game. Am I wrong?
Population is lower across the board and people quit clans all the time. Especially, so when they start getting bored of the game.
We do everything we can, but ultimately the game has to be interesting enough for people to continue. I have several examples of good friends who suddenly leave the clan to "try something new" and later inside a new clan, they realize that the new clan is not better, so they quit the game. The fact of the matter is not that there is something wrong with the clans. There is something wrong with the mentality of people. They need to learn how to relax and support their clan instead of thinking that the clan must make the game completely different and achieve everything for them at any time.

People are extremely demanding towards the clan when they start getting bored of the game. There is never a shortage of "good" ideas from clan members, but they are unrealistic or simply bad because most people don't consider all the factors in play.

And finally, the game has a way of taking its' toll on you. So my advice is that if u want to play Darkfall and actually enjoy it, then you need to relax and take a break for some days or for a week or for a month and come back later. Changing the clan or trying to put unrealistic demands on clans and clan leaders is not the right attitude.

So this is a game problem and it's partly why Darkfall is never populated. Population, activity and motivation is down in all clans. It has nothing to do with me. Stop blaming me for things that are outside my control. You make the mistake of believing jaded testimonials from people who are fed up with the game more than anything.

It's the story of Darkfall.. The game has so much potential.
- You could be fighting huge wars and killing people.
- You could be working as a united engine and creating kingdoms!

... But we don't do that because most of the time, people "have to eat dinner" or "Sorry, my powerhour is on." or "... silence... (because doing his own thing)" when you ask people if they "wanna come pvp?".
Then what do you want?
Do you want to bring back PvE to the state that it was in Darkfall 1 where loot scaling did not exist?

Yes, the economy was more stable then. You knew that it was relatively balanced.

Well, if you return to that, then you also return to solo PvE because people won't work together anymore.
And you return to an economy where you cannot farm enough to sell. I remember how it was. I farmed leenspar and I didn't have a real life job. I was trying to farm 50 leenspar ingots per day (4-5 hours). 1 leenspar golem was 8-12 minutes killing time. 18-20 minutes respawn. So 2 golems per hour. That was an average of 20 leenspar ore.

And the price of leenspar was 1,6-2.25K per ingot.

The leenspar golem wouldn't be able to supply the server demand with leenspar at that rate.
And now the leenspar golems got nerfed hard.

.... But, yes, the numbers that are mentioned sound scary. It's different... But we had that during all of indev. We had even more because spawn scaling gave more loot. It didn't cause issues except for a few concerns from Krajec. Maybe people didn't care because it was "beta".

Now "everything is serious" because we have launched and its live economy.

The main feedback from indev was that spawn scaling is fun. And the rewards are fun.
Now suddenly the rewards are gamebreaking and bad.

I just dont agree with that. I still think it's fun... Actually, I think it's less fun now than in indev because loot was toned back and now mobs dont give as much when scaled. Leenspar golem was nerfed.. Mobs dont drop much gold. Cant kill 2 baradrons for 20K gold anymore with lvl 7 (spawn of 2), etc...

@Ub3rgames I feel a bit like a hypocrit though. I do want village rewards reduced to medium gold farming, but I don't want materials reduced or capped from zerg PvE spawn scaling. But that's just how I feel. I think there's a difference between farming and villages. Villages are much less effort and less boring, so I dont think u should get rewarded so much. Also, the big problem with villages is the gold. Gold doesn't scale very well anyway, so thats why Im mad about village gold. The materials are not a problem at all. Having played indev, I feel like generous material rewards from PvE is part of what makes New Dawn into New Dawn. I like it and I think it's fun. .. That's why i complained before about the spawn scaling reduction at launch and the devs increased loot a bit.

/end of feedback

Ps: To all people who feel they have a huge bank with 40K ashes or 600 selentine, etc.. Simply sell your stuff on the marketplace for a cheap price and buy things you dont have a lot of. Or keep it and be happy that ur good now and u can focus more on PvP :)

As a side note:
One of the reasons the monsters never descale is because we didn't want a legit group to be punished if they partially wipe at 90% and get a fraction of the loot they earned as a result.
Wouldn't you guys feel frustrated if that would occur? Or are the concerns regarding scaling high enough to accept that risk?

@Ub3rgames Yes that would be very frustrating.

About alts. Almost nobody uses alts for spawn scaling.. I don't think that the few people who do it (like me) should be the focus of your development time. The loot rewards for spawn scaling have been reduced a lot in the recent patch. It's almost not worth the trouble now. With real people and especially with alts. And you need more than 1 alt..

Most people are crying about alts because alts let you gather more materials (mining, woodcutting) and alts let you craft and be self-sufficient/independent. And many cry about village alts. It has nothing to do with PvE. PvE alts are the smallest issue. I wouldn't spend a lot of time re-designing spawn scaling to make it harder to use pve alts. People will still be mad about alts because they are mad about crafting, gathering and village alts. So u will just waste ur time with a fix  when u could have done something more interesting (content patch, or fix the other main stuff that people cry about.)

Edit: I read Doon's post now and I guess I need to clarify my post. I am only talking about my experience with my 5 alts for spawn scaling. I am not talking about Doon's experience, which sounds like it's upwards of 20 people + 15 alts according to him.

But when u think about it, 1 person can farm 25? selentine ore per hour (1spawnx4x6).
A person with 5 alts can farm two selentine golems per spawn. He can farm 70 selentine in one hour.
(I dont have the exact numbers because I haven't done it yet, so I'm going by approximations (2 spawnsx6 ore x6 spawns per hour=72)

I wouldn't say it's a problem that somebody farms that selentine because there are only 2 spawns in the game anyway and people need stuff.
The difference is caused when you industrialize the spawns and farm it at a very large scale.

But this has been possible in all of indev and we never really complained about that because it made PvE more fun and rewarding.
We still found ways to use the resources and it still required a lot of effort to farm and get all those people together.

Now it may sound gamebreaking, but I don't think so because there are only 2 selentine golems. They need to be farmed at an industrial scale if they are going to supply the whole server's needs for marketplace rare ore. And I don't believe large teams will do that too often. Rich players take a break and stop farming a lot when they are satisfied. That's what we did in indev. Then we farmed again when we ran out.. And there is always something else u need. You can move on to farming enchant materials, etc..

So yes, 600 selentine sounds very scary. And it is.. But the game can take those amounts. There is a huge demand and there is no guarantee that every day 600 ore is farmed. Far from it because the Selentine golems don't get mass farmed by large zergs every day, and  the population is low and if it was higher, there would be a higher demand for selentine anyway. .. You can look at the price. It hasnt crashed. So we dont have a problem. Selentine is expensive at 1.1k each at the moment.