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Guides and Player Help / Re: New player
There is probably hundreds of players that log in every day, but keep in mind:
* most probably spend very little time actually in-game (just do a quick meditation gain and log off)
* world is huge
* there is no teleportation of any kind (except for respawning on death)
* local banking -> if you want gear elsewhere, you need to transport it

When you combine all of that + Ub3rgames' silence and lack of updates for the last 5 months... you end up with half of the world almost dead, and center having some bang (at best you'll find 40 players on a VCP, and even that's a stretch lately)

Considering the game's low price, I'd still recommend giving it a try. And definitely join a clan asap to have some company when you play.
I might guess a few hundred.  But "hundreds" seems unlikely,

Umm you never took any logic classes did you? If you guess there are a few hundred then you would consider it 'likely' there are 100s not 'unlikely'.
When will you all figure out Don is role playing a his 'Epic Pvper', not to say he isnt a solid player, but hes intentionally over doing it and being intentionally blind to anything that counters 'being the best'.

This is a role playing game and hes role playing 'da best pvper evah'

Damn, this hit me hard, knowing how skilled of a player you are makes me see how true this probably is ;/ ive always thought i was the best or at least a close 3rd or 2nd a long side my master and of course yourself Mycke being top of the food chain, Even being in your presence is a blessing such a God of the game such an elite as much as how toxic you elitist make the server you are so very much so appreciated, thank you.

Im only the best when all the good players stop playing, like towards the end of indev there was a month where I might have been the best player left playing or at least 2nd, but then some good player got active again.

I had my 15 minutes of fame :P But im not going to al bundy it like you are and remind everyone i scored 4 touchdowns 1 game in high school while now selling shoes ;)
When will you all figure out Don is role playing a his 'Epic Pvper', not to say he isnt a solid player, but hes intentionally over doing it and being intentionally blind to anything that counters 'being the best'.

This is a role playing game and hes role playing 'da best pvper evah'
the funny thing is you are always complaining about RoA when you are on the RoA forums.

The difference between someone with a brain and a delusional ND yesman hivemind idiot.

Exactly those with a brain dont go to another game to complain about it, when they have enough complaints about the game they are playing.

Thats the difference between someone with a brain and someone who just likes to complain about everything.
General Discussion / Re: Is Uber very very VERY EVIL?
If he added another voting option: 'Hyde is cretin who makes stupid polls'  people might bother to vote.

And how would that voting option relate to the poll? Completely unrelated.

Yours is just a gratuitous smear to someone who is basically saying the same things you are saying on these forums, you who get constantly slagged by the very same people your are here trying to defend and impress, perfectly shows what kind of person you are, a Stockholm syndrome self-righteous lefty doormat with no sense of humour and little intelligence, your only excuse is that as a dumb (and proud) ex drug addict you might not be all there.


For someone who calls people cretins all the time you sure have an ironic issue with 'gratuitous smears', not to mention your smear filled tirade at the end of that paragraph.

I am not defending anyone and if you were half as bright as you imagine yourself you would see there is no defense in my comment. Thats your problem, you have major perception issues and take my comment (which actually is humorously using your favorite insult against you) and fail to see the humor in it as you call me humorless and every other insult you can think up irregardless of relevance.

Your problem is you take yourself too seriously and hold yourself in such high regards it becomes a self mockery and literally take irony to a whole new level, you insult people and then complain if you get insulted, you have no sense of humor and think everyone else is humorless, you have slightly above average intellect and think those of exceptional intelligence arent as smart as you and here you are trying to indirectly defend Ub3r and attack the player base while accusing me of stockholm syndrome.

And even after all that irony you top it off with the biggest zinger of all, calling anyone else self righteous when every post you have ever made is a paradigm of self righteousness, its the one concept that comes to mind first when trying to describe you. You are truly a mockery of yourself to the point if I didnt know better I would think you are just a troll role playing a self righteous self absorbed megalomaniac without a hint of self awareness and intentionally writing comments full of irony and hidden wit that self mocks the pretend character, but ffs that the real you.

General Discussion / Re: Is Uber very very VERY EVIL?
If he added another voting option: 'Hyde is cretin who makes stupid polls'  people might bother to vote.
Anyway, it was a nice ride.
Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore...
Another one.. Just GTFO mate. WTF has happened to men these days? You believe that it's fine for a grown man to cry over a game? You even took it further I see. Crying in every consecutive post. Bitches everywhere. If it goes it goes. Holy shit.

Only person pissing and crying i ever see is you spackboi. Just accept the games dead and pull your head out your arse.
Just another "yes man" going down with the very ship he helped sink. Still oblivious no doubt

Nah man don't get it twisted this failure is 99% on Ub3rgames

Blaming fanboys for liking things (that you or I didn't) Ub3rgames did is just absolving Ub3r of responsibility

If the game shuts down it's not the players fault

Have to agree, even a full retard low life like wild that no one really likes in game nor on the forum  doesn't deserves blame. Its the Devs business and they had a good plan so they can only blame themselves when they chose to go full retard.

Those of us playing indev saw it happening in real time as the last 6 months showed them going from on the ball, to always behind and going from common sense criteria to industry metrics voo doo which I think really hurt a lot. Their criteria for launch changed then from a minimum game state to a window of opportunity based on external criteria only useful for game that need huge populations, making them launch prematurally for basically no reason as well as give up the free period battle royal that was always going to be the slingshot from indev to launch, thus ending in a whimper instead of a bang.

Their server location metrics changed from best ping for most and traditionally the stronger DF location, to Paris because the voo doo said EUs will play more even though the change gave up australia S. America and west N america ping to get E Europe, Russia and the Middle east better ping, which is obvious to anyone a terrible trade when looking at gamers with money, plus after so long of implying NY, the out of the blue change of locations was as harmful as the poor location choice. They even had RoA on the ropes and had they went to NY they would of likely become the only DF with a more constant around the clock playerbase.

They literally had a solid common sense plan and then went full retard throwing it all away because they decided some external metrics were more important than the game state, playerbase and franchise history, that was the moment they lost their common sense and set the wheel in motion to get where we are now.

They put wilds retardness to shame at that point and though hes been striving to prove hes is the king of the tards ever since, I dont think he will ever get his crown back from Ub3r with their mastery of customer alienation via the silent treatment, allowing them to sound more retarded than anything wild can say without having to say anything at all, a genius move that took wilds strongest retard angle of ridiculous comments and circular arguments no one could ever compete with and just shut it down by showing their silence truly out retards anything wild could think up.
I would say its undead, since there is still people who want to play, but nothing driving activity.

Its going to shamble like a zombie until either a patch comes and breaths some life or lights go out and its laid to rest.

It is indeed painful to watch the level of self-sabotage Ub3r has inflicted upon themselves with feature creep.  And while there are varying opinions in the community on "what's the best thing to focus on next", and certainly no consensus, I would say the most common ROAD MAP items that generates the most community excitement is Territory Control.

And yet, they fuck around on balancing meaningless shit like Witchcraft, and other spell changes that are CLEARLY not Darkfall's biggest problem.

But although this is one I've the many reasons I've lost faith in Ub3r and uninstalled, I'm just re-hashing old shit.  Darkfall is not an easy addiction to drop...

The problem isnt what they are fixing, the problem is it all should have been done before launch. That was the plan, all basic mechanics in place for launch (which should obviously include spell schools, you cant have trap useless titles but they did) then a month of launch bug fixes followed by content patches every couple months.

Instead it took them 6 months to be where they should have been at launch, because they launched using some bullshit 'time window' based on external 'industry' criteria (Its like going to see the oracle to see if you should launch your game) instead of the common sense approach of launching when your game was ready for it.

And they have paid the price for not sticking to their initial plans and the only question is if they can recover from it
Well, I think you're being wildly naive, but I sure as hell hope that I'm dead wrong.

Not naive just picking one side of a coin over another, truth is if all hope was really lost we would probably know it by now, so if anything odds favor some future over none.
Im still rolling with they are working on a big patch for the anniversary and dont want to admit no patch for 11 more weeks.
Given they promised a Sept patch, that doesn't jive with the idea of "Our Master Plan All Along Has Been A Grand Anniversary Blowout" idea.  Blue pill.

I dont think its been their plan 'all along' I thing they heard the idea and realizing its merits so are going with it.
Im still rolling with they are working on a big patch for the anniversary and dont want to admit no patch for 11 more weeks.

The servers will not make it a day past the launch anniversary

Thank you Jeane Dixon for your prophecy....
I think they are more active and aggressive in their development, but im not sure they are better overall. As said above they are very unfocused and are stacking issues over time which will continue to fester.
Im still rolling with they are working on a big patch for the anniversary and dont want to admit no patch for 11 more weeks.
General Discussion / Re: 3 days left
So if Ueber posts something it is also wrong?

You guys .... these forums .... like .. .really ...
If they posted a transcript of the sounds their pet make between 1-4 PM without giving us an update, then yes. That just amplifies the feeling of being ignored.

Now I know that post was relevant to some people, I myself only read "WOfffWOFF gnarl gnarl AOOOuW". Marc has a dog, a very strange dog. Bitch is a Husky.

It makes me wonder though, why did they post that one? I mean this is in free fall already but they made that to calm someone. Most obvious answer is the player base but I feel they already shit the bed on that one. My tinfoily sense is tingling.

It could also be an attempt to turn shit around, that would be some cool shit. If we see some more posts from them coming soon I'd be quite happy. Good thing about it is that its a 50/50 chance, since I don't have enough information to support either case :D

You dont have enough information to support the case that tomorrow you wont wake up and have every hot woman in the world will be begging to fuck you, it doesnt mean theres a 50/50 chance of it happening.

Yes you do, because every hot woman so far told you no. Learn to estimate probabilities.

Just because people are too dumb to understand, doesnt make it wrong...