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General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
So let gets this straight, they are only talking to the community because @Xipos stumbled upon something, then insinuate if he hadn't there might not be a problem.

I am curious as to what depth of a graphics overhaul they are going for?
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Dev team doesn't post(apart from today's) since July 28th and you guys are still hopeful for this game?
Hopeful? What do I need hope for? I enjoy playing it. When I stop enjoying it, I will stop playing it. If they shut down before I stop enjoying it - well, I will stop playing it. Until then - I play. It's just a game. "Hopeful", lol

7 posts today alone says otherwise. "I enjoy playing it.", lol
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Dev team doesn't post(apart from today) since July 28th and you guys are still hopeful for this game?
Any feedback on the progression consumables guys? Might tempt me to try it, or are they limited up to lvl 20 or something?
Please tell me it has not taken this long to realise Raap Nap is a complete twat? Lol
Media Highlights / Re: Sero Nys?
I wouldn't worry this kid dies constantly
General Discussion / Re: Review of DnD
Considering OP is biased towards RoA I do find this review honest and pretty damn accurate, props.
General Discussion / Re: Chunder McBushPig
People are still in human lands? We had to move to Elf lands to see anyone
Sorry to say this but the launch came too early, and the title system was used as a mechanic to buy themselves time but it won't work.
Unfortunately, the Frenchies for example would have a group of 60 on the first couple of days now struggle to get 5.

General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames strikes again
roll archmage back to a max of 25 for everyone

They should of rolled Int gains back to 60 max after the first 3 day fiasco

It doesn't fucking matter if you were active the gains were still broken giving u a huge power leap AND double fucking everyone who DIDN'T take advantage of it because now they're behind and have to spend waaay more just time to get the same level

These power advantages snowball more than most people seem to think

I actually died to some scrub the other day because I got jumped at a mob spawn and got hit with three spells for 70 damage each.

@Ub3rgames themselves stated it does not matter much so maybe as it doesn't matter much they should reset everyone's archemage to 1?
Raap is a dick but this is a good post.
FYI Klaus has left CCP and gone back to Greece to work on a new project ;)
Media Highlights / Re: Hard banging vs Lux Arcana
They should make it so you can only log out at the top of the keep in a city, otherwise you stay in game. It's retarded they do this but on the other hand the game allows it to happen...
Suggestions / Titles
The way the current game is set out it basically forces you to have a second character if you enjoy playing both melee/archery and magic.

Instead of making it this way, why not make it 20 k per title change so if someone is really serious about going from melee to mage it would cost 100k - they won't be doing that every other day.

Many people ion darkfall enjoyed both styles and and would switch between them depending on what they were enjoying at the time and it's only natural to see things in game and think 'woah that's cool I want to try it' but should one really have to purchase another account to do so?

You could maybe even set up mirror titles that are set in stone like another set that you had to pay 100k to switch between and couldn't chose others. I think variety is a good thing and keeps things fresh but right now there isn't any.