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General Discussion / Re: 3 days left
This kids make an epic post just,1091.msg170962/boardseen.html#new
so lame
Before they told us, we do not whant to make an empty posts to not spam emailing to our clients with empty hopes, and now they did such bullshit after 2m of silance and game

I wonder how many hours that post took them?
General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r
and you arent a paying costumer, you made a one time purchase and expect a full service

Obviously they need to treat it like there is a sub running, because the company has to live up to standards when they do want to put it back on....but, strawmen will find something to grasp at i guess

You need to look up the word strawman, because saying this 'supposed to be a business' is the farthest thing from a strawman. The strawman is your argument that I expect 'full service' since I said no such thing nor even implied it, that is a strawman.

The fucking irony....
General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r
In fact it is a possibility that this Marc guy is dead or in hospital, or get arrested or in hospital  or get sick. Just some situations that can happen and we do not know anything about it.

The most haters lost nothing just cant play the game anymore they liked. (i understand its frustrating but there are more worst things on Earth, so everyone lets grow up, deal with it)  they act the same way like when you go to the neighbour every day and bring them a good wine. And after some months you do not bring wine and they ask: "Where is the wine asshole?"

I mostly agree with you, but this isnt a visit from friends, its supposed to be a business.
does anyone else remember when @Ub3rgames said they were going to give out in-game and or sub time bonuses to the winners of inDev? The person that had the most gold etc was going to get a reward of some type. Whatever happened to that? What a lieing piece of shit... the more I think about it the more I keep wanting to look into fraud proceedings.

Ive been here since day 6 of indev and never recall hearing that.
The only ones that actually need to come out of hiding is @Ub3rgames
DND (12 months in)
+ better bindings
+ weapon bar
+ you genuinely feel like you earn what you get here

What kinda lame ass brainwashed list is this? BETTER BINDS? THE WEAPON BAR IS BETTER? HELLO?

I haven't had to swap my weapons on bind since launch. You are, objectively, a fucking idiot.

People here still can't think of a reason why first available is necessary.

Try getting 120 stats in RoA and tell me "you didn't earn it"

Your childish name calling says a lot about both you and the game you choose to play.

How does it feel knowing you contributed to the downfall of another Darkfall by being an ignorant yes-man drone?

How does it feel to know everyone laughs at you for acting half your age?
General Discussion / Re: Whatever happens, thanks Ub3r
Shut up Hyld you fucking loser.
They lie to you and spit in your face and you thank them like a little slut getting daddys load.

Is theyr strategy good? I dont know, noone of us knows.

Actually a lot of people know, and the answer is no its not, its utter fucking trash and thats why the game is dead.

Noone of us knows whats really happening, we can only guess. Based of what I see now I can also imagine that the game is doomed but we dont have any real information about whats going on outside the server.

What I personally deduced long time ago is that they probably dont rely on the old darkfall comunity for this game to be sustainable. I imagine that they will aim for a new playerbase and that they are preparing for this kind of move.

Other players imagined them spending money in drinks and hookers while not giving a shit about their own business going down.

Anyone is free to imagine whatever. But as sayd those are just speculations based on no real info.

There is an element of truth to this because I know Marc has said their 'mentor' told them to expect to lose all their early adopters, so they are kind of expecting all of us to give up, its just that we dont want to give up even though they almost seem like they are trying to get rid of us at this point.
DND (12 months in)
+ better bindings
+ weapon bar
+ you genuinely feel like you earn what you get here

What kinda lame ass brainwashed list is this? BETTER BINDS? THE WEAPON BAR IS BETTER? HELLO?

I haven't had to swap my weapons on bind since launch. You are, objectively, a fucking idiot.

Oh look its the 12 year old kid....
General Discussion / Re: Uber, ur dogshit.
So, noones happy about not paying a monthly sub but we all got our panties in a knot because ub3r doesnt talk to us? Right.

Its not the actual 'not talking' its the slow death of the server from not talking that people arent happy about, myself included.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
The initial game purchase plus Ub3r still selling sub packages and still selling the client to morons who don't do their research. Also time=money

Its 10e for unlimited play, thats almost free.
General Discussion / Re: Van asdadad = Elf Guy?
I don't think so he seems even more tard than elf guy plus he was not known for being a naked scrub.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.

I dont see the patching having anything to do with the probability they avert the liquidation, it is a legal matter outside the game itself...

This point is highly unlikely to me.  If there's any credible chance of liquidation, I doubt there's any material (coding) work happening  at this time.

Personally I see it as on one hand they are working on avoiding liquidation and on the other working on the game so if they do they have something for the game. It doesn't make sense to me to not work on the game if there is intent to save it, so im pretty sure they are working on the game.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
I would say there is a 10% chance of this game being around in 6 months time.
There is enough evidence of lack of performance to make us pessimistic.
Ub3r would have to be developing a jesus patch that generates income and brings people back to truly turn things around.

As I've indicated before, while the game is live I'm happy to have fun with the Horde against whoever is still playing.
I don't see my current time in-game as wasted time, if I left now after spending so much time on progression and didn't make the most of this time, then I would consider the previous time as a waste.

Maybe this is where the confusion lies, im not in any way making claims upon the success or failure of the game itself, just if they can survive or not the liquidation process. They could very well survive the process and still shut down 4 months later.

If thats what we are discussing, the long term survival of the game then yes its far less than 50/50.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
Lol just because you don't have the data doesn't mean it defaults to 50/50, the universe doesn't work like that.  50/50 is not the default probability of everything.  Unknown is not 50/50, unknown is unknown.  😀

Well the universe usually has more than 2 possible outcomes in this case they either save the company or they dont. If your friend is late to an appointment you might try to define it as got in a car accident or didnt, but maybe they were just running late, or got a flat or had an accident in front of them, most things have multiple possible outcomes, this doesnt. This isn't 'win the lottery or not' because we can apply mathematical odds to winning the lottery so that would not be 50/50, there is no mathematical odds for them being able to get financing or renegotiate debt.

Anyway its all moot and you can apply whatever probability you like but I personally feel there is not enough evidence to give either possibility a higher probability and thus can only see it as 50/50.
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
While I don't respect your opinion you are free to believe what ever you believe, I do how ever find it quite interesting that you picked an arbitrary number that doesn't lean either way. Hell I'd despise you a bit less if you said it was a 75/25 that they would make it.

I don't get why I would need to even mention this but one way that patching the game as soon as possible could help, even if it is a small barley significant patch, is to restore community faith. They could then keep working on a larger patch. Why this would matter is because community faith is highly tied to the potential to earn money from a subscription (yeah, not active) based game, which could prevent them from liquidation. No community faith is equals to an insignificant amount of money which in turn increases the chance of liquidation.

The same goes with communication, is this not obvious? It has been stated by multiple people. If you can think of a single valid reason to why patching small and frequently would be worse for their potential income then I'll give you a cookie. The marketing part of it is not a valid reason as the game would be just as marketable with small patching, even more so and earlier.

If you want to patch big for marketing reasons, patch the game to a place where people would gladly pay subscriptions (which if you read on the forums is more related to trust than anything). After you've done that, and gotten some influx of cash, you can release a big expansion-ish patch to push another marketing campaign when you can actually afford it in man hours.

Again very fucking simple, two possible outcomes with insufficient data to favor one over the other is always going to be 50/50, nothing arbitrary about it.

I swear they just dont teach logic and critical thinking anymore and it shows.