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General Discussion / Re: The calm before the storm
If I'm honest, next announcement is game closure, mark my words.

Yeah i'd mark them for you, except after you are wrong it wouldn't stop you from making your next stupid comment so why bother.
One day when my toon is PvP ready, I plan on joining a clan and participating in the PvP warfare

or u could join a clan and let them give you r40-r50 stuff so you get "pvp ready" faster

I concur. get in a clan sooner rather than later, the amount of advice, guidance and gear that you'd get is invaluable. Also the pvp training. You will realize that actual player skill is much more important than the development of your character, so you might want to get help on that asap.

He will not feel the progression/struggle and will prematurely be at mid game way too fast.  He will get bored and quit.  There are many in game who are against free loading new players for this very reason. Find a balance between making things too trivial vs selectively helping.

Yep thats exactly why I prefer to trade mats for gear than just do hand outs, though i could easily supply the noobs i see, its much more fun and in tune with the game for them to earn their way and I take all of the hassle out of it by just taking what they have and getting them what they need, without all the sometimes frustrating steps in between. or the loss of a sense of accomplishment
It wont die before people stop coming to the forum to say its dead, thats when you will know its really dead, when there is no reason to keep repeating it.

The amount of effort being put into telling us the game is dead, just proves it isnt.
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
"Hey everyone i dont have the time nor care to play and since the world revolves around me they should just let the game die, who cares if people are playing and having fun, this is about me"
I'd rather you stop playing for your own sanity friend

My sanity? Sorry i dont go to game forums and tell the people playing, that because im not their game sucks.

Thats crazy shit....
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
"Hey everyone i dont have the time nor care to play and since the world revolves around me they should just let the game die, who cares if people are playing and having fun, this is about me"
General Discussion / Re: Keep the pressure on Ub3r!
Racial warfronts will do nothing for the game, it will still be dead.

I beg to differ.  I doubt you know what you're talking about.  RWF will be an entry-level PvP experience.  People who want fast action will get what they want.  But you knew that already right?  Just go the fuck away you sad, sad little man.

DFO failed.
DF:UW failed.
ROA and ND failed.

You're telling me that racial warfronts is actually going to turn around the game ?

I listened to this crap for months about how dedicated crafters would be awesome, local banking would be awesome. Guess what ? it all failed yet again.

Racial warfronts is yet again, another hyped pile of crap that will flop again. Then you guys will be dreaming about the next big thing...
Do you even play this game?

No ? why would i waste my time on ND.
Then just go away.  Jesus christ.

But he`s right
Claiming that a game is dead while people are still working on it is a slap in the face.  If you don't like the game, don't post here.  If you derive pleasure from this, you need to rethink your life.

So, because people are working on it means that the game is not dead ? mate... there's 50 players left.

Reality check please.

There were way over 50 people just at a NA time siege last night, at least if you acted reasonable you might be on to something, but its obvious you are just talking out your ass. The one who needs a reality check is obviously you.

Do you get 25c per shit post or something?
Nice to hear you are having fun Wild and glad ive been of some help :D
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Mychel
Its a Pat alt
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Heard Mycke got his ass kicked again then whined about it in voice comms as per usual,

lol sory too many witnesses for this to play through...

Actually he was the excuse train about how he never gets any chance to play but he did two sieges in 3 days and one earlier today so to say he has no pvp warm up is just bs excuses.

The best part he had to let me know im a meanie for pushing back on all the trolling they do, he said  literally said 'everything was fine when they were gang banging me about the battle spikes but it all wnet sour when i started challenging them', like wtf is he smoking, yeah everything was swell until i started pushing back lol

My point has been clear from the start, these forum trolls are no better than me but they do have bigger mouths...
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
was a draw half an hour no winner, but im sure he will go back to attacking me about the battle spike thing because he has no shame.
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Instead of a fight with witnesses im being talked into getting into comms with just avast (and maybe Ink too)and meeting him just with no witnesses, like fuck that noise. lol

He does everything he can to make it sketchy and refuses all attempts at a fair witnessed fight, yeah...
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
hey boys just checking in,
what time is the duel tonight

Might go down after siege im slowly bending here...

Live steam or didn't happen.

Im sure as long as i dont win there will be video :P
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
hey boys just checking in,
what time is the duel tonight

Might go down after siege im slowly bending here...
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Again. What happens if my work goes longer than anticipated like it almost did the first day we were supposed to meet up? I'm not going to give my word that I'll be at a place unless I'm 100% sure I can make it hence the reason I'd much rather log in and come find you when I know I have the time.

Why do you need to schedule shit when you play this game every waking moment? We all know you're always online. You've been online both times I've logged in in the past 3 months yet both times came up with en excuse. Like wtf? Do you not understand how weird that makes you look? What's going to change 4 days from now as opposed to 4 hours from now with your "preparation"?

Nothing, this has nothing to do with anything but im not playing your games.

1. People believe im bad I have nothing to lose
2. I will be on tonight most likely after shop closes.
3. I told pallist ill duel anyone but you tonight.
4. Im not playing your stupid games.

Either set up a duel and be there or not but im not playing the game where you get to decide late the night before the time i have to be there or im dodging, after you already agreed it was a bad time for you. If the only way you will duel is if you get to dictate all the parameters then go fuck yourself.
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Kind of strange that I made my post last night saying I'd do my absolute best to make the siege. I just got home from work and since I said I'd be on about 20ish hours ago, we have another 4 hours to go before @Mycke has to show his face.

Also, what happens if I don't get my work done in time today and I miss the duel? Wouldn't that make me the same as Mycke? There's only ever been one time agreed by both people and Mycke gave lame ass excuses as to why he didn't show.

If I don't play the game and I get online and am willing to come find you, what difference does it make whether we duel in 2 hours or 24 hours? Both of us have never been known for joining any dueling events which is odd that he won't just meet up (me willing to come to wherever he is) and let me catch his old man hands.

You say you're worried about an ambush, secret warmup duels etc. yet I'm willing to come to you and then you want to schedule shit out as if your fighting style or tactics are going to magically revamp over that period of time?

I'll be on very shortly and am eager to hear the next wave of excuses

I thought you couldnt duel tonight because you had to work, thats what you told me two days ago when i tried to set one up for tonight?

Yeah I have excuses but you are the guy who declined a duel two days ago because you had to work tonight.

Look im not playing your dumb ass games, its 'agreed' time and preset rules, not you get to post on the forum late the night before for a time you already declined and then blame me.